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Part 61: Akane route, chapter 10: A time to hate

Akane, chapter 10: A time to hate

6/2: Sports festival, year 3

Goon: Today's the sports festival!

Goon: It's almost lunch already.
Akane: Goon-kun Goon-kun!

Goon: Oh, hey Akane, hey Akai-san.
Akane: There you are! I was looking for you.
Akane: I made a big lunch, and I was wondering if you wanted to eat it with us.
Goon: Oh, sure, I'll join you!
Goon: By the way,
Option 1: Is it okay if I bring Takumi along?
Option 2: Is it okay if I bring Jun along?

The (Abridged) Wingman Pledge

I shall uphold the Bro Code to the fullest of my ability.

I will never allow my wingman to go home with less than a six.
(blah blah blah)
I will honor and respect the dibs system.

Goon: Is it okay if I bring Jun along?
Akane: Yeah, that's fine.
Akane: The more people enjoy it, the better it tastes.
Goon: Awesome!
Goon: Jun! Yo, Jun!
Jun: What's up?
Goon: Come join us for lunch.
Jun: O, okay...
Goon: (He's blushing.)

I'm going to fast forward a bit - for some reason, it was nigh impossible to win the three-legged race with Akane, so I eventually gave up and kicked some ass in the Kibasen. This took two more tries, and was just for personal satisfaction.


Akane: Goon-kun Goon-kun!
Goon: Hey, Akane.
Akane: Do you have a team for the Kibasen yet?
Goon: No, not yet.
Akane: Can I be the rider on your team?
Goon: Gladly!
Akane: Yay! Let's go out there and win!

With a buff and tough Goon leading the charge, the Kibasen is amazingly easy. It took all of 22 seconds to take out the enemy with barely any damage sustained, and most of that time was spent doing donuts trying to get used to how fast Goon is now.

Akane: That was amazing. I'm so excited right now!
Goon: It wasn't that big a deal.
Akane: No, seriously, you were really cool.
Goon: (It's kind of embarrassing to hear her say it so bluntly.)

6/17: Kendo match

Goon: That was easy!

Goon's undefeated streak continues.

6/24: Penguin show with Akane

Akane: How do they teach the penguins to dance like that?
Option 1: I guess it's because penguins are smart?
Option 2: I suppose they train them by luring them with food.
Option 3: I wonder if the trainer has something on them...

For once, I chose the awesome/weird answer.

Goon: I wonder if the trainer has something on them...
Akane: Well, it's not exactly blackmail, but I suppose that if they don't do it right, they don't get food. That's pretty close.
Goon: (Eh.)

6/25: Hikari's birthday

Nothing new to report here. This should fend off the bomb for another few months, though.

7/9-7/13: Midterms

Goon: Eh, not bad.

117th: Hinomoto Hikari
125th: Fudou Gunma
132nd: Minazuki Kotoko
155th: Hokari Jun'ichirou
170th: Sakaki Takumi
280th: Ichimonji Akane
314th: Akai Homura

7/18: Homura's birthday

This time, we're going to see what happens when you give her a present and she actively likes you.

Goon: Hey, Akai-san!
Homura: Hmm? What's up?
Goon: Happy birthday! Open up your present.
Homura: Nyahahahaha, this is right up my alley. Nice.
Goon: (She looked really happy, I'm glad she liked it)

The dialogue is the same, but remember, this is what Homura looked like in the previous run:

7/22: Ennichi with Akane, year 3.

Sadly, there's no difference between this year and last year - apparently, by going to Ennichi in year 2 with Akane, I missed my chance at seeing a picture to go with the event.

I'll try and show you guys the picture another time, I'm sure it exists somewhere online.

7/30-8/4: Nationals

As a mirror to Koushien, all of the sports clubs have some kind of summer National Tournament event in year 3. It's five straight days of meets/games/matches, and they work pretty much the same way as everything else. In the case of the Kendo club, things work a tiny bit differently from the standard sports.

Also: The icon for the activity is a flame. I find that inspiring.

Goon: (I've finally made it to this point!)
Akane: Goon-kun.
Goon: Hey, Akane.
Akane: You've made it so far.
Akane: All I can say is good luck, but I'm rooting for you.
Goon: Thanks! I'll do my best!

Goon: I made it past the first round!

Goon: Won the second round, too!

Goon: I won! Next up, semifinals!

Goon: Tomorrow's the final match!

Hibikino High wins the championship!
Goon: Finally - we're champions! I diiiid iiiiiit!

Akane: Goon-kun!
Goon: Akane! We won!
Akane: You're amazing! You're awesome! I'm so proud to be your friend!
Goon: Thanks.

No, she's not friend zoning us. Don't worry about that part, it's generic text.

8/5: Improvised with Akane

Originally, we were supposed to head to the beach, but since it's raining...

Akane: Oh, hey, isn't it gonna be a no-go in this weather?
Goon: (Aw, crap!)
Akane: But this must've happened for a reason.
Akane: There was another place I wanted to go, how's that sound?
Goon: Yeah, that sounds great.
Goon: (Phew!)

Akane: Hey, why're you so quiet? Something wrong?
Option 1: I was just taking in the atmosphere.
Option 2: I was getting bored.
Option 3: I was taking in the view and thinking that you make it even better, Akane.

Goon: I was taking in the view and thinking that you make it even better, Akane.
Akane: What? I'm not- I mean- no way.
Akane: But thanks.
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

Later that day...

Goon: Oh yeah, it's time for my interview to air on the news.
Goon: Guess I should turn on the TV...

Goon: I feel kinda self-conscious.
Goon: Anyway, I should make sure to work hard, and live up to everything I said in that interview.

8/13-8/17: Summer camp

"Goon, you should train!"
"For what? I just won Nationals, you dweebs."

This was the inevitable result of our poor life choices.

A new power wells up from within...
Learned the Kendo Club Limit Break:
"True Acala Bamboo Cutter!"

Yes, I was lazy and the gif text still refers to the drama club. The rest is still the same!

8/25: Fireworks

(ding dong!)
Goon: Coming!

Akane: Good evening.
Goon: Hmm? Akane? What're you doing here this late?
Akane: Well, today's the fireworks show, and I took the night off from work...
Akane: So I was wondering if you wanted to come with me.
Goon: Gladly!
Akane: I thought you'd say that.
Akane: Let's hurry and get a good spot.

The yukata-praising is the same as usual, praise the girl, get free points.

Akane: No matter how many times I see it, I still get so moved...
Option 1: It's something you can't really put in words.
Option 2: Don't you have any other way you can put it?
Option 3: I get moved by how happy you look.

Goon: I get moved by how happy you look.
Akane: What? P, please, don't look at me like that...
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

9/5: A duel between men

While this fight takes a lot longer than usual due to the lack of a girl around to dispel Soubanchou's ultimate form, I did upload a video of the fight to YouTube.

After school today, I'll be waiting by the river.

Pretty standard, but what happens next is a bit new... and pretty bro.

Jun: Yo, is something wrong?
Jun: You look serious, and that's rare.
Goon: Whoa now, it's not that rare, is it?
Goon: Anyway, I just have something I have to take care of.
Goon: Later.
Jun: Seriously, what's wrong--

Goon: (Doesn't look like anyone's here, but...)

Soubanchou: You didn't run.
Soubanchou: I admire your courage.
Soubanchou: But that's not going to be enough against me!
Goon: What the hell is going on?
Soubanchou: NO MORE WORDS!

Going mano a mano with Soubanchou can be brutal if you're unprepared. Good thing we've been training for 3 years for this moment! With a high defense from Guts and a ton of hit points from slacking off and sleeping, this is going to be a piece of cake. A long and drawn-out piece of cake since we don't have any method of dispelling Soubanchou's ultimate form, but cake nonetheless.

Soubanchou's normal attacks do 400 damage, while his ultimate form attacks do 800. With Goon's 5k hit points, plus his ability to heal himself for 3000 (thanks, General Knowledge!) it's the familiar old RPG cycle of attack, attack, attack, heal, repeat to take down Soubanchou. If we hadn't pumped General Knowledge, Guts, Stamina, and Exercise, this cycle would be really easy to fall behind on.

Yes, we already saw this limit break from Kogarashi, but it's worth seeing done on Soubanchou.

After the fight is where the really interesting stuff happens.

Soubanchou: Ugh...
Soubanchou: You're not bad...

Akane: Are you alright?!
Goon: Akane? What're you doing here?
Akane: Don't worry about that, are you hurt?
Goon: I'm fine, I'm fine.
Goon: I'm totally fine, you see--ow! Damn.
Goon: (Damn Jun and his meddling.)

Akane: I'm so glad you're alri--
Akane: ...!
Akane: O, o, O
Goon: A, Akane?

Soubanchou: Gugh!

Goon: "Onii-chan"?
Goon: Wait, you're saying that your brother is--
Akane: Yes.
Akane: He's the banchou who rules this town and the next town over.
Goon: (Whaaaaaaat?)
Akane: But, but, but why are you doing this?
Akane: Tell me right now, Onii-chan!
Soubanchou: I... I didn't want to see you cry ever again, Akane.
Goon: ?
Akane: See me cry?
Soubanchou: One day when you were in grade school, you came home crying.
Soubanchou: You told me that a boy you liked had gone away.
Soubanchou: On that day, I swore:
Soubanchou: "I'll never let anyone do that to Akane again!"
Soubanchou: I would take care of any man who got close to Akane.
Goon: When you say "grade school", when are you talking about?

Akane: Second grade, I guess?
Akane: I made friends with a boy over spring break, but he moved away.
Goon: That boy was me.
Akane: What?
Goon: We played house in the sandbox of that little park with the cherry tree, right?
Akane: Y, yeah. I forced you to--

I told you that these things would be coming back to us in sepia tones. It just took some time!

And a non-secret character.

Akane: Onii-chan!
Goon: Akane, take care of your brother.
Akane: But, but--

Jun: Leave this moron to me.
Akane: Thanks, Hokari-kun.
Akane: Sorry.

Jun: Can you move?
Goon: Yeah...
Goon: Could you lend me your shoulder?
Jun: Just this once.

Bro status: Off the charts

Soubanchou: He's... he's a good man.
Akane: Onii-chan, are you saying--

Yes. Kind of. It's not going to be that easy.

9/6: Amusing epilogue

After you defeat Soubanchou, the first time Akane asks you to walk home with her, this happens:

Akane: Goon-kun Goon-kun!
Goon: Hey, Akane. What's up?
Akane: Wanna walk home together?
Goon: Yeah, that's fine.
Akane: Really? Great!
Akane: I have time today, so we can stop by somewhere and--
Goon: That sounds good. Ready to head out?
Soubanchou: AKANE!

Soubanchou: Gwagh!
Goon: (That looks like it hurt.)

Next time: Rolling downhill.