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Original Thread: Magic and teleportation, the powers of a skater. Let's Play THUG



Tony Hawk's Underground THUG is the 5th version in the Tony Hawk's series. Not only is the first game to have a story mode, but the first game without the Pro Skater suffix and the ability to get off the skateboard. The story is based on the Main Character Steve trying to become a professional skateboarder. Although this isn't really addressed in the start of the game it is hinted at in the first level a few times. Like previous games you have goals you must do, and after so many goals you move on to the next stage, so the story is really just masking the same core game play.

You can fully customize the character, and later in the game you can even make your own skateboard. Also it has a face mapping feature, I'm not sure if I will use this or not, but I might. Sadly due to plot reasons Steve's shirt will change from time to time.

Updates will come out about once a week due to working 30-40 hours with 35 hours of college. It will most likely be a full level per update. I will upload bonus videos of videos found in each level at some point. It will be me and my friend doing post commentary but within the game there is 2 or 3 choices the player can make and I will leave it up to you guys to vote on it, I will let you know the options a video or so ahead of time.

This will be a semi-informative LP, I will show off all the goals and hidden goodies. Although the story is rather weak please no spoilers just in case anyone is interested.


Ep 1: Jersey YouTube 12M
Ep 2: New York Part 1 YouTube 12M
Ep 3: NY P2 / Tampa P1 YouTube 12M
Ep 4: Tampa AM YouTube 12M
Ep 5: San Diego P1 YouTube 12M
Ep 6: SD P2 / Hawaii Part 1 YouTube 12M
Ep 7: Hawaii Part 2 YouTube 12M
Ep 8: Vancouver YouTube 12M
Ep 9: Slam City Jam YouTube 12M
Ep 10: Russia YouTube 12M
Ep 11: Russia 2 YouTube 12M
Ep 12: Return of Jersery YouTube 12M
Ep 13: Final YouTube 12M
Ep 14: Ragin Cagin Bonus YouTube 12M
Ep 15: Wrap Up Bonus Video YouTube 12M


Steve - He is a pretty nice guy, just wants to skate for the fun of it.

Eric Sparrow - Long time friend of Steve. So far kind of a dick, but that is ok cause we are best bros with him.

Stacy Peralta - Owns the local shop in Jersey and is willing to pay Steve and Eric the big money for having big combos.

Todd - Team manager of Flip, or whatever sponsor you pick. He eats a lot and has an odd set of slangs.

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