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Peru - Mountain Caves and City of VilcabambaBaldurdash  
Peru - The Lost ValleyBaldurdash  
Peru - Tomb of QualopecBaldurdash  
Greece - St. Francis FollyBaldurdash  
Greece - The ColiseumBaldurdash  
Greece - Midas's PalaceBaldurdash  
Greece - Tomb of TihocanBaldurdash  
Egypt - Temple of KhamoonBaldurdash  
Egypt - Obelisk of KhamoonBaldurdash  
Egypt - Sanctuary of the ScionBaldurdash  
Lost Island - Natla's MinesBaldurdash  
Lost Island - The Great PyramidBaldurdash  
Lost Island - Final Conflict & creditsBaldurdash  
Bonus - Croft ManorBaldurdash  
Bonus - title screens, QTE deaths & misc.Baldurdash  
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