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Original Thread: Who DID frame Roger Rabbit? Oh well... Let's Play Toonstruck! [VLP]


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Toonstruck is a graphic adventure game from the late days of Windows 95, back when some games actually still ran natively in DOS. It probably would have languished in obscurity, like most games of its kind in that era, if not for a rather interesting concept. Instead of trying to make the bluescreen effects in its FMVs look realistic, Toonstruck simply placed its human main character in a cartoon world, using the limitations of the technology to its advantage. And who better to play that role than Christopher Lloyd, a man who already had experience acting alongside cartoons?

The cartoon setting pervades every aspect of the game - the puzzles are based on cartoon logic, almost everything is a joke, and almost nothing is what you expect it to be. Which really describes most adventure games, but in this case, it works really well. It's a shame that the same can't be said for my capture method, but I don't know how well any modern computer can be expected to run this game, and it just wouldn't be the same doing it in screenshots and leaving out the voice talents of Tim Curry, Dan Castellaneta, Dom Deluise, and many other names mostly too obscure to mention here. Also, a cameo appearance by Ben Stein. (I presume that Bob Hoskins didn't want to go anywhere near video games again after his brush with the Super Mario Bros.) The game attracted people for obvious reasons, but it didn't just try to survive on star power, like Ripper. It's fun, it's amusing, and gosh darn it, people like it.

Part 1: The sad tale of King

Part 2: To get a foot loose, you've got to dance the happy dance.

Part 3: I assume she's divorced, and I think I know why, you know?

Part 4: Fuzzy Fluffy Bunny Bottoms

Part 5: I almost can't believe they don't have a literal fork stuck in the road here. Wait, they do? Nuts.

Part 6: Strength vs. cunning - Finding your inner sadist

Part 7: It's a good thing they didn't ask to see my receipt


Part 9: It literally means "The Badlands", get it?

Part 10: Rounding up some spare parts

Part 11: Way too many hare-raisingly bad puns

Part 12: Everyone should have seen this coming.

Part 13: A prison break that takes less than four seasons to pull off

Part 14: Because a spike is just a really big pin

Part 15: How does Ms. Fortune get into her own room, anyway?

Part 16: I really hope the stage directions included "stupid" or "moronic"



coleman francis manages to tie this game to my previous LP:

"OH, POOR YORICK! Even his skull was cute!"

silentbrains apparently comes as close as he ever will to a dream I'm sure we've all shared:

Dinictus brings a Songbearer idea to stunning life. Memey.

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