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Released in 2006, Tomb Raider Legend is the seventh game of the series. After the poor reception and general lack of interest generated by the previous title, Angel of Darkness, it was decided the IP needed a fresh start. First, reins were handed to a new developer. Second, Lara Croft's history was retconned and went from being only a blurb in the manual to featuring prominently in the plot. Finally, the game mechanics were reinvented to be more modern and streamlined. Most notably, the various moves allow for a lot of leeway which leaves the player free to fluidly move through a level instead of having to constantly worry about being optimal. The bottomless inventory is gone -- only 3 health packs, one secondary weapon and a limited amount of ammo can be carried at once. The game works on a checkpoint system to save progress through a level. There's significantly more combat than in previous titles. The puzzles are a lot more straightforward and more care is given to room layout and visuals. It's a pretty game that plays well, but it's not very long nor very hard.

What is Tomb Raider? Third person action/adventure with a focus on exploration, puzzle solving and the occasional (frequent in Legend's case) shooting of things. The artifacts Lara is after are always supernatural or ancient high-tech in nature, as are many of the enemies encountered. It's like Indiana Jones but with crazier shit going on.

Why start with #7? New developer, new canon, no need to know anything about the previous games to get into this one. It might as well be the first Tomb Raider ever. It's also the first part of a trilogy and it's modern and looks pretty.


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