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Part 118: The fuse is lit and I'm about to go

Tokimemo Girl's Side 2, chapter 5: The fuse is lit and I'm about to go

5/22: Actual teaching work

Wakaoji: Umm, uh, ahem. Please listen up, everyone.
Wakaoji: I was thinking of having a field trip next Sunday. What do you think?
Wakaoji: If you have time, please come and take part. I don't want to do this alone, that's kind of sad.

Siren: (I wonder what I should do...)
Siren: Raise my hand.
Siren: (Alright, I'll go!)
Wakaoji: Let's see... okay, it looks like plenty of you will be coming, so that's a relief.
Wakaoji: Thanks to all of you who volunteered. Homeroom is over.
Siren: (I need to make sure I don't sleep in this Sunday.)

5/26: Harry's own little world

Because Harry was the first kiss, his dialogue changes in our first after-school encounter with him.

Siren: (Oh, it's Harry.)
Siren: (I'll ask him if he wants to walk home with me)
Siren: Harry!
Harry: 'Sup?
Harry: ...What, are you hoping for another shot?
Siren: A shot at what? I don't know what you're getting at.
Siren: Anyway, I was wondering if you wanted to walk home with me.

Harry: Sure. But I won't let my guard down this time.
Harry: I need to show you how that was something special, something not just anyone can waltz up and--
Siren: "That"?
Siren: OH! You mean the kiss?

Harry: D, don't say that so loud!
Harry: ...Let's get out of here.
Siren: Uh, okay.
Siren: (I had fun walking home with Harry.)

I may be biased by decades of painfully oblivious heroines in teen dramas, but Siren seems to have an unusually good head on her shoulders. The other option is that she's so oblivious that she goes straight through the other side into having some kind of crazy insight into her own genre. I choose to believe the former, but the latter is entirely possible.

5/28: The first field trip

Siren: (Everyone's already here... except for the teacher.)

Wakaoji: Good morning. You're all here early.
Siren: You're late, Sensei.
Wakaoji: What? I'm so sorry, everyone.

Wakaoji: Well, let's get moving.

Wakaoji's move to the touch screen signals some upcoming Skinship, and I already know what to do.

Wakaoji: If you push me like that, I'll fall over.

Okay, that was not what I expected at all. Why does that line come with hearts? And did I just try to cut off his tie?

Wakaoji: The movie is going to start pretty soon, so we can't just wait around. Follow me.
Siren: Umm, Sensei! You're going the wrong way, the entrance is that way!
Wakaoji: Oh. Well then. Let's go that way instead.

Wakaoji: Let's see... there are some open seats over there.
Wakaoji: Watch your step, everyone.

I believe that this movie is supposed to be LA Confidential, but I can't help but see it as Roger Ebert interviewing a golfer.

Wakaoji: *yawn*
Wakaoji: That was a nice nap.
Option 1: Seriously? On a field trip?
Option 2: Want me to give you a synopsis?
Option 3: I was pretty sleepy myself.

Siren: Want me to give you a synopsis?
Wakaoji: Thanks, you're a lifesaver! I'm glad you came.
Siren: (Yay! I made a great impression!)

Siren: I learned a lot on this field trip!
Wakaoji: Yes, very well done.
Wakaoji: As your teacher, I really enjoy learning alongside all of you.
Wakaoji: Now, everyone, please give a round of applause for today's top student!
Wakaoji: Thank you.
Wakaoji: Alright, that's it for today. I'll see you all at school.

6/1: The apple falls not far from the very very special tree

Siren: (Oh no, the bell's ringing! I need to pick up the pace!)
???: Eek!
Siren: Oh no! I'm so sorry!

???: You're a first-year student, aren't you?
???: A lady like you should not run so recklessly.
???: It's improper.
Siren: I'm sorry! I was in a hurry. Umm, do you mind telling me your name?

Himeko: My name is Hanatsubaki Himeko. Call me Himeko, please.
Siren: What? Hanatsubaki?! As in Hanatsubaki Goro, the leading fashion designer? Are you--
Himeko: Yes, Goro-sensei is Himeko's uncle.

Himeko: So, if you want to know anything about fashion, just leave it to Himeko
Himeko: I'll teach you oh so much...
Siren: I... see. Thanks.

There are so many alarm bells going off in my head that I just want to drop everything and run, I'm going to be honest here.

Himeko: Tee-hee
Himeko: What a cutie. I think I may just call you "Daisy".
Siren: Huh? Daisy?
Himeko: In the language of flowers, it means hope, and innocence.
Himeko: Doesn't it fit you to a T? My impish little Daisy
Siren: Uhhh, I dunno. Now that you mention it, maybe, I guess?

No one. NO ONE. Uses that many hearts in their speech without being incredibly dangerous.

Girl A: Himeko-sama! Where have you gone?
Girl B: Homeroom is about to start! Please hurry!
Himeko: Oh dear! Himeko must excuse herself.
Himeko: However, please--take this.

Himeko: Tee-hee See you soon?
Siren: Hey, wait!
Siren: And she's gone. What's this? A card?
Siren: (Camellia Club Chair, Hanatsubaki Himeko. Homepage at...)
Siren: (Oh crap, I still need to hurry to class!)

At this point, Himeko's Room unlocks in the weekend browser, to check out the usual collection of popular outfits, good colors, and lucky accessories.

6/4: The double date

Since Harry was the first kiss, his dialogue changes at the beginning of the double date.

Harry: Wha--you--what're you doing here?
Siren: What's that supposed to mean? Haruhi invited me, just like you.
Harry: O--oh, I see.

Harry: Hey, make sure you watch where you're going this time, okay?
Harry: Don't run with your head down and crash into anyone.
Siren: Sure, I guess?

The rest is unchanged, so we let Haruhi have Harry for the day.

6/10: Sports festival, year 1.

While Siren is a member of the track team, that's far from her focus in this run - which means that she'll need some assistance in the events if she wants to do well. Unfortunately, in this run...

Siren: I'll join the three-legged race!
Siren: Who can I partner with, though?
Harry: What're you doing around here, Ren?
Siren: I was looking for someone to run the three-legged race with.

Harry: What, are you itching that badly to team up with me?
Siren: Huh?
Harry: I guess my hands are tied. Let's do this!
Siren: Um, okay!

It's hard to figure out who's more confused here, is Siren just oblivious or is Harry just so out of left field that any reasonable person would be confused at his attitude?

Harry: I run with you and we get first place? That's pretty lucky.

And then, at the folk dance, Harry shows up.

Siren: (Looks like my next dance partner is Harry.)
Harry: Oh, it's you. Alright, you can add this to the list of things you can brag about!

6/11: Read Himeko's column, then go shopping

How do you do, everyone?
This is Hanatsubaki Himeko.
In my uncle's place, I've opened "Himeko's Room".
If you obey my every word, then you will be sure to turn the head of every gentleman on the street!

The current trend is summer sweaters!

The color blue is excellent.

And adding an earring to your ensemble is just wonderful.

Remember to keep checking Himeko's Room! Chao!

6/10: Shopping, and then...

With an extra month of wages and allowance, Siren gets to go absolutely nuts. But she isn't the only one...

Siren: (Is that Harry over there? And Haruhi-chan's with him...)
Haruhi: No, no, that ain't no good!
Haruhi: I'm tellin' ya, that ain't in style!

Harry: And I'm saying that I rock so hard, I don't need to be controlled by fads!

Harry: ...And besides, all the clothes you pick out are things I've never even thought of wearing before.
Haruhi: Ya can't act like a picky brat!

Harry: Sh, shut up!
Harry: That's it, I've made up my mind! I'm not gonna wear anything you pick out!
Haruhi: Wait, what? This ain't nothin' ta get so mad about!
Harry: I'm not mad!

Siren: Hey, you two, what's going on?
Harry: Oh, hey Ren.
Haruhi: ...
Harry: This girl said she'd pick out an outfit for my next show, so we went shopping...

Harry: Whoa, hey!
Siren: Haruhi-chan? What's wrong?!

Haruhi: *sniffle*
Siren: Harry...

Harry: What? How is this my fault?!
Harry: Stop looking at me like that!

Haruhi: Ren... it ain't like that...
Haruhi: It's all my fault...
Haruhi: It's because I called Harry a brat.
Harry: Hey, stop saying brat!

Siren: ...
Harry: Ugh...

Harry: Okay, fine! It won't hurt me to take a look. But just a look!

Haruhi: Ya don't need ta strain yerself, ya know?
Harry: It's fine! C'mon, let's go back inside!

Haruhi: ...He gone yet?
Siren: Huh?

Haruhi: Geeeeeez, Harry's so hard-headed!
Haruhi: These tears are gonna cost 'im, ya know!

I missed you, Haruhi.

Haruhi: That glare ya gave him worked like a charm!
Haruhi: Thanks fer the help, I really owe ya!
Haruhi: Seeya~!
Siren: (She said all that jokingly, but Haruhi really did look like she was about to cry there.)

Next time: It's raining men!