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Part 58: Akane route, chapter 7: Time's up

Akane route, Chapter 7: Time's up

11/1: A Stranger I Remain

As usual, I've made a video of this fight and put it up on Youtube.

After school today, come on out to the riverside.

Choosing to go meets you up with this fellow, whose design borrows a lot from Cyborg 002.

Kogarashi: Hmph. You've got some guts.
Goon: Who're you?
Kogarashi: Hmph. Me? I'm Kanda Akiba. Though some people call me the Kogarashi Banchou.
Goon: Kogarashi Banchou...
Kogarashi: Hmph... something wrong? Bring it on. I'll test your strength.

Kogarashi is the Withering Wind, the Japanese name for the cold north wind.

Just like his brethren, Kogarashi Banchou has two attacks: First, the unfortunate-looking Onsoku Special, which is named after a Getter Robo attack, the Mach Special.

The second one he uses is the True Acala Bamboo Breaker, which happens to be the exact same attack that the main character learns if he spends three years in the Kendo club. For all of its theatrics, it doesn't really hurt that much when you get hit by it, as long as you have a decent Guts score.

He's weak to flame magic, but since this Goon has an awful awful art score, we'll just stick to punching him in the face and healing until he goes down.

When he goes down, he drops the Legendary Wooden Sword (a play on the Legendary Tree of Tokimeki Memorial 1), a rosary, or a Cool Hat. As usual, these items have no effect on the rest of the game.

His parting words are:

Kogarashi: Hmph... you're pretty good. Good - you'll need to be...
Goon: Hey!

11/3: Culture festival, year 2

Goon: (Today's the culture festival!)

Akane: Goon-kun!
Goon: Hey, Ichimonji-san.
Akane: Do, uh, do you happen to be alone right now?
Akane: Truth is, I am too.
Akane: How about we spend the day together?
Option 1: Alright, let's see the sights!
Option 2: Sorry, I can't...

Akane: Really? Good!
Akane: Okay, let's go.
Goon: (So, where should we go?)
Option 1: The drama club
Option 2: The computer club
Option 3: The concert band
Option 4: The tea ceremony club

After leaving this decision to my stream viewers, we settled on seeing the concert band. Akane actually enjoys the tea ceremony the most, but it really doesn't matter that much right now.

Akane: I wonder what they're gonna play this year?
Goon: I heard it's from some guy named Handel.
Akane: Hmm, the name doesn't ring a bell.
Goon: It's going to start soon, so we can at least listen and see if we like it.

The song played is a PlayStation-era brass band composition of Music for the Royal Fireworks.

Akane: Hearing a brass band live is so intense and incredible.
Goon: Yeah, and our seats were in the front row, so my ears hurt.
Akane: What was that big horn called, again? Oh, the tuba, the tuba.
Akane: That's kinda cute, like an elephant.
Goon: (Huh, that's a weird reason to like it.)

Goon: So, how'd you like this year's culture festival?
Akane: This is how it always is.
Akane: We make a big fuss getting ready for it, and then before you know it, it's over.
Goon: (Yeah, it was definitely too short.)

11/12: Hiking with Akane

Akane's fall outfit.

Akane: The sun shining through the autumn leaves is beautiful.
Option 1: The veins of the leaves stand out in stark contrast.
Option 2: The red scenery is like the sun's energy.
Option 3: It's really pretty to see through the leaves for an instant when you're walking by.

An ambiguous choice, and difficult to translate, to boot! Two good choices, one "meh" choice.

Goon: It's really pretty to see through the leaves for an instant when you're walking by.
Akane: Yeah, and it changes depending on your angle.
Akane: It's so nice to look up while you're hiking in the mountains in fall.
Goon: (Looks like I made a pretty good impression.)

11/26: Bomb-clearing date with Homura

Homura in late fall.

Goon: This theater's playing Marageddon right now.
Homura: I dunno that one. Is it good?
Goon: The commercial on TV looked fun.
Homura: If the trailer was good, then it should be fun.

Goon's description pretty much doesn't need to be translated - he just gives a synopsis of Armageddon.

Goon: That movie was awesome!
Homura: Yeah, it was so good I almost wanna see it again.
Goon: (Looks like I made a pretty good impression.)

12/2: Kotoko's birthday

Went with the lipstick as a gift this year, the "oh, thanks" gift. Safety!

Screenshot included because it's amusing.

12/6: The Delinquent is a Part-Timer

As usual, video of this "fight" is up at

Come to the riverside park after school today. It's a date~

Part-Time: Hey hey, brrrooooo
Goon: Who're you?
Part-Time: Whaaaat? You tryin' to say you don't know who I am?
Part-Time: A'ight, listen up and listen up good.
Part-Time: I'm the Baito Banchou!
Part-Time: I dun have any grudge with you, boy, but you hafta die.

Baito is a loanword from German, where Arbeit means part-time job.

The Baito Banchou is the picture of a classic Sukeban, a kind of female delinquent popular in the '70s and '80s. Using a yo-yo as a weapon isn't actually that silly in that kind of world, but as you'll see, she's not exactly taking this fight seriously.

Part-Time: You'll get hurt!

Part-Time: Get ready!

Part-Time: Here we go!

Part-Time: Whoa there! Looks like time's up.
Part-Time: Later, boy! See you again!

The fight just kinda ended!!

After her fierce display of yo-yo skills, the oddly familiar-looking Baito Banchou takes her leave.

She's nice enough to leave behind three items: a Choudenpa Yo-Yo (a reference to Combattler V's Choudenji Yo-Yo), a nice-smelling headband, and a Philosopher's Stone. And now that she's gone, all that's left after the "fight" is to wonder

Goon: (Wh, what the hell was that?)

Next time: A surprisingly uneventful winter.