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Part 128: Yo world, I hope you're ready for me

Tokimemo Girl's Side 2, Chapter 15: Yo world, I hope you're ready for me

9/17: The school trip

Siren: The school trip is finally here! We're going to have so much fun.
Siren: Today, we're going to see the sights as a class, so that should be cool.

9/18: Tempted by the fruit of another

Wakaoji: Fudou-san.
Siren: Good morning, Wakaoji-sensei!
Wakaoji: Good morning. Do you know what you're doing today? I don't think you submitted an itinerary.
Siren: Oh, you're right! Hmm, I wonder...
Wakaoji: Oh, my. Well, if you have no other plans, would you like to tour with your teacher?
Option 1: Yes, please!
Option 2: No thanks, I'll pass.

This is the result of wishy-washy Tokimemo syndrome. Wakaoji is going to be very friendly with Siren for the rest of the game, since there's really no way to spike or sideline his relationship.

The same goes for Masaki, who keeps calling Siren every few weeks asking her out. You won't see much of them for the rest of this run, though.

Siren: No thanks, I'll pass.
Wakaoji: I see... I hope you'll be alright.
Wakaoji: Well, take care of yourself out there.
Siren: (Maybe I should've taken him up on his offer, though.)
Siren: So what should I do today? Going out alone doesn't sound fun at all.
Siren: Maybe I should see what Saeki-kun's doing.

Siren: (There he is.)
Siren: Saeki-kun!
Teru: Morning. You seem chipper.
Siren: Want to go sightseeing with me?

Teru: I'll go with you, but...
Teru: If you see any of our classmates around, don't you dare ta--
Siren: Then there's no time to waste! C'mon!
Teru: You didn't hear a word I said!

Teru: Kinkakuji isn't as ugly as I thought it would be.
Siren: Ugly?
Teru: Yeah, I figured it would be way more gaudy than this.
Teru: The contrast between the lake, the pine trees, and the Golden Pavilion is beautiful.
Siren: I never thought of it that way.

Teru: This must be one of those places you just have to see to understand.

Teru: It's... taller than I thought here.
Siren: Yeah.
Teru: Say, this is the stage at Kiyomizu, right?
Teru: The one they talk about all the time?
Siren: Yeah, of course it is.
Teru: I've been looking this whole time... but where are the seats?
Siren: The what?
Teru: The seats. You know, since this is a stage, the audience needs somewhere to sit and watch, right? Where are they?

According to old Japanese superstitions, jumping off of Kiyomizu's stage (a height of 13 meters) and surviving meant that your wish would be granted. For obvious reasons, this practice has been banned for centuries. The saying survives in popular culture, though.

Siren: Saeki-kun, are you serious right now?
Teru: What? Of, of course not! Of course this place doesn't have theater seating!
Siren: I knew you were kidding!
Teru: ...So there really aren't any seats.
Siren: What?!
Teru: Alright, on to the next place!

Teru: So, this is apparently a famous shrine for lovers. There's a love god here or something?
Teru: That explains all the couples.
Siren: Yeah, it looks like they can read your compatibility here.

Teru: Ugh... a lot of people believe that kind of thing, don't they.
Siren: I take it you're not one of the believers?
Teru: Not at all. I mean, if a god claimed your relationship was bad, would it suddenly become bad?
Siren: Yeah, I see what you mean.
Teru: I'll judge that stupid god right back in his stupid face if he says that to me.
Siren: Alright, fine, we'll go somewhere else. Geez.
Teru: Hey, wait, weren't you going to check our compatibility?!
Siren: (And every place we went ended up just like this.)

Siren and Teru's current tourist spot is called Jishu shrine, a part of Kiyomizu that is famous for its Romance Rocks, two rocks located about 6 meters apart that are, of course, the subjects of an old legend. To fulfill the legend of the Romance Rocks, a person has to start at one rock, close their eyes, and successfully navigate to the other rock without looking. Success means luck in love - and if outside help is required, then it means that outside assistance will be needed in love as well.

I bet Teru was looking forward to messing with a blinded Siren.

Siren: Whew! That was fun!
Teru: It wasn't bad. I'm getting used to going everywhere with you these days.
Teru: The day after tomorrow's our next free day, right? Wanna just keep sightseeing together?
Siren: Of course I do!
Teru: Alright, cool. I hope you have a good idea where we're going by then.

9/19: The obligatory pillow fight

Siren: (Day 4 of the trip was another group outing. The schedule was really tight, so most of us are exhausted.)
Siren: (Hmm, but the boys' room sounds really rowdy.)
Haruhi: Found ya, Ren!
Siren: Do you know what's going on, Haruhi-chan?
Haruhi: The boys seem to be holdin' a fun little party in their room. Wanna take a peek?
Siren: Yeah, I'll come along!

Haruhi: I knew ya'd say that, Ren!
Haruhi: Now, let's run in there before anyone spots us!

Siren: Harry!
Harry: Agh! What're you doing here? You scared me!

Siren: Saeki-kun!
Teru: I figured you'd be here, Ren.

Siren: What's going on here?
Teru: You're better off not knowing. Go back to your room, fast.
Siren: What? Why?
Teru: This room... is about to get dangerous.
Siren: Augh!

It's hard to express through text, but Teru really sounds like he's having fun delivering that last line.

The pillow fight works almost exactly the same as in Girl's Side 1, so I won't cover it other than by showing you the various pillow-tossing supers. Also, Harry and Haruhi look amazing in this screenshot.

Siren, who is nominally a member of the track team, gets the Wild 100 Meter Dash.

Harry, who must have spent a lot of time at home thinking of his move names, has The Capriccio Capriccio to Ruin. Yes, he says Capriccio twice, once in Japanese and once in... Italian, technically.

Teru summons the firebreathing Giant Monster, Makuranoginus (makura means pillow).

Haruhi's is the best, though. She gets in her bakery uniform, and summons an all-you-can-eat feast of cake and donuts. Look at how happy Teru is. I don't even mind losing to this.

At the end of the mini-game, the usual happens.

Head teacher: Hey! What's going on in there?!
Boy: Crap! Everyone, hide!
Siren: (Wh, where should I hide?)
Option 1: In the closet
Option 2: Under a blanket
Option 3: Under a table

All 3 options are the same, so it doesn't matter what Siren picks.

Siren: (Uh oh, someone's hiding here too!)
Siren: (We're so close that we can barely breathe without touching each other...)
Siren: (My heart's going to leap out of my chest! Why won't that teacher just leave already?)
Head teacher: Hmm, I guess it wasn't this room.
Siren: (Whew... now to get out from here!)

Teru: Ren...
Siren: Saeki-kun?!
Teru: ...
Siren: Umm, uhh, hello?
Teru: I, I kind of hope he comes back again.
Siren: (Wait, so that was Teru?)

9/20: The last day of freedom

Siren: Let's see... I should use today to pick up souvenirs.
Siren: (Where's Saeki-kun, though? Ah-ha, there he is.)
Siren: Good morning, Saeki-kun!
Teru: ...Morning.
Siren: Sleepy?
Teru: Yup. I slept well, but--
Teru: Well, if I fall asleep in the middle of something, don't act surprised.

Teru: Souvenirs... I know I'm buying something for Grandpa, but should I buy something for my parents?
Siren: Why's that a question? I bet they'll be excited to get a souvenir from your trip.
Teru: I wouldn't be so sure. I don't even go home that often.
Siren: Really?
Teru: But I don't want them pinning this on teenage rebellion either, so I guess I'll get something for them.
Siren: (He really should be more honest with himself. I wonder what he's going to buy?)

Teru: Sorry, the line at the register was nuts.
Siren: Don't worry about it. So, what'd you buy?
Teru: Just these things.
Siren: Ooh, you got some yatsuhashi snacks? One medium box--and wow, an extra large!
Teru: Yeah, that's for my parents and, and the extra big box is for Grandpa. He loves sweets, and he's really just a big kid.
Teru: Oh, and before I forget. This one's for you.
Siren: For me?
Siren: Ooh, a phone strap. It's a miniature yatsuhashi!
Teru: Haha, yeah. I liked it enough that I bought one for myself, too.
Siren: So we're doing the pair thing now?
Teru: I, I guess so. Man, I really wish you wouldn't point this stuff out.

Siren: I can't believe the trip ends tomorrow. It all went by so fast.
Teru: That's mostly your fault for turning it into a circus.
Siren: You think so?
Teru: I know so. But, it's also your fault it was fun.
Teru: I didn't expect the trip to be this fun when I got on the bus.
Teru: Thank you.
Siren: (And that's now the school trip came to an end.)

I feel like I missed an event here - and I did. D'oh! I don't have a save game old enough to see this one, either, so I'll have to settle for imperfection on this one. This is the price of being wishy-washy for a year! Oh well, I'm sure we didn't miss anything important.

Next time: Dodging character flags left and right