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Part 37: No More Mister Nice Goon

Chapter 6: No More Mister Nice Goon

Screenshot provided to show what Takumi's model looks like - way to be a bro, Takumi! It only took 5 months for an actual friend to hang out during the "hang out with friends" activity.

9/10: Miho event in class

Goon: Hmm? There are a lot of girls making a stir over there.
Goon: Oh, it's Shirayuki-san.

Holy crap that's a lot of "go away" crammed in one picture

Goon: What're you up to, Shirayuki-san?
Miho: Oh, everyone's asking me to tell their fortune.
Goon: Really? That's pretty cool.
Gyaru: Are you totally clueless?
Gyaru: Everyone knows that Miho's fortunes, like, always come true!
Gyaru: If you don't even know that, you're, like, totally lame.

Cultural note: ギャル(Gal) has very different connotations to the Japanese, especially in 1999. Being a Gyaru/Gal doesn't just mean that you're a young girl, it also means that you're part of a specific youth subculture. Gyaru are associated with being very outgoing, keeping up-to-date on the latest fashions and fads, often involving dying their hair and doing other such things that make them stand out from the conservative norm of Japanese society.

Stereotypically, Gyaru speech involves a lot of teen slang and dropping particles, which is often translated into California Valley girl speak (think Alicia Silverstone in Clueless). I'll try and remember to pepper more "like, totally" and "as if" into Gyaru-speak when I can, to emphasize this.

Oh yeah, and whenever B-ho gets annoyed, she tends to talk like that. It might explain why Miho seems so comfortable surrounded by Gyaru, even though she doesn't seem to be one herself.

Goon: Sure. Say, can you tell my fortune?
Gyaru: Oh. My. God.
Gyaru: You are, like, totally in the way! Get lost!
Goon: Hey, what're you doing?! Get off me!
Goon: Wait! Shirayuki-san!
Miho: Sorry. I'll tell your fortune soon, I promise.
Goon: (Dammit. It's not Shirayuki-san's fault - but I'll remember this, you bitches.)

9/12: Call Miho

Goon: Hello, is this the Shirayuki residence?
Miho?: Yes, it is.
Goon: Oh, Shirayuki-san? It's Fudou.
Miho?: Oh, I knew you would call. It's just like the horoscope said!
Goon: Hey...

Uh oh. Miho? has hit a new affection threshold, so the lines are starting to change. I actually don't know of this one is Miho or B-ho.

Goon: Want to go to the aquarium on the 23rd?
Miho?: That day? Let me read the signs.
Miho?: Hmmm, that day looks fine.
Goon: Then let's meet at the station square on the 23rd.
Miho?: Got it. Please don't forget!
Goon: I'll be there on time. See you later.
Goon: (Yes!)

Well, either way, it seems to have worked.

9/14: Play the Shirayuki lottery

Without an umbrella involved, this is how you can tell the difference between Miho and B-ho on any given school day. When you call her name, B-ho says:

B-ho: I recognized your voice, Fudou-san. You're looking cheerful today.

Miho says:

Miho: I recognized your voice. You're looking cheerful today.

That is the only difference. Because this line includes "Fudou-san", this is B-ho today.

9/20: Follow-up Miho? event

Oh, hi Hikari! In case you're wondering what's with the whole Japanese obsession with washtubs falling out of the sky, it's just their slapstick equivalent of the real life banana peel or cartoon anvil. It's something that makes a lot of noise when dropped on someone's head and allows for great pratfalls without causing serious injury, and was a trademark of The Drifters, who had a popular variety show from 1969-1985.

Miho?: Oh, hello.
Goon: Yo, Shirayuki-san. Oh yeah, could you tell my fortune?
Miho?: Y, yes, that's fine.
Miho?: ......
Goon: So, what's my fortune?
Miho?: Overconfidence is the greatest enemy.
Goon: That's it?
Miho?: Yes. Now, if you'll excuse me.


9/23: Date at the aquarium

And now, it is time for autumn fashion. Is this Miho or B-ho? Dunno yet! Let's see, yellow umbrella with pink handle, white ribbon, blue dress with white flowers, closed eyes.

Goon: This aquarium has a lot of rare fish.
Miho?: Is that so? I'm pretty excited.

Miho?: Look, a school of tuna.
Option 1: What a magnificent sight.
Option 2: They'd be delicious as sashimi with a little soy sauce.
Option 3: Tuna have to keep swimming or they'll die.

I have to try this once. I can't resist. Also, my stream voted for it.

Goon: They'd be delicious as sashimi with a little soy sauce.

B-ho: Are you hungry?
Goon: (I didn't make a very good impression.)

B-ho death glare count: 4


9/23: Aquarium date, take 2

Okay. Closed eyes, white hair ribbon, yellow umbrella with pink handle. This is the same outfit as B-ho.

Goon: What a magnificent sight.
B-ho: They're a little scary, but the light sparkling off of them is pretty.
Goon: (Looks like I made a pretty good impression.)

B-ho: That was just as fun as I'd predicted. I'm glad I came.

Wait. Wait. This is Miho's line, not B-ho's. How... what...


9/21: Accidentally meet Miyuki from having a high General Knowledge stat

Goon: The weather sure is nice today.
(SCREEEEEECH, cartoon crashing noises)
Goon: Oh, oh no!
Goon: A girl just got hit by a car! I, I need to call an ambulance!

Girl: Ummmm~
Goon: AHHHHHH! Y, you, just now, you...!

Girl: Miyuki is fine, so you can call off the ambulance.
Goon: You say you're fine, but you just got sent flying by a dump truck!
Girl: Naaaah, I'm used to stuff like this.
Goon: Used to it?! No way! Uh, hey, we can go to the nurse's office, at least!
Girl: Huh.
Goon: We should be able to make it in time! Hurry, get on my back!
Girl: Huh? No, I mean... ah, whatever.
Girl: Sure, whatever you say.

Goon: Are you okay?!
Girl: Yeah, everything's fiiiine.
Girl: Didn't Miyuki tell you, she's used to this kind of thing?
Goon: But, but...
Goon: Well, I guess I should just be happy it was nothing serious.
Girl: Hehehehe, thanks for worrying. Could you tell me your name?
Goon: Yeah, sure. It's Fudou.
Girl: For that name, hm... Goo-pyon!

The Goo is for Goon, and the Pyon, as I mentioned in previous posts, is the sound that small animals make when they hop. It's a very cutesy nickname.

Goon: Huh?
Girl: That's your name! Yup yup, it really fits.
Girl: I'll call you this from now on.
Goon: Uh, sure. Oh yeah, what's your name?
Girl: Miyuki is, wait, no. My name is Kotobuki Miyuki.
Girl: Thanks sooo much for everything today.
Goon: No problem.
Miyuki: Byyye!
Goon: Kotobuki... Miyuki?
Goon: What an incredible girl. In so many ways.

Translator's note: Miyuki drawls out a lot of her words, she refers to herself in the third person most of the time, and her voice pierces the eardrums like MvC2 Storm hitting HP. I like her spunk, but dear God, I hate her voice. Also, we'll be reloading this save because we don't want to meet her yet.

9/23: Aquarium date, take 3

Nope, no clue which one this is.

Goon: Tuna have to keep swimming or they'll die.
Miho?: Is that so? Tuna sure have it rough.
Goon: (Eh.)

Miho: I was hitting some writer's block with my script, so this was a good change of place.
Miho: I'm glad I came out.

Well, that's my answer. So, the game has officially taken off the training wheels. No more easy visual cues, it's just feeling things out from here on!

Before I forget, here's Miyuki's profile via Takumi.

Miyuki is an awful student. She's not a very good athlete either.

Kotobuki Miyuki
Born January 1st
Capricorn | Blood Type O
Height: 155cm
Measurements: 82-56-83
Club: Tennis
MEMO: Pretty unlucky, but still a cheerful girl.
I see her hanging out around town a lot.

10/9: Happy accident

Goon: (Hey, it's Shirayuki-san)
Goon: Shirayuki-san!

Miho?: Oh...
Miho?: I'm a little embarrassed right now, so please don't stare at me.
Goon: (Saying that kind of thing has the opposite effect...)
Miho?: I have to go. Goodbye!
Goon: Y, yeah, bye.

If you're wondering why Japanese schoolgirls wear such short bloomers during gym class, well, you're not the only one. Because of complaints about fetishization and other issues, they've largely been phased out of schools over the past 20 years in favor of much more sensible gym shorts.

Anyway, back to trying to get the best answer for B-ho on 9/23!

RELOAD COUNT: 32, 33, 34

9/23: Aquarium date, take 6

Goon: What a magnificent sight.
B-ho: They sparkle so beautifully.
B-ho: Just for a second, I thought that they looked a little like jewels.

B-ho: I'm glad I came. This was super fun.
B-ho: Please, invite me out again some time.

9/26: Play the Shirayuki lottery

Goon: Hello, is this the Shirayuki residence?
Miho?: Yes, it is.
Goon: Oh, Shirayuki-san? It's Fudou.
Miho?: Oh, good timing. I'm free right now.

I guess this is B-ho answering the phone!

Goon: Hey...
Goon: Want to go to the botanical gardens on the 11th?
B-ho: That day? Let me check the signs.
B-ho: Hmmm, that day looks fine.

10/2: Miho? event

Goon: Hey, Shirayuki-san. What's up?
Miho?: I'm sorry. Could you lend me your math book?
Goon: Math? Did we have math class today? Just a sec.
Goon: There it is. Here you go.
Miho?: Thank you so much. I stayed up late studying last night, and I completely forgot to pack it today.
Goon: (Shirayuki-san seems to be studying really hard to overcome her bad subjects.)

Oh yeah, huh, Miho's bad at math and science. Good for her!

10/11: Showdown at the Greenhouse

This bridge is called the Ijuuin Bridge. Yes, that Ijuuin.

Miho?: We might be able to meet a lot of fairies today.

Okay, this is Miho. One hundred percent.

Goon: Wha?! Oh, yeah.
Goon: Because there are a lot of different trees here.
Goon: Let's go meet them.

Nice recovery, goon.

Miho: Isn't it really relaxing to be surrounded by green like this?
Option 1: Yeah, there are a lot of broadleaf trees I recognize.
Option 2: Yeah, it makes me want to take a nap.
Option 3: I can't help but worry about bugs.

Only one of these actually agrees with her, so 2 it is!

Miho: Hehe, if you fall asleep in a place like this, the fairies will play pranks on you.
Goon: (Looks like I made a pretty good impression.)


Goon: Yeah, there are a lot of broadleaf trees I recognize.
Miho: I don't think that's the only reason you can relax.
Goon: (Eh.)


Goon: I can't help but worry about bugs.
Miho: I see. It must be because the fairies ride the bugs.
Goon: (I didn't make a very good impression)

RELOAD COUNT: 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42

For all of these reloads, I wasn't able to get a single B-ho appearance at the botanical garden. If it was just a coin flip then the odds for this to happen would be miniscule. It's quite likely that we found a place that is more favorable to Miho than it is to B-ho. This could be useful information! However, because this was 30 minutes of my life I won't get back...

10/17: Play the Shirayuki lottery again

Miho: Oh, I knew you would call. It's just like the horoscope said!
Goon: Hey...
Goon: Want to go to the movies on the 4th?
Miho: That day? Let me check the signs.
Miho: Hmmmm, it looks fine.

10/26: Goon's birthday

Hikari: Gunma-kun.
Goon: Good morning, Hikari.
Hikari: Today's your birthday, right?
Hikari: Here, I got you a present.
Goon: You remembered? Thanks.
Hikari: You're welcome!
Goon: (I'm moved!)

At this point in a proper Miho run, it'd probably be Miho giving this present, but I've long since lost track of which Miho is at which level of affection. Anyway, thanks Hikari! You're a real pal.

11/3: The culture festival!

Thankfully(?), the culture festival is another event that B-ho doesn't show up for. So I only have to cover this once, especially since I was dumb and put the movies date after another unskippable event.

Goon: (Today's the culture festival!)
Goon: Time to head over to our club's performance.

Miho: I'm so nervous, I feel like I might faint.
Goon: It's fine. I told you, it's all going to be fine.
Goon: I feel completely confident.
Miho: (giggle) Confident? Your knees are shaking.
Goon: Th, they, they are?

I highly recommend that you watch the video of the play. Screenshots just don't do this one justice.

And now, the Hibikino High School Drama Club presents...
A period drama: Lone Fox and Cub

"Today, Ogami Nito continues on his road to hell."

"Ogami Nito, I stand before you."
"Prepare yourself."


"Prepare yourself."


"Prepare yourself!"


"Prepare yourself!"



"(baby noises)!"

And so, Ogami Nito continued on his road to hell.

The end.

Miho: Wheeew, everything ended up working out.
Miho: I'm glad there weren't any problems.
Goon: I hear you. Now that it's over, I feel really tired all of a sudden.
Miho: Me too. But it feels really nice.
Goon: (I'm really exhausted.)

Goon: So what did you think of the culture festival?
Miho: Because it was my first one, it was really fun.
Miho: I'm looking forward to next year.
Goon: (Me too, I'm already looking forward to next year.)

Next time: