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Part 97: Tokimemo Girl's Side Chapter 7: Dig a Little Deeper

Tokimemo Girl's Side Chapter 7: Dig a Little Deeper

For two weeks, club activity is replaced by the "prepare for the school festival" option, which the game highly encourages you to do by having it raise every stat. Every. Stat.

It's good. Do it.

It also looks very much like working at the cafe!

10/28: Humanizing Hazuki

This event only happens during the school festival, as far as I can tell.

Goonko: (Whew, I'm kinda tired.)
Goonko: (I'll go get some fresh air on the roof.)
Goonko: (Hmm? Isn't that--)

Kei: Yeah, I heard you.
Kei: You were saying Mom would be over there for another year.
Kei: Don't worry. I can take care of myself. I'm having fun.
Kei: Work's going well, right?
Kei: It's fine, this is how it's always been anyway.
Kei: ...
Kei: Sorry. I didn't mean it that way.
Kei: Anyway. Don't worry about it.
Kei: Yeah. You too, Dad.
Kei: Alright, I need to hang up.

Kei: I'll kill you.

Goonko: Hazuki-kun?
Kei: Oh. It's you.
Goonko: Were you just talking to your dad?
Kei: You overheard?
Goonko: I'm really sorry.
Goonko: But you sound really different when you talk to your family.
Kei: Yeah?
Goonko: Yeah, you kinda were playing the "good son" and it wasn't what I expected.

Goonko: You seemed... a little lonely.
Kei: You're overthinking it.

Kei: Let's go.
Kei: You have a lot of work to do before the festival, right?
Goonko: Y, yeah.

Two notes here: first, Kei did not actually sound any different from usual. He just talked a little bit more, but still in his usual mumbly monotone. Second, this is the classic way of softening a character by giving him an Obvious Weakness(tm). Kei isn't just a pretty face and a perfect mind and a body that women crave, he is also lonely because his parents have abandoned him overseas! Only one thing can fill that void in his heart, and it...

It won't be Goonko, dammit. What a prat.

11/5-11/6: Icehouse 01's birthday

Goonko: Oh yeah, tomorrow is Himuro-sensei's birthday! What should I do?
Goonko: I should get him a present.

Goonko: What should I get?
Option 1: Happy math 1-2-3!
Option 2: My homework
Option 3: Duralumin fountain pen

The "My homework" option is free, and hilarious enough that I had to.

Goonko: Himuro-sensei!
Reiichi: Goonko. What do you need?
Goonko: Umm, here. It's a birthday present for you!
Reiichi: I can't accept gifts from students.
Goonko: Oh, I see...
Reiichi: Goodbye.
Goonko: (He didn't even take it...)

Goonko: What am I supposed to do with my homework? Am I getting a 0 on the assignment? Dammit!

11/9: The school festival

Goonko: Today's the festival!
Goonko: Our class is running a little cafe today.
Goonko: I should hurry up and get everything ready!

Goonko is actually a waitress on the side, so this should be easy, right? Nope. It's based entirely on the number of successes in the two weeks of preparation, so I actually failed once while messing around and had to reload to get a better result.

Goonko: Thanks for waiting! That's one hot coffee, one tea, one iced cocoa, and uh...
Goonko: (Whew, it's super busy.)
Tsukushi: Hey, sis!

Goonko: Hey, Tsukushi! You came to cheer me on?
Tsukushi: I came for a rare sight.
Tsukushi: I never ever see you wearing apron.
Goonko: Leave me alone.
Goonko: So? What would you like to order?
Tsukushi: I'd like orange juice and a cheesecake, please.
Tsukushi: Your treat, of course.
Goonko: ...I knew you'd say that.

Tsukushi: Thanks! Free stuff is the best.
Tsukushi: I'm so thankful to you, sis! So thankful.
Goonko: Yeah, yeah.
Tsukushi: But you were really good at getting everything prepped, sis.
Tsukushi: I think you might be cut out for this.
Goonko: You're not getting anything else for free, you know that, right?

Tsukushi: Geez, that's what I get for actually complimenting you?
Goonko: (What? He actually meant it?)

Goonko: That's how this year's school festival ended.
Goonko: The cafe was always filled with customers, and it was a lot of fun!

11/11: Stranger Danger Returns

Goonko: (Those clouds look ominous. I hope it doesn't start raining before I get home.)
Goonko: (Whoa, that's a fancy car. I wonder what kind of person drives a car like that?)
Goonko: (Hmm?)

Goonko: (Hey, it's that same guy from before)
STRANGER DANGER: Young lady, please, get in the car.
Goonko: What?
STRANGER DANGER: It looks like it'll start pouring at any second.
STRANGER DANGER: I'll take you home.
Goonko: Uh, um...
STRANGER DANGER: Quickly, now.
Goonko: O, okay.

What I think Goonko looks like right now, part 14:

STRANGER DANGER: Is something wrong?
STRANGER DANGER: You're furrowing that cute little brow of yours.
Goonko: Well, um, I'm in a stranger's car...
STRANGER DANGER: Hahaha, is that so?
STRANGER DANGER: That is indeed quite the problem.
STRANGER DANGER: Don't worry, you're safe.
STRANGER DANGER: Plus, we have met before. Remember? At the magical chapel.
Goonko: Uh, yeah.

STRANGER DANGER: Here we are, young lady.
STRANGER DANGER: See? You made it safe and sound, right?
Goonko: Umm, thanks.
Goonko: And, um, sorry for being suspicious earlier.
STRANGER DANGER: It's fine. A lady must be cautious, after all.
STRANGER DANGER: I have to go. See you again.

11/12: Mizuki please

Mizuki's possible nicknames:

Goonko: Mizuki!
Mizuki: What's with that rude form of address?
Goonko: Hmm? No good?
Mizuki: I'm not happy at all when you call me that!
Goonko: (I guess that was bad.)

D'oh. No first-name basis between us and Mizuki.

I broke my own rule on playing this run blind and just looked up what Mizuki allows you to call her. It's... it's amazing. And perfectly in character. What a gal. The only acceptable forms of address are Sudou-san, Sudou-sama, Mizuki-san, and Mizuki-sama. When you're good friends, she will allow "Mizuki-chama".

Tokimemo fans call her Mizukichi, even though - or possibly because - she doesn't let anyone call her that in-game.

11/14: Uh oh

Kei: Hi.
Goonko: Welcome! Oh, Hazuki-kun!
Goonko: What do you want today?
Kei: The usual.
Goonko: Got it! One mocha, coming right up!
Kei: You've gotten pretty good at this.

Working at the cafe seems destined to make Kei friendlier over time.

We're gonna have to quit. And soon.

11/20: Let's try this with Tamami

Quick note: Tama-chan and Tama are both common names for cats due to the way they curl up when they lie down. Her name was chosen to be small and cute.

Goonko: Konno-san! Are you heading home right now?
Tamami: Oh, yeah, I am. You too, Kimiko-chan?
Goonko: Yeah. Wanna walk home together?
Tamami: I was just about to ask you the same thing.
Goonko: Let's go!

Since Tamami already calls us Kimiko-chan by default, it's only fair to call her Tamami-chan in return. Eventually.

11/25: Summons from Mizuki

Mizuki: Bon jour!
Goonko: Hey, Sudou-san.
Mizuki: Fudou-san, you're free this Sunday, aren't you?
Mizuki: Come to the amusement park.
Goonko: The amusement park? Why?

Mizuki: I can't believe you.
Mizuki: Why, we're going to rendezvous with boys, of course!
Option 1: I'll go!
Option 2: Sorry, I'm busy.

Goonko: I'll go!
Mizuki: Then don't be late, okay?
Mizuki: Mizuki absolutely hates it when people are late.
Goonko: (This Sunday... I wonder who's coming?)

Mizuki, if you bring Kazuma on this you are definitely the best gal pal of all time. It'll even make up for Shiki inevitably being there.

12/1: The Traditional Double Date

Goonko: I made plans with Sudou-san today.
Goonko: I should get going soon!

Goonko: (There she is!)
Goonko: Sudou-san!
Mizuki: Fudou-san! You're late!
Mizuki: I specifically told you not to be late!

Shiki: Ah, you're here today, Fudou-kun.
Shiki: Good day, everyone.
Shiki: I hope everyone has fun spending time with me today.

No whammy no whammy no whammy no whammy...

Kazuma: You're late, Fudou.
Goonko: Oh, hi Suzuka-kun.
Kazuma: Welp, this ended up being pretty much the usual crew, but hey, let's have fun.

Mizuki you are the best.

Mizuki: Now that everyone's here, let's begin!

Mizuki: Eh, bien -- what should we do first?
Option 1: Roller coaster
Option 2: Ferris wheel
Option 3: Merry-go-round

The only one of these rides that seems like it suits sporty-boy Kazuma is the roller coaster, so let's go there first.

Goonko: Let's go to the roller coaster.
Mizuki: Very well.

Mizuki: Who do you intend on riding the roller coaster with?
Option 1: Suzuka
Option 2: Mihara
Option 3: Sudou

Goonko: Suzuka
Mizuki: Then Mizuki will ride with Shiki-sama!

I don't like who you're after, Mizuki, but I appreciate the enthusiasm.

Kazuma: Woo! This one's awesome, let's get on!

This isn't exactly what I imagined from this version of Goonko, who's only ladylike due to proximity to Mizuki, but oh well, it's cute so I'll allow it.

Mizuki: What shall we do next?
Goonko: The merry-go-round.
Mizuki: Oui, ça va. Yes, let's go.

Mizuki: Who do you plan to ride with?
Mizuki: You know the right answer, don't you?
Goonko: Sudou

Mizuki: What?! Mizuki is going to ride with you?
Mizuki: Boo, why does it have to be like this?

Aww. Look at that smile on Goonko. Mizuki's imperious tolerance also fits perfectly.

Mizuki: So, there's only one more place to go.
Goonko: The Ferris wheel.
Mizuki: Fudou-san, you already know the right answer.
Mizuki: But who are you going to ride the Ferris wheel with?
Goonko: Suzuka.
Mizuki: Then Mizuki will ride with Shiki-sama!

Kazuma: Ugh, it just goes in a circle really slowly. What's fun about that?

What indeed?

Mizuki: It's almost time for Garrison to come and pick me up.
Mizuki: We should all head home soon.

Shiki: You've all had an unforgettable time today.
Shiki: And I had a truly pleasant day as well.
Shiki: I must take my leave.

Kazuma: Aaahhhh! We really went all out today.
Kazuma: It was pretty fun. Later, I gotta go.

Mizuki: Fudou-san, that was fun.
Goonko: Yeah, thanks for inviting me.
Mizuki: You're welcome.
Mizuki: And now, Mizuki must go home.
Mizuki: Garrison!

Garrison: I'm here, young mistress.
Mizuki: Bring the car around, please.
Garrison: Understood.
Mizuki: Goodbye, au revoir!
Goonko: (Well, that wasn't bad.)

12/2: Check the news

There's a huge sale coming up at Boutique Jes on the 23rd. The girls on the stream told me that this is a can't-miss, because the savings are insane and are worth saving up for the whole year for. Huh.

12/3-12/4: Kazuma's birthday

Goonko: What should I buy for him?
Option 1: Supplement set
Option 2: Sports towel
Option 3: Shoujo manga: Sweet 16 Lady Banchou

The supplement or the sports towel seem like the ones he wouldn't immediately throw in the trash. I ended up playing it safe and getting him a towel, because basketball players always have a need for towels.

Goonko: Suzuka-kun!
Kazuma: Huh? You need something, Fudou?
Goonko: Here! I got you a birthday present!
Kazuma: Huh, really? Thanks.
Kazuma: Hey, nice. I can use this right now.
Kazuma: Thanks.
Goonko: (I'm glad he really liked it.)

12/8-12/12: Midterms

12/9: Tamami working overtime

Goonko: (It's time to head home. Hmm? It's Konno-san.)
Goonko: Konno-san!
Tamami: Kimiko-chan.
Goonko: What's going on? Club activities are all cancelled on test days, aren't they?
Tamami: Umm, yes, but I wanted to clean the locker room while no one was using it.
Goonko: Oh, I see. That's really nice of you. But it's really late.

Tamami: Y, yeah, but I'm almost done...
Goonko: Okay! Then I'll help you finish up.
Tamami: Wh, what?!

Goonko: That should be all.
Tamami: Yes. Thanks!
Tamami: I don't know how long it would've taken me to do all that alone.
Tamami: It must be great to be so fast, Kimiko-chan.
Goonko: You can get the job done when you set your mind to it, Konno-san.

Tamami: No, you don't have to pretend, I already know that I'm slow and dumb.
Goonko: (Konno-san...)
Goonko: Alright, let's get home before it gets dark!
Tamami: Okay.

12/10: That's... new.

Oh. Hello there, snoozing Kei.

Test results

Goonko: Hmm. Not bad, I guess.

75th: Hazuki Kei
104th: Mihara Shiki
132nd: Konno Tamami
136th: Fudou Kimiko
144th: Sudou Mizuki
239th: Suzuka Kazuma

Goonko: Hey, Hazuki-kun! What happened?
Kei: To what?
Goonko: How did you get a 0?
Kei: I slept.
Goonko: What?!
Goonko: (What the hell is with Hazuki-kun?)

Next time: The 3 major Tokimemo holidays, and the single worst mini-game of all time. ALL TIME.