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Part 91: Tokimemo Girl's Side Chapter 1: A Whole New World

Tokimemo Girl's Side, Chapter 1: A Whole New World

Well, here we are. It's the start of a new game, and all I know about it is that this time, we're gonna play a girl. While the Tokimemo series makes it easy to insert yourself as the main character, being a girl is not something that enters my imagination very often. I'll have to rely on outside help to visualize this new, female Goon.
First order of business: watch the opening movie. First thoughts - B'z is a funny band to me, because while I like their music, I hate the whininess of their lead vocals. On the plus side, this is a good opportunity to meet the cast and start the process of becoming a teenage girl.

Here we have Kei... listening to the heart of the city, I guess? Is this supposed to show that he's a sensitive soul? It kind of reminds me of how children with various autism spectrum disorders will cover their ears when they're distressed, though.

Wait, who's this kid? He wasn't in the original Hot Guy Lineup. He's roller blading too, so he must be edgy and hip by 2002 standards. I guess that means he'll join the cast in year 2 as the spunky underclassman?

Oh yeah. Look at the angle of this dude's head. He definitely thinks he's better than everyone around him and isn't afraid to show it.

Okay, there's a chance I may have been wrong about Madoka's character archetype. But... you can't really tell anything about a guy from how he holds/tosses an orange, so let's just move on.

Kazuma isn't afraid to throw elbows. I'm starting to like him already.

And now I feel like a pedophile.

Oh. Of course this game lets you get hot for teacher, doesn't it? It's only fair after Tokimemo 2 did it.

And suddenly, we appear to be in a cross between a softcore porno and Woody Allen's Sleeper. I'm honestly not sure which end is more terrifying.

Yep. Definitely uncomfortable.

Okay I was probably right about Madoka.

At least these guys seem to be ready for their upcoming round of Discs of Tron.


Wait, we get four friends in this one? I thought the general rule for high school girls was cliques of 3?

Those are the goddamn biggest roses I've ever seen. You could kill a man with those things.

Alright, I've learned as much as I can from the intro. Let's get started.

Meet our young heroine, Fudou Kimiko, AKA Goonko. Because some things aren't worth thinking about too hard, her birthday is October 26th and her blood type is O.

This is the first new decision I've had to make - the young boy's voice here asks us to choose a room. I'm guessing that this affects starting stats a la Tokimemo 2 childhood choices, so I'll have to try my best to figure out what each room means.

Room #1

There appears to be a mandala featured prominently in this room, with a super-low desk, glass shelving, and a lot of little vases and such. It reminds me a lot of my sister's room in high school, though I'm guessing that here the incense and other mystical paraphernalia are not a cover for recreational pot smoking like they were for her. So I'm guessing that this room is for the girl who likes fortune telling, art, and music.

The kind of girl who would live in this room:

Room #2

The room on the upper left is pretty bare, with very little decoration and a TON of books. This must be for the studious girl, who loves books and will probably end up with Sakuya because he's completely unthreatening.

The kind of girl who would live in this room:

Room #3

The room on the bottom left is super-trendy. Orange iMac? Handbag hanging over the stereo where no sane person would hang their handbag? This is the only room with a prominent mirror for the full "I love myself" package, along with a cork board pinning up what I can only imagine are pictures of hot boys and famous musicians. There's a cutesy element to the room too, though - there are stuffed animals everywhere.

The kind of girl who would live in this room:

Room #4

The room on the top right screams "I am an audiophile" with the old-style wooden speakers. It appears to have a Power Mac G4 Cube, along with a couple of tastefully hung paintings. Honestly, this room screams to me "I am going to be a graphic designer some day."

The kind of girl who would live in this room:

In the end, I picked up the top right room because it was blue. We'll see how that affects the game.

Immediately we're thrust into a fairy tale setting, complete with a tinny music box soundtrack and a young girl providing narration. This must be the Legendary Tree framing device for this game.

Once upon a time, a prince went on a journey.
On his journey, he became lost in another country.

At a forest chapel, he met a beautiful princess.
"What a beautiful princess," he exclaimed.
The prince fell in love with her at first sight.
The two of them met each other every day at that chapel in the forest, and fell deeply in love with each other.
However, when the king heard of this, he became furious.
"Who is this man who dares to seduce my daughter? Bring him to me at once!"
When the prince was brought before the king, the king said this to him:

"Traveling prince, you say that you love the princess. But is there truth in those words?"
"The princess is the joy of my heart. If you truly do have her love, then any trial you undergo will end in happiness."
"So, you must travel to a distant country at the end of the world."
"If you can return safely, then will I believe your words hold truth."
With these words, the king banished the prince.

On the day he was to leave for that far-off land, the prince told the grieving princess this:
"I must go on this journey. But please, do not be sad."
"My heart belongs to you. Even from the ends of the earth, I will come back for you someday."
After that, the princess prayed every day for the prince's safe return at the forest chapel.
Always believing that one day, the prince would come back to her.

Boy: Look at that window. It's called stained glass.
Boy: It tells the same story as this book.

Boy: It's definitely the chapel from the story.

Boy: I have to go.
Boy: But the prince will come back one day...
Boy: I promise.

Boy, that's totally not Kei. Nuh-uh.

Goonko: ...?! Was I dreaming?
Goonko: A mysterious dream... a nostalgic dream.
Goonko: Huh? Was I--crying?

What I think Goonko looks like right now:

Goonko: Well, today's the school entrance ceremony at Habataki Academy.
Goonko: Today, my high school life starts in a town I lived in when I was little.
Goonko: I have to get used to life here fast, and make lots of friends!

Translation note: Kirameki High of Tokimemo 1 came from the sound of bright shining or sparkling. Hibikino High of Tokimemo 2 is based on echoing, resonating sound, like that of a bell. And in Girl's Side, Habataki comes from a word that means "the flapping or fluttering of wings" - either a reference to angels or doves, either works really.

Goonko: (So this is the high school of Habataki Academy, where I'll be going to school.)
Goonko: (I have a little time before the entrance ceremony starts, so I should take a look around.)

Goonko already has better control of her internal monologue than TM3 Goon did, since he tended to blurt his narration out loud.

Goonko: (So this is the other end of the school.)
Goonko: Hmm? What's that building over there?

Question: Why would you go behind the school as your first stop, unless you were trying to find where the kids go to smoke/get in fights?

What I think Goonko looks like right now, part 2:

Goonko: (Is it a chapel?)
Goonko: (Huh? This seems so familiar--)

Goonko: It's locked.
Goonko: Oh no! Look at the time, I have to head over to the entrance ceremony right n--
Goonko: Whoa!
Goonko: Ow ow ow...

What I think Goonko looks like right now, part 3 (Charitable edition)

???: Here.
Goonko: ...
???: What's wrong? Gimme your hand.
Goonko: O, okay.

What I think Goonko looks like right now, part 3 (Uncharitable edition)

When you flip the perspective on the bump-into-each-other meeting from male to female, the purpose of this intro is to establish that the guy is nice because he's nice enough to offer help to a stranger. No matter what else happens, viewers will come away from the introduction thinking "what a chivalrous young man." Let's see that again, with shoujo manga special effects - sparkles, bubbles, and blushing:

See? There's no way that this guy could be bad, deep down inside. If he was, he'd have left the main character on the ground like a jerk!

Goonko: Umm, I'm so sorry, senpai, I was in a hurry and--
???: I'm a first-year too.

Hold everything. I know this voice! It's... it's...

Midorikawa Hikaru!

Midorikawa Hikaru's signature robot role: Heero Yuy (Gundam Wing).

Midorikawa Hikaru's most, uh, "special" role: Kabukichou Mesugurohyoumonchou (Hikounin Sentai Akibaranger)

What I think every time he opens his mouth: "I will kill you."

Cast profile done, and I've also updated the cast intro post with this information. Back to the LP.

???: Weren't you in a hurry? To get to the entrance ceremony.
Goonko: That's right!
Goonko: Wait, but--
???: I'll spend it here.
Goonko: ?
???: You should go.
Goonko: Oh, uh, okay. Bye, uh--
Kei: Hazuki Kei.
Goonko: Thanks!

Goonko: (So his name is Hazuki-kun...)
Goonko: (Alright! It looks like my high school life will be wonderful!)

The opening video plays again here, in case you didn't leave the title screen on for long enough like I did.

Chairman: Now, everyone. You have all gathered here today in this place of learning.
Chairman: You may study hard, or devote yourselves to sports. Some of you may devote your youths to love.
Chairman: There is only one rule at our school: enjoy your youth.
Chairman: So, everyone, please learn, laugh, and worry as much as you want to at Habataki Academy.
Chairman: And in three years, be of good cheer when the day has come to spread your wings and fly!

Not quite as impactful as Bakuretsuzan's speech in TM2, but how could you possibly match that?

Goonko: (I wonder what my homeroom teacher will be like?)
Goonko: (Oh, here he is!)

Reiichi: I'm your homeroom teacher, Himuro Reiichi.

Two notes about Himuro-sensei here. One, everything about him screams Don't Stand So Close to Me. His name means "Ice house zero one", so he's gonna be cold and aloof if the naming conventions of Japanese fiction hold true (and they usually do in games like this). Two, he is played by none other than

Koyasu Takehito!

Koyasu Takehito's signature robot roles: Zechs Merquise (Gundam Wing), Gym Ghingham (Turn A Gundam)

Koyasu Takehito's most, uh, "special" role: Komoro-kun the poisonous mushroom (Papuwa)

What I think every time he opens his mouth: ONOREEEEEEE

Back to the LP.

Reiichi: I would like the students in my class to be diligent and to practice moderation.
Reiichi: That is all. Does anyone have any questions?
Female Student: I have a question! Sensei, do you have a girlfriend?
Reiichi: I just said "practice moderation". Any other questions?
Female Student: ...
Goonko: (He's kinda scary.)
Reiichi: You--Fudou.
Goonko: Y, yes sir?
Reiichi: Your scarf is crooked. Fix it.
Goonko: What? Uh, yes sir.
Goonko: (Looks like I ended up with the scary teacher.)

Goonko: (Whoa, there's a limousine parked in front of the gate! I wonder if that's a visitor's car?)

???: Geez, that stupid Garrison. I told him I could walk just fine.
Goonko: Hey, wait a second, you mean that's your ride?!
???: Oui. Do you have a problem with that?
Goonko: Not really. I was just a little surprised, that's all.
???: Just so you know, in middle school, they laid out a red carpet for me from the gate to the classroom!
Goonko: A red carpet? How rich is your family?
???: Wait, you mean you've never heard of Mizuki? What a horrible person!

Hold on. It took me a while, but I know that squeaky tone of voice, it's...

Ootani Ikue!

Ootani Ikue's signature role: Tony Tony Chopper

Ootani Ikue's most, uh, "special" role: Tony Tony Chopper

What I think every time she opens her mouth: Pika...chuuuuuuuu!

Back to the LP.

Goonko: Uh, my name's Fudou Kimiko. I just moved back here, so...
???: Oh, so that's why you don't know Mizuki.
???: Very well, I will enlighten you.
???: Sudo Mizuki, first-year. This school's etoile.
???: That means "star".
Goon: O-oh, I see. Nice to meet you.
Mizuki: Do you have any questions?

Because I wasn't sure if Mizuki was her first name or her last name, I mistakenly translated her introduction on my stream as "So that's why you've never heard of the Mizuki" It kind of works, actually...

Goonko: Actually, yeah. Do you know anything about Hazuki-kun? He's a first-year like us.
Mizuki: I do. Hazuki Kei, yes? He's famous.
Mizuki: But not as famous as Mizuki.
Mizuki: He's smart, and good at sports, and on top of that, it seems like he has been working as a model recently.
Mizuki: But he isn't as likeable as Mizuki is. Perhaps there's something wrong with his attitude?

Wait, you mean I was right about him being an underwear model?

???: Ojou-sama, it's time to go.
Mizuki: Alright, geez!
Mizuki: Well, I must go.
Mizuki: À bientôt, Fudou-san.

Oh thank god, she actually does use the first person sometimes, it would be awful to write out Mizuki all the time in her sentences.

???: It seems as though Mizuki-sama has taken a great liking to you.
Goonko: And, uh, you are?
???: Oh, I must apologize! I am Mizuki-sama's butler, Garrison Itou. Pleased to make your acquaintance.
Garrison: I hope you two become good friends at school.
Garrison: Now, I must take my leave of you.
Goonko: O, okay. Have a good day.
Goonko: (Good friends... It's hard to believe there's a rich girl like that in my class.)

Huh. So this is our designated Best Friend for this run? Wait a second, there were four girls in the opening. Will we meet them soon? Or... oh, that's what the room affects, doesn't it? Four girls, four rooms. I wonder why the rich girl comes with the G4 Cube and not the vanity?

???: Welcome home, sis!
Goonko: Hey, Tsukushi! Stop barging in to my room!

Tsukushi: Ah, it's fine.
Tsukushi: It's just the two of us here, stop being so stuffy!
Goonko: I keep telling you not to come in here without my permission.

As a little brother myself, I have to say that this kid creeps me out. My sister's room was a festering hive of cooties behind impenetrable walls of ickiness, not a treasure trove of... I don't even know what. There's something wrong with this boy.

Tsukushi: Alright, alright.
Tsukushi: So, did you meet any cool guys at school?
Goonko: Why do you care?
Tsukushi: Boo. You're in high school now, sis, you should start paying a little attention to boys now.

Somethin' ain't right with this boy.

Goonko: Cut it out. So how did your first day at the new school go?
Tsukushi: I can take care of myself. I made a lot of friends in one day!
Tsukushi: As for girlfriends, I... only have 3 so far.
Goonko: ...
Tsukushi: You can mess up pretty badly when it comes to this kind of thing.
Tsukushi: As your little brother, I worry about you.

Tsukushi: Anyway, if there's anything you need to know, just let me know.
Tsukushi: I'll sell the info cheap.
Tsukushi: Yeah, just give me an allowance every once in a while and that's enough.
Goonko: So that's what you were after.
Tsukushi: Haha, was I that obvious? There's a game I want to buy.
Tsukushi: You know where to find me!
Goonko: What a little weasel...
Goonko: (But, I guess if there's something I need to know, I'll ask Tsukushi.)

Oh. So THAT's why he's so creepy. He's Yoshio/Takumi. I see.

I almost had to look up Tsukushi's voice because a lot of female actresses do that kind of little-boy voice, and then it hit me thanks to some hints from chat and a brain full of Gundams. Tsukushi is played by...

Orikasa Ai!

Orikasa Ai's signature robot role: Quatre Raberba Winner (Gundam Wing)

Orikasa Ai's most, uh, "special" role: Kevin McAllister (Home Alone, Japanese dub)

What I think every time she opens her mouth: Ultimate! Gespenst! KiiiiIIiiiIIiIIIiIIck!

Next time: Bright young women, sink or swimmin'