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Part 125: Being the hunted one is no fun

Tokimemo Girl's Side 2, Chapter 12: Being the hunted one is no fun

Holy crap, it's been almost a full month since my last post. Tomorrow night I leave for a two-week vacation, so I'm forcing myself to post this so that I don't go an entire calendar month without posting. September 8th marks 6 months since the event that led me to post less often, so I'll try and use that landmark to rededicate myself to finishing TMGS2, then moving on with the series.

3/19: Oh yeah, Masaki is a character in this game

Siren: (Hmm? Who's calling?)
Siren: Hello?
Masaki: Hey, it's me, Masaki.
Siren: Oh, hi Masaki-senpai. What's up?
Masaki: Hey, you doing anything on Sunday?
Siren: I don't have any plans.
Masaki: Cool, wanna go to the mall?
Siren: Yeah, I do!
Masaki: Ooh, that's what I like to hear.
Masaki: You're a great kid, you know that?

I spent 15 minutes trying to figure out how to make this line not-creepy, and I think I failed. Sorry, Masaki.

Siren: Let's meet up at Habataki station, okay?
Masaki: I'll try not to mess up.
Siren: (Masaki-senpai asked me out on a date!)

As a note, this is pretty much how Masaki's route goes. It's... not very interesting, to be quite honest.

3/22: A wild teacher appears among the flowers

Wakaoji: Fudou-san.
Siren: Welcome to our shop, Wakaoji-sensei!
Wakaoji: Oh, that's right, you work at the florist. Are you working hard?
Siren: Yeah, I learn a lot here.
Wakaoji: That's the most important thing.
Wakaoji: You learn how the world works, and you make money hand over fist.
Wakaoji: It's two birds with stone!
Siren: Wakaoji-sensei, how much do you think this job actually pays?

3/25: Date with Masaki

Masaki: Crap, sorry. You must've been waiting for a while.
Siren: No, I just got here myself. Are... are you okay?
Masaki: Yeah... I was up all night writing a report, though.
Siren: Things don't get any easier in college, do they.
Masaki: Not really, no...
Masaki: Ugh, I'm fading fast.
Masaki: Sorry, I need some coffee bad. I'll treat you to one too.
Siren: Okay.
Masaki: And if there's anywhere here you want to hit next, just let me know.
Siren: Will do.

Masaki: Hey, what do you think of this outfit?
Option 1: Alright, I'll try that one next!
Option 2: Hmm, I dunno...
Option 3: Nah, I'll pass.

Pretty bland choices here, oh well.

Siren: Alright, I'll try that one next!
Masaki: It's pretty different from what you usually wear, but I think it'll work for you.
Siren: (Yay! I made a great impression!)
Masaki: I'm glad I asked you out today. That was a good time.
Masaki: I'll walk you home, it's safer that way.

4/1: Rocking out with Harry

Harry: So, you want to hear my amazing voice?
Harry: Alright, you're getting front row seats to a special show today!

Harry: You brought me here because you wanted to hear me sing something, right?
Harry: I'll let you make one special request.
Option 1: I want to hear your best song, Harry.
Option 2: Let's just put in all the new songs!
Option 3: I want to sing a duet.

The best bet is to appeal to his ego, since it's pretty clearly fragile. As a reminder, this is what Harry looks like after singing:

Siren: I want to hear your best song, Harry.
Harry: Alright, that's song number 55573! We're gonna make this place rock!
Siren: (Yay! I made a great impression!)

Harry: Today was surprisingly fun. I could deal with something like this again.

Harry: I had a lot of fun today!

In my imagination, there is a magic switch somewhere in Harry's spiky hair that turns off his bullshit and lets him act like a regular teenage boy, and Siren just found it.

4/4: Second year begins with warning sirens

Siren: (Our second year starts today. I wonder who our new homeroom teacher is?)
Siren: (Oh, here he comes!)
Wakaoji: Good morning, class. My name is Wakaoji Takafumi, and I'll be your homeroom teacher.
Wakaoji: Did any of you accidentally walk into last year's classroom? Because I sure did.
Siren: (So we have Wakaoji-sensei again.)

Siren: Time to head home.
Siren: Oh, it's raining. I'm glad I brought an umbrella just in case.
Siren: ...hmmm?
???: I wish it would stop raining soon.
Siren: (Does he not have his own umbrella? Well then!)
Siren: Hello there.
???: Huh? Uh, hello.
Siren: I'm walking to the train station. Want to share this umbrella?

???: Really? Thank you so much!

Siren: It's kinda lame that the opening ceremony was ruined by rain, though.
???: Yeah... but I think it was pretty lucky, too.
Siren: Why's that?
???: If it didn't rain, then I wouldn't have had this chance to talk to you, senpai.
???: I'm so glad I chose this school. Thanks to that, I got to meet a wonderful person like you.
Siren: Ahahaha, you're going way overboard.

???: Thank you. I can take care of myself from here.
Siren: My name's Fudou Siren. What's yours?
Shota: My name is Amachi Shota. Thank you so much, Fudou-senpai.
Shota: If you see me around at school, please stop and say hi!
Siren: Of course.
Shota: I should go. Thank you again.
Siren: (Amachi-kun? What a polite kid.)

4/5: This year's hallway interlude

Siren: Hey, what're Onoda-san and Haruhi-chan doing?
Chiyomi: Hey! Nishimoto-san, please finish cleaning up before you run off.
Haruhi: Ahahaha, I'll do it later. Lemme off the hook just this once!

Chiyomi: I can't believe you!
Siren: (Onoda-san sure has it rough sometimes.)

4/8: New mail from Haruhi

From: Haruhi
Re: Must be nice...

I wanted ta be in Waka-chan's class too!

It ain't fair that ya get ta go on all those fun field trips!

Next time, I'm sneakin' my way in! And you're gonna help me.

I ain't takin' no for an answer!


4/8: The field trip, minus Haruhi

Wakaoji: Now, class, where shall we go tod--
Wakaoji: The boat tour is open?! Let's go there!
Siren: Sensei, you should probably ask everyone what they want to do.
Wakaoji: You're right. That's unprofessional.
Wakaoji: So, let's put it to a vote.
Wakaoji: And your vote's for the boats, right?

Option 1: Vote for a walk on the coast
Option 2: Vote for the Bayside Bridge observation deck
Option 3: Vote for the boat tour

Amazingly, Siren's vote actually does determine where the field trip goes. Anything other than the boat feels like a disappointment, though.

Wakaoji: The majority rules! To the boats!
Wakaoji: Alright, everyone, race you to the boarding dock!

Wakaoji: Sailing is so nice. I should come back to this soon.
Option 1: Do you love traveling?
Option 2: What? You're leaving us?
Option 3: I'd love to go on a luxury cruise.

Siren: What? You're leaving us?
Wakaoji: I'm not going right now. My students are very important to me.
Wakaoji: Were you worried?
Siren: (Yay! I made a great impression!)

4/10: Ego-stroking in the hallway

Harry: Sup, Ren?
Siren: Sup yourself, Harry?
Harry: Hey, you know some guy named Amachi?
Siren: I do. Actually, I think he's right over there.

Harry: That punk surrounded by girls? What a freakin'...
Harry: Hey, Amachi!
Amachi: I'm sorry, ladies, I have to go. Someone's calling me.

Amachi: Yes?
Amachi: Oh, hi, Fudou-senpai.
Harry: I'm the one you should be talking to.
Harry: I got some questions for you. Were you in the music roo--

Amachi: Oh, hi, Hariya-senpai.
Harry: Wait, you know who I am?
Amachi: Of course I do. You're a celebrity!
Harry: Seriously? Man, you should tell me this stuff!
Harry: Alright, if you want it so much, I'll give you an autograph! C'mere!

Harry: By the way, call me Harry-senpai.
Amachi: I will, Harry-senpai!
Siren: (Wasn't Harry going to talk to Amachi-kun about something?)

4/20: Hanging with Haruhi

Haruhi: Hiyadoin' Ren?
Siren: Hey Haruhi, wanna stop by a cafe on the way home?
Haruhi: I been waitin' for ya ta say that! We gotta take on the Miracle Jumbo Parfait today!
Siren: Miracle Jumbo what?
Haruhi: I ain't never finished one on my own! So ya gotta help me.
Siren: Wait, what?
Haruhi: So let's get movin'!
Siren: Uh, okay?

Siren: Say, Haruhi-chan...
Haruhi: Yuh-huh?
Siren: Do you know what you wanna be when you grow up?
Haruhi: Uh... well... kinda.
Siren: Really? What is it?
Haruhi: Don't worry 'bout it, it ain't very interestin'.
Haruhi: Super borin', ya wouldn't wanna hear it.

Siren: I really do wanna hear it.
Haruhi: I... I wanna get married...
Siren: What was that? I couldn't hear you.
Haruhi: Ah, it's nothin'! Nothin' at all, I'll just keep it to myself after all.
Haruhi: Maybe I'll tell ya some other time!
Siren: (Hmm... I wonder what she said?)

Next time: You got what I need