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Part 38: I'll never let go, Goon

Chapter 7: I'll never let go, Goon

So, last time we discovered through the magic of screenshotting that the only way to tell the difference between Miho and B-ho in the autumn is by staring at their chests. Armed with this knowledge, we should be able to get a little bit of an edge, at least.

11/4: Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls

Oh dear god she's covering her chest in this pose what do I do

Goon: This theater is showing The Love Story on the Sunken Ship right now.
Miho?: I see.
Goon: The reviews are really good, but I wonder.
Miho?: As long as you keep your expectations from getting too high, it'll be fine.
Miho?: Let's head inside.

Goon: (The Love Story on the Sunken Ship is a love story that depicts the incredible love story between the daughter of a poor noble family and a young artist on a sinking luxury ship.)

Goon: Option 1: That movie was awesome!
Option 2: That movie wasn't bad.
Option 3: That movie was boring.

Let's work with the assumption that both B-ho and Miho like romances. It's a safe bet, right?

Goon: That movie was awesome!
Miho?: Yes, the lead actor is really dreamy.
Goon: (Looks like I made a pretty good impression).

Miho?: Today was pretty fun.
Miho?: The next time you invite me out, it'd be great if it was more fun than today.

Backhanded compliments? Why, this must be B-ho! And she's a Leo fan, just like... her entire generation of women, really. Let's see how long it takes to get Miho at the movies.


B-ho. I think.

Goon: That movie wasn't bad.
B-ho: Oh, you think so? I thought it was a good movie, myself.
Goon: (I didn't make a very good impression.)

B-ho Death Glare Count: 5

Since I reloaded this result anyway...

Call Takumi for chuckles

Takumi: Who do you want to ask about?
Goon: Sakaki Takumi.
Takumi: Wha? Well, that's fine, I guess, but...
Takumi: Here.

Sakaki Takumi
Born September 6th
Virgo | Blood Type AB
Height: 153cm
(Measurements section intentionally left blank)
Club: None
MEMO: I'm everyone's sweetheart, Takumi-kun.
If you want info about a girl, come to me!

Takumi: ....
Goon: Thanks, sorry to bother you.
Takumi: I mean, there's nothing wrong with it, but...
Takumi: Later, I guess.


Staring at the shading on her chest, I think this is Miho.

Goon: That movie was awesome!
Miho: Yes, it was amazing. I was moved.
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

Miho: Today was even more fun than I'd predicted. I'm really glad I came...

After this point, I saved, but then I messed up and started preening with a high Looks stat, leading to meeting Miyuki. The run wasn't a total, loss, though - I got to hear B-ho's rejection line.

Goon: Want to go skating on 12/11?
B-ho: That day's no good. I have plans already.
B-ho: Invite me out again some time soon.

11/21: Play the Shirayuki lottery

Miho picked up the phone for this day.

Goon: Want to go skating on the 5th?
Miho: That day? Let me check the signs.
Miho: Hmmmm, it looks fine.

12/2: Kotoko's birthday

Goon: Oh yeah, wasn't today Minazuki-san's birthday?
Goon: Should I get her a present?
Goon: Yes, I should.
Goon: What should I get her?

Best option: High-quality green tea pearls
Neutral option: Desk clock
Worst option: English conversation set

Pretty much what you'd expect of the traditional Japanese lady. Because Kotoko hates Goon and we want it to stay that way, let's stick with the neutral option, the clock.

Goon: (Is Minazuki-san around?)
Goon: Hey, Minazuki-san!

Note: Some people wear sweaters over their uniforms in the winter, which works well with the prep school blazer/collar look. Kotoko wears a traditional Japanese winter coat, a hanten - something associated with sitting at a kotatsu, a heated table. Shockingly, Kotoko has a winter event where she talks about how wonderful kotatsu are.

Kotoko: Hmm? What's going on?
Goon: Happy birthday, I got you a present. Open it up.
Kotoko: Thanks, I'll take good care of it.
Goon: (She seemed kinda happy.)

12/5: Skate Date, Take 1

Oh God she changed clothes again and is still covering her chest, who is this

Miho?: It's clear out, but it's still pretty cold today.
Goon: Yes, but once we start skating, we'll warm right up.

Miho?: Can you skate?
Goon: Option 1: I can skate like a pro.
Option 2: I can skate like normal.
Option 3: I can't skate at all.

Miho is awful at athletics and might resent us if we say we skate like a pro. Let's be safe here.

Goon: I can skate like normal.
Miho?: Then could you please teach me how?
Goon: (I made a pretty good impression.)

Well, that could have been either of them.

B-ho: Today was fun.
B-ho: The next time you invite me out, it'd be great if it was more fun than today.

Okay, yeah, I know exactly who this was now.


12/2: Kotoko's birthday, tea edition

Kotoko: Oh, thank you.
Kotoko: I commend you for knowing my preferences.
Goon: (Good, it looks like she was really happy about that.)

Wait, THAT counts as happy? Alright, Kotoko, sure.

12/5: Skate Date, Take 2

Nope. Still have no idea how to tell the difference between them based on this outfit and pose.

Miho?: Can you skate?
Goon: I can skate like a pro!
Miho?: Awesome! Skate for me! I wanna see it!
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

Linguistic note: Miho? here drops a few words of polite speech - she doesn't say please when she asks Goon to skate, and once again, there's a vestigial, polite "desu" tacked on to the end of the sentence almost out of embarrassment. That means this is B-ho.

B-ho: I'm glad I came. This was super fun.
B-ho: Please, invite me out again some time.

I saved here for the good result, and then...


12/2: Troll Kotoko on her birthday

Just for giggles, I got Kotoko the English conversation set here.

Kotoko: ....
Kotoko: I suppose I am required to say thank you.
Goon: Minazuki-san!
Goon: (Was that a failure?)

Oh yes, Goon, oh yes it was.

12/5: Skate Date, Take 3

B-ho this time - not that I had any clue at the time.


12/5: Skate Date, Take 4

Okay seriously guys help me out here I got nothing.

Miho?: Can you skate?
Goon: I can skate like a pro.
Miho?: ...I'm really jealous.
Goon: (I think I made a really bad impression.)

Okay, that was Miho, who is awful at athletics. And... wow.

Miho: Oh, could you be a time fairy?
Miho: Can you change the past?
Goon: Shirayuki-san?

Time Fairy Count: 2

12/5: Skate Date, take 6

Goon: I can skate like normal.
Miho: So I'm not normal because I can't even stand up in skates...
Goon: (I didn't make a very good impression.)

Miho: I didn't get any good material for my script, and this just wasn't very fun.

Well, looks like there are two bad choices for Miho in this situation. Let's reload and get that last one out of the way.


12/5: Skate Date, Take 8

Goon: I can't skate at all.
Miho: Mister ice fairy, can I watch you skate, please?
Miho: I can't skate at all.
Goon: (I think I made a really bad impression.)

Miho: Oh, could you be a time fairy?
Miho: Can you change the past?
Goon: Shirayuki-san?

Wait a second. Wait a second! I've tried all three choices now, and...

Miho hates all of them. Note to self: never take her to anything sporty.

Time Fairy count: 3

12/6-12/10: Midterms

12/11: Play the Shirayuki Lottery

Miho: Oh! I knew you would call. It's just like my horoscope said.
Goon: Hey...
Goon: Want to go skiing on the 19th?
Miho: That day's no good. I have plans already.

Oh god she uses the same line as B-ho, why are you doing this to me, game?

12/12: Play the lottery again

B-ho: Oh, good timing. I'm free right now.
Goon: Hey...
Goon: Want to go skiing on the 26th?
B-ho: That day? Let me check the signs.
B-ho: Hmmm, that day looks fine.

Unfortunately, I was forced to place this date after Christmas. While there's no Ijuuin party yet, at least at Hibikino, there's still an event on that day which is kind of annoying to have to replay a lot.

12/13: Test results

Goon: Nice, I did pretty well.

25th: Fudou Gunma
84th: Shirayuki Miho
105th: Minazuki Kotoko
109th: Hinomoto Hikari
135th: Hokari Jun'ichirou
208th: Kotobuki Miyuki

Note that some of Miyuki's and Jun's test scores are highlighted in red. In Japanese, test scores 30 and under are innovatively known as 赤点 "red scores", which mean that the students who score really badly have to take supplementary/makeup exams instead of enjoying their vacation. There are events for having to stay at school with various girls.

12/23: Read Hibikino Watcher issue 3

Movie information (bottom left): The Love Story on the Sunken Ship. "The run has been extended again! How long will the cruise last?"
Last Spot (top left) : The fortune teller's mansion is closing! "Unfortunately, Hibikino Amusement Place's fortune teller's mansion is closing its doors. What kind of massive new attraction is coming?!"
Mail order ad (far left): Bewitching perfume "Pheromone". "She won't be able to live without you anymore!"
Takehiro Circus (top right): "The circus is coming to town! Cute animal shows and the flying trapeze will mesmerize you!"

The bottom right is for the ski resort and the skating rink, which remain open through February.

12/24: Special Christmas event!

(ring, ring!)
Goon: (Yeah, yeah, I'm coming...)
Takumi: Hello?
Goon: Yes, this is Fudou.
Goon: Wait, Takumi?
Takumi: Oh good, you picked up.
Takumi: Let's go to the amusement park today.
Goon: What, are you serious?
Goon: Why should I go with you?
Takumi: Don't make scary jokes. I brought two girls with me.
Goon: Huh? Who?
Takumi: You'll see when you get here.
Takumi: Stop asking questions and hurry your ass over.
Takumi: Later.
Goon: I guess I should hurry.

Yes - Takumi is being a bro and doesn't want Goon to spend Christmas alone. I'm pretty sure someone put him up to this.

Goon: (gasping) Sorry, I'm a little late.
Takumi: You're late!
Goon: It's your fault for calling me out of the blue!
Takumi: Yeah, I guess you have a point.
Takumi: Now, I don't think you need any introductions, but...

Hikari: Yoo-hoo!
Kotoko: Hello.
Goon: Hey, Hikari, Minazuki-san.
Hikari: Let's have a lot of fun today!
Kotoko: Well, let's have fun today, I guess.
Goon: Yeah, let's go.

Takumi: Okay, let's head to the fortune teller's mansion.
Takumi: Who do you want?
Option 1: I'll take Hikari.
Option 2: I'll take Minazuki-san.
Option 3: Let's go, Takumi.

Ah, the cockblock option. Wonderful.

Goon: I'll take Hikari.

Hikari: I don't really believe in fortunes.
Goon: Why not?
Hikari: The future is something we make ourselves.
Goon: I see. Well, let's not think too hard about it and just go.

Hikari: That was pretty fun.
Hikari: The robot was way more interesting than the fortune, though.
Goon: I know, right?

Takumi: Alright, we'll ride the ferris wheel next.
Takumi: Who do you want?
Option 1: I'll take Hikari.
Option 2: I'll take Minazuki-san.
Option 3: Let's go, Takumi.

Goon: I'll take Hikari.

Hikari: Ferris wheels are so slow, and yet, they're somehow so much fun.
Goon: Yeah, I like them because you can space out. Let's get in line.

Hikari: That felt really short, even though I was just admiring the view.
Goon: Just like you said, Hikari, that was pretty fun.
Hikari: I know, right?

Takumi: Okay, we should head home soon.
Goon: Yeah.

Goon: Today was a lot of fun.
Hikari: I want to come back here with everyone!
Kotoko: It is pretty fun to come here with friends.
Takumi: Let's do this again with the four of us.

Notes: For year one, the Christmas event will always be Kotoko and Hikari. Future years are based on affection levels and the existence of Mei.

12/26: Skiing with Shirayuki, Take 1

I cheated and stared at her mouth - it moved during EVS, so this is Miho.

Goon: It's a great day today, Shirayuki-san.
Goon: It's so clear, it feels amazing.
Miho: Just as I predicted, there isn't a cloud in the sky.

Miho: I call this one "Artemis-chan".
Goon: Option 1: You name your skiwear?
Option 2: Could you give my skiwear a name too?
Option 3: I, I see. That's a cute name.

Always agree.

Goon: I, I see. That's a cute name.
Miho: Isn't that great, Artemis-chan? He complimented you!
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

Miho: Today was even more fun than I'd predicted. I'm really glad I came...

I saved here, and honestly was tempted to drive straight through to New Year's Day. But, science demands to know what B-ho wants to hear!


12/24: Double Date, Take 2

Goon: Let's go, Takumi.
Takumi: Wh, what? Me?! I mean, it's fine, but...

Screw you, Takumi!

Takumi: The ferris wheel, eh...?
Goon: What's wrong, Takumi?
Takumi: Nothing.

Takumi: Phew...
Goon: How was it?
Takumi: Yeah, now I understand. That this is not something you should ride with another man.
Goon: (Jerk.)

Takumi: Next is the fortune teller's mansion.
Takumi: Who do you want?
Goon: Let's go, Takumi.

Do you hear that, Takumi? That is the sound... of cockblocking.

Takumi: Fortune-telling, eh? Should we check our compatibility?
Goon: That sounds like a good idea.
Goon: I WAS TOO!

Takumi: If it'd told us we were an awful fit for each other, we would've at least been able to laugh at it.
Goon: Yeah...
Takumi: We should head back.
Goon: Yeah...

Even though we ignored Hikari and Kotoko both in this version, the parting dialogue doesn't change.

However, later that day...

Goon: Hello? This is Fudou.
Kotoko: It's me.
Goon: Oh, Minazuki-san. What's up?
Kotoko: ...
Goon: (Hmm?)
Kotoko: Are you an idiot?
Goon: Huh? What?
Kotoko: The amusement park this afternoon...
Kotoko: What's your deal?
Kotoko: Hikari was really looking forward to today, so what's with that attitude?
Kotoko: She feels really hurt, you know!
Goon: Huh? I mean, that was 'cause, uh...
Kotoko: Don't give me that!
Kotoko: You insensitive ass! You're the lowest kind of scum!
Goon: W, wait, listen to me...
Kotoko: Don't try to just smooth this over!
Kotoko: I have no intention of listening to the words of someone who makes Hikari sad!
Kotoko: Not one bit!
Kotoko: You should watch out for weird rumors that might start about you!
Kotoko: Hmph!
Goon: (Oh, oh god, what should I do?)

Say what you will about Kotoko, but she knows exactly what is important to her and why.

12/26: Skiing with Shirayuki, Take 2

Miho showed up again, and I decided to give the same answer as last time for speed's sake.


12/24: Double Date, Take 3

This time, I decided to try the Kotoko-twice option.

Kotoko: I like ferris wheels - the scenery is great.

Kotoko: That was pretty.
Goon: Yeah, we could see a really long way.
Kotoko: Truly. That was a nice little diversion.

Randomly, the game chose the merry-go-round as the second spot instead of the fortune teller's mansion.

Kotoko: I don't think that we should be riding this at our age...
Goon: Y, you think?
Kotoko: Well, whatever. Let's ride.
Goon: Um, okay.

Kotoko: ...
Goon: What's wrong? Was the merry-go-round no good?
Kotoko: Let's just erase this from our memories. It's so embarrassing that I don't want to think about it.

Choosing Kotoko twice leads to the same "Don't ignore Hikari, you asshole" speech that picking Takumi twice produced. You can be my wingman any time, Kotoko.

12/26: Skiing with Shirayuki, Take 3

It was Miho again here.

Goon: You name your skiwear?!
Miho: You don't?! That's such a waste!
Goon: (I think I made a really bad impression.)

Miho: Oh, could you be a time fairy?
Miho: Can you change the past?
Goon: Shirayuki-san?

Time fairy count: 4

12/24: Double Date, Take 4

The only relevant change here: Hikari at the merry-go-round.

Hikari: Are we really riding this? It feels a little embarrassing.
Goon: Well, we might as well try.
Hikari: Sure, let's ride.

Hikari: Yup, it was definitely embarrassing.
Hikari: It probably would've been better to get in the carriage.
Goon: Y, yeah.

12/26: Skiing with Shirayuki, Take 4

Miho again.

Goon: Could you give my skiwear a name too?
Miho: Sure. I'll find a good place to read its fortune, and figure out a good name.
Goon: (Looks like I made a pretty good impression.)


12/26: Skiing with Shirayuki, Take 6

Help me, goons! This is B-ho. I can't see the difference again!

B-ho: I call this one Artemis-chan!

At this point, it was about 1:30 AM and I froze in terror of giving the wrong answer and having to reload a bunch more times.

After about 5 minutes of working out the answer like I was on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, I finally went with

Goon: I, I see. That's a cute name.
B-ho: Artemis-chan and I both appreciate the compliment.
Goon: (Looks like I made a pretty good impression.)

B-ho: Today was fun.
B-ho: The next time you invite me out, it'd be great if it was more fun than today.

Remember, Miho and B-ho have separate affection ratings. B-ho appears to have reached the blushing point. Miho hasn't gotten there yet. This is more of a function of whose correct answer takes longer to get, rather than any real preference on my part.

1/1: New Year's Day!

Goon: Hmm, it's the start of a new year.
Goon: Oh yeah, did I get any New Year's cards?
Goon: Let's see...

Goon: Here's Hikari's card. Yeah, I agree, it'd been seven years since we last met.

"Happy New Year!
Last year was truly memorable because I was reunited with you.
Let's have a great year this year, too.

Goon: Here's Shirayuki-san's card. It's just like her to send a cute card like this.

"Happy New Year.
Let's have a good year.

Goon: Here's Takumi's card. It kinda feels like lip service.

"Happy 2000.
Let's be nice to each other.
Sakaki Takumi"

Goon: Here's Jun's card. It's a pretty curt greeting, but that's just like him.

"Happy new year. Let's have a good year.
First day of Heisei 12
Hokari Jun'ichirou"

Jun's card is way more formal than anyone else's - hell, his is the only one that is read top to bottom, right to left in the traditional Japanese style and not left to right, top to bottom.

Goon: Hmm, what should I do about Hatsumoude?
Option 1: Call a girl
Option 2: Go alone

There is only one option.

Goon: Hello, is this the Shirayuki residence?
Miho?: Yes, it is.
Goon: Oh, Shirayuki-san? It's Fudou.
Goon: Want to go to hatsumoude?
Miho?: Hatsumoude? Yes, that's fine. Where should we meet?
Goon: I'll wait for you in front of the shrine.
Goon: Okay, let's get going.

Miho: Fudou-san.
Goon: Oh, Shirayuki-san, you're wearing a haregi today.
Miho: Oh, yes. How does it look?
Miho: I don't feel very comfortable in traditional clothes...

Pasted from Tokimemo 1 chapter 7:
A haregi is a very specific kind of formal kimono. It's only worn by women and only on special occasions.

Goon: Option 1: It's pretty stylish.
Option 2: Traditional clothing suits you. You look cute.
Option 3: It's a lot different from your usual look, Shirayuki-san.

I went with 1 here, just to see.

Goon: It's pretty stylish.
Miho: Oh, good, I'm glad my time didn't go to waste.
Goon: (Eh.)

Goon: Now, what should I wish for?
Option 1: Success in love
Option 2: Good health
Option 3: Success in academics

Remember, until Tokimemo 4 it is always the best to choose academics. Luck in love is more trouble than it's worth.

Goon: I wish that my studies will go better...
???: Your wish shall be granted.
Goon: Whoa! It kinda feels like it happened already!

Miho: Since we're here, want to pull our fortunes before we go home?
Goon: Option 1: Yeah, let's do it!
Option 2: Mmmm, nah.

This is Miho we're talking to.

Miho: I love pulling fortunes. It's another form of fortune-telling.
Goon: (That's definitely true.)

Goon: Let's see, this year's luck is...
Goon: Daikichi! I'm a different man this year already!
Goon: (What did Shirayuki-san get?)

There is no fortune pulling mini-game in Tokimemo 2. Instead, it's a randomly generated number. Most people reload until they get Daikichi. It's just how it is.

Miho: How does it look?
Goon: Well, mine's like this.
Goon: How's yours, Shirayuki-san?
Miho: It was a very interesting result.
Goon: What does that mean? It didn't just say kichi or kyou?
Miho: Kichi? Kyou? What do those mean? Were they written somewhere?
Goon: (Shirayuki-san said she liked pulling fortunes... right?)

Miho: Oh... it seems like the crowd's made me a little dizzy.
Goon: What? You're feeling lightheaded? You should rest a little bit before heading home.
Miho: Oh, no, it's fine. I had fun.
Miho: Goodbye, see you soon.

B-ho is ineligible to show up for the first New Year's, and only the first New Year's - to show up for New Year's at all, she has to come over to Goon's house and invite him directly. Calling on the phone will always result in Miho, no matter who picks up. However, I was pretty much on life tilt at this point in the morning (it was almost 3 AM and I'd spent half an hour slogging through a bunch of Christmases), and I forgot this fact.

So, I ended up with


before I was finished for the night. On the plus side, I did at least make a save with the best answer for Miho first.

Goon: Traditional clothing suits you. You look cute.
Miho: Th, thank you.
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

That's it for 1999 - thanks for slugging through the longest post yet in this LP!

It's been 8 months since Tokimemo 2 started, and it's time to make a decision. After all, the hunter who chases two rabbits catches none (especially if those two rabbits are actually one rabbit or maybe two rabbits pretending to be the same rabbit or something). Now that we've gotten a pretty decent sampling of each Miho, it's time to make the call:

Whose ending are we aiming for?

A: Miho

Vote for Miho if you like: Frogs and time fairies

B: B-ho

Vote for B-ho if you like: well-coordinated outfits and death glares

Poll will close Sunday night Pacific time. Choose carefully!