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Part 26: Yuina, Chapter 5: Wizardry

Yuina, Chapter 5: Wizardry

We're in the home stretch! As usual, year 3 is about coasting along and not making anyone angry. I'm not bothering with covering it, but over the 8-ish months covered by this post, Goon had to defuse about 7 bombs.

4/4: New school year

Goon: Starting today, I'm a senior. Just a year until graduation...
Goon: In order to be Shiori's ideal man...
Goon: I have to keep working on my spirit.
Goon: Plus, I'm kind of a slob.
Goon: But, it looks like I can get along with Himoo-san just fine.
Goon: In any case, I have to work hard.

Goon: Oh yeah, I have guidance counseling today. I should go to the faculty room.
Goon: (What should I do after high school?)

Yuina plans to go straight to working at a first-rate company after high school, so let's see how Goon's looking at that requirement.

Goon: I want to go straight into the working world.
Goon: (I told my counselor about my plan for the future.)
Teacher: With your grades, you can make it into a third-rate company.
Goon: I see.

Wait, what?! At this point, I had to look up what it takes to get a job at a top company:

Stamina: N/A | Lit 135 | Science 135
Art 135 | Sports N/A | General Knowledge 65
Looks 65 | Guts N/A | Stress N/A

Okay, so Goon is 20 Lit below hitting that requirement. We'll have to make sure to spend some weekends working on that step. Note that this is completely optional - Yuina herself won't care where Goon goes, it'll just be one line in the epilogue. But hey, we gotta amuse ourselves somehow! Speaking of which...

5/31: Rei stops by to mock Goon

Goon: (Sigh... nothing's going right this week.)
Rei: Peasants certainly do yearn to pursue pointless endeavors...
Goon: ......
Goon: (Ugh, I don't want to do anything anymore.)

I love the thought of this happening in a high school comedy - Goon has a bad week and a computer goes out on him, and as he's frustrated and trying to fix the problem, Rei casually walks into the room out of nowhere, mocks him, and walks off. Everybody just stares and wonders if he was waiting outside for the perfect time to come in and be an asshole...

6/8: Bowling with Yuina

This is one of the last couple of events with Yuina. Enjoy!

(usual pleasantries)

Goon: H...Himoo-san. What's with this score?
Yuina: Hehehe... what do you think it is? A genius is a genius no matter what she does!
Goon: Um, Himoo-san...
Yuina: What now?
Goon: You can only get this score if you get nothing but strikes.
Yuina: What are you getting at?
Goon: Have you even gotten a single strike so far?
Yuina: And yet, look at the scoreboard.
Goon: The machine must be broken. That's the only way...
Yuina: How rude. Computers cannot be wrong.

Goon: Whoa, there's smoke coming out of the machine.
Yuina: Is that so? Well, it appears to be time to go home.
Goon: Himoo-san, did you do something to...
Yuina: Time to go home!
Goon: ......

Himoo Yuina, ladies and gentlemen.

8/3: Fireworks with Yuina

Yuina: Not bad, are they?
Goon: They really are pretty.
Yuina: Soon, the day will come when they shoot these fireworks just for me.


8/12: Computer Club Summer Camp, Year 3

Yuina: I looked over the software you gave me yesterday.
Goon: Pretty good for what it is, right?
Yuina: Not bad. A normal person would be quite satisfied with this.
Goon: Thanks. I think I'm going to write my own OS next.
Yuina: Do what you think you will enjoy.
Goon: If it's possible, I'd like you to help me ou...
Yuina: Sorry, but that would be a waste of my talents. You will need to do it alone. Good luck.

8/16: Animeeeeee

Goon: (It somehow feels like... there's power flowing through my body.)

Goon: (Whooooooooooooooa!)
Game: Mastered the Computer Club Ultimate Technique: "Cyber Fang".

9/7: Boss fight!

Pretty much all of this is the same as Chapter 18 of the Shiori run. Here are the differences:

1: Yuina is part of the fight now. She is one of the two best characters to have in combat, because she's a black mage and tosses attacks for 900-1500 damage. Goon, with 150 Sports, does about 800-1300. It's pretty awesome.

2: Cyber Fang is a lot niftier than The Pied Piper of Hamelin.

3: Yuina's victory animation is basically incarnate

10/11: Culture festival: Mild War Crime Edition

Goon: Today's the culture festival.
Goon: The computer club is doing a hacking demonstration in the exhibition room today. I should hurry and set up.

Yuina: I have endured the unendurable and suffered the insufferable. Finally, this day has come.

Translator's note: Yuina is quoting Emperor Shouwa's (in?)famous announcement of Japan's surrender to end World War II, the Gyokuon Housou. The full line is "However, it is according to the dictates of time and fate that We have resolved to pave the way for a grand peace for all the generations to come by enduring the unendurable and suffering what is unsufferable." I'm... I'm not sure what to make of it, actually.

Goon: Himoo-san, what're you so excited about?
Yuina: N, nothing... I am not excited at all.
Goon: Hey, about today's demonstration. We aren't actually going to attack a computer, are we?
Yuina: Wouldn't you like to know?
Goon: Aren't the programs on military satellites equipped with layers and layers of protection?
Yuina: Just watch. You will see.

For reference, the text in the top left says (Top Secret) Amazing! Hacking Demonstration.

Idol Angel Yokyun is a reference to Idol Tenshi Youkoso Youkoso Youko, and Idol Legend Elilin is a reference to Idol Densetsu Eriko. Both were anime with main characters based on actual Japanese pop idols of the '90s.

Next time: Farewell to Tokimemo 1! I'm so into you, but I'm way too smart for you