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Part 31: Prologue: Raising the Flags of Childhood, part 2

Prologue: Raising the Flags of Childhood, part 2

3/29/1992: Day 3.

Hikari: Gunma-chan, let's play!
Goon: Option 2: No, I'll play by myself.
Hikari: Booooo! Fine, whatever!
Goon: ......

The first event of day 3 involves waiting for Homura to chase Akane into the library.

Goon: Whoa!
Akane: If someone comes looking for me, will you keep quiet?
Goon: O, okay...

Homura: Hey, did you see a girl come by just a second ago?
Goon: Nope.
Homura: Shoot, where'd she go...?

Special note: Everyone other than Akane and Kasumi has actually been labeled "Girl" so far - I've only been naming them for convenience. However, 8-year-old Homura gets tagged as "Boy". Welp.

Akane: Thanks. If you see her again, keep quiet, okay?
Goon: Um, okay. But why?
Akane: It's a secret. Bye!

The second event of the day takes place at the river bank with Miho.

Goon: What're you doing?
Miho: Planting flowers.
Miho: Wanna help me?
Goon: Sure.


Miho: A whole lot of pretty flowers will bloom for sure.
Goon: That sounds really cool.
Miho: This will be a secret only the three of us know.
Goon: Three of us?
Miho: Me, you, and Kero-chan. Don't tell anyone else about this! No one else, promise?
Goon: Yeah, I promise!
Miho: Good, see you later!
Goon: Bye-bye!

Translator's note: Kero is the Japanese onomatopoeia for a frog croaking. Also, childhood promises: 3

For the next event, you have to run straight to Hibikino shrine, and pull a fortune while Miyuki is nearby. She'll run into you.

Miyuki: Oops! Sorry!
Goon: Hey, you dropped your fortune. Here.
Miyuki: Oh, thanks. Bye!

Goon: ...Worst luck. I didn't look hard, but I feel like it was different before...
Miyuki: Wow! I... I did it! I did it!

After Miyuki happily skips home, Homura shows up at the riverbank and starts running around.

Homura: Hey! I'm glad you're here. I'm bored, so let's play!
Goon: Yeah, okay. What do you want to do?
Homura: Let's play Super Soldier Dragon. I'll be Dragon, you'll be the monster.
Goon: What? No way! I wanna be Dragon too!
Homura: When I'm done, we'll switch.
Goon: Okay, I'll do it. But you have to switch.
Homura: Sure, sure. Let's do it!

Time passes.

Goon: I have to go home soon.
Homura: Awww, man!
Dog: Yipe yipe!
Homura: Huh? Hey, Robo! Over here!

Homura: Did you come to get me?
Robo: Yipe yipe!
Goon: Aww man, I want a dog.
Homura: Hehe, Robo's my best friend!

Holy crap, the eyebrows on that dog.

Homura: Bye! Let's play again!
Robo: Yipe yipe!
Goon: Okay!

And then, right as day 3 ends...

Goon: Oh, there's a festival today. I should head home.

Hikari: Gunma-chan. Let's go to the festival!
Goon: O, okay.
Hikari: Hurry, hurry!
Goon: Okay.

Goon: It sure is busy here. Where should we start?
Goon: ...Huh? Hikari-chan?
Hikari: Look! There're so many pretty things here!

Goon: What're you looking at?
Hikari: This is so cute!
Goon: You're right.
Goon: ... Okay! I'll buy it for you.
Hikari: What? But...
Goon: It's fine. I brought my allowance.

Goon: ... (There isn't much left anymore.)
Hikari: ...Sorry.
Goon: Uh-uh, don't be sorry. You wanted it, didn't you?

Hikari: Yeah!
Hikari: I'll treasure it forever! Thanks...

Childhood promises: 1,003

3/30/1992: Day 4

Hikari: Gunma-chan, let's play!
Goon: Option 2: No, I'll play by myself.
Hikari: Booooo! Fine, whatever!
Goon: ......

Day 4 is light on events because it's kind of a catch-up day. However, after stalking Mei for a while, she finally stops at the riverbank.

Mei: Hey, nii-chan, what're you doing?
Goon: Huh? M, me?
Mei: Uh-huh.
Goon: I'm just playing around.
Mei: Ohhhh?
Mei: ...Are you having fun?
Goon: Yeah. ...Wanna play with me?
Mei: What? Is, is that okay?
Goon: Yeah, of course!

Goon: It's getting dark. Won't your mom get angry if you don't go home soon?
Mei: ...It's fine.
Goon: Really?
Mei: I said it's fine!
???: ...-sama! Mei-sama!
???: Where are you?
Goon: Huh? Is that...
Mei: No! I want to play more with Onii-chan!

Goon: We'll play again some time.
Mei: Again? For sure?
Goon: Yeah!
Mei: For sure! Promise!
Goon: Uh-huh, I promise.

Childhood promises: 1,004

Goon: Okay, see you soon!
Mei: Yeah, see you soon, onii-chan!

The only other event for the day is a brush with one of the secret characters, Kudanshita Maika. To see it, you have to to ignore the local policeman's instructions and play in the river where it's dangerous.

Goon: What a big river. I have to be careful not to fall in.

Goon: Help! Somebody, help!

If you time it right, Mei just runs on by like she doesn't care. It's kind of hilarious.

???: *humming to herself* W, what?
Goon: Somebody, help me!
???: Oh no! Hang on, kid!

???: Whew. Are you alright?
Goon: *sniffle, sniffle*
???: If you can cry, you should be okay.
???: Later, kid. Be careful!
Goon: Whoa...
Goon: (Th, thanks, Onee-san...)

3/31/1992: Childhood's End.

Goon: Huh? Hikari-chan, Kasumi-oneechan, what're you doing here?
Kasumi: I was thinking the three of us could go to the amusement park today.
Goon: Whoa, really?!
Kasumi: Yeah, your mom asked me to.
Hikari: Gunma-chan, let's go! Hurry!
Goon: Yeah!

Hikari: Yaaay, the amusement park!
Kasumi: Hey, slow down, you two.
Kasumi: What do you want to ride?

It doesn't matter what to choose here, you ride both no matter what.

Option 1: The Ferris Wheel
Hikari: Yeah! Let's go, Gunma-chan!

Kasumi: We're gonna be really high up, will you be okay, Hikari-chan?
Hikari: I'll be fine~
Kasumi: Gunma-kun, what about you?
Goon: I'll be fine!
Kasumi: Okay, let's get on the ride.


Hikari: That was awesome! Did you see your house?
Goon: Yeah! I saw your house too, Hikari-chan.
Hikari: Hehehe, you looked for it~. Yay!
Kasumi: Hehe, good for you, Hikari-chan.
Hikari: Yeah!
Goon: Okay, let's go to the merry-go-round next.
Hikari: Yeah! Let's go, Gunma-chan!
Kasumi: Okay, slow down, you two.

Kasumi: Let's get on the pumpkin carriage.
Hikari: Okay!
Goon: Okay!


Kasumi: Did you guys have fun?
Hikari: Yeah, I had a lot of fun!
Goon: Me too!
Kasumi: Good.
Kasumi: Okay, we should head home soon.
Hikari: What? It's over already? I wanna play more!
Goon: Me too!
Kasumi: If we stay out too late, your moms will worry.
Goon: But...
Kasumi: Oh, before we're done, we should take a picture with all three of us.
Hikari: A picture?
Kasumi: Yes.
Kasumi: Are you two ready?
Goon: Yeah!
Hikari: Yeah!
Kasumi: Okay, say cheese...

No, he doesn't have eyes. Yes, it was a common convention of the time, to allow for easier self-insertion. Yes, it does look silly these days.

Goon: Today was so much fun! We took a picture with all three of us! And then! And then!
Mom: ......
Goon: What? We're moving? Why?
Mom: ......
Goon: What? WHY? WHY? WHY?!
Mom: ......
Goon: No! I don't wanna! I don't wanna say bye to Hikari-chan and Kasumi-oneechan!

And the next day...

Kasumi: Well, take care.
Goon: Okay...
Kasumi: Hey, Hikari-chan... you need to say goodbye... okay?
Hikari: ...
Goon: ... Hikari-chan... bye-bye...

Hikari crying count: 6

Next time: 7 years later. Cue the opening song!