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by shalcar

Part 43: Multiplayer Tournament

Since you asked so nicely, my dad, have the next update!

Tournament Round 3 - GenericServices vs ScotchDK

Battle 1

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Battle 2

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Battle 3

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Survives in Losers Bracket - ScotchDK
Eliminated from Tournament - Generic_

The thing that most impresses me about this tournament is the sheer quality of the Shogun 2 matches that come out of players, especially considering the very limited time a lot of them have had to come to grips with the new units and styles of battle. Compared GenericServices or ScotchDK's first rounds to this current batch of matches is simply night and day, making the matches all the more exciting and rewarding to watch.

The first match was a simple affair thanks to the terrain and archers just don't have the time they need to make an impact, while the effect of cavalry is amplified by the lack of impediments to their speed. Losing the Mounted Naginata was a huge blow, even despite the fact they had done terrible damage to ScotchDK's Mounted Samurai. Slight lapses in attention are often all it takes to decide battles when both players are so evenly matched skill wise and when terrain has so little tricks to play. GenericService's battle line was too thin at the front and couldn't take the sustained fighting against ScotchDK's Sword Attendants. While a rear charge with cavalry would have held the centre for GenericServices, he simply had none left to play and couldn't pull troops from elsewhere without opening himself up to ScotchDK's Mounted Samurai.

It was a stark contrast to the second match, where the terrain was intricate, both players taking exceptional advantage of chokepoints, rivers and hills to create a rolling free-form battle that swung in the balance until the very very end. Both players played an excellent game and the smallest unforced error could have given it to either side. Both combatants can hold their head high for the high level of generalship shown in this match. A superb fight worthy of being a final!

That last battle, on the other hand, is my absolute favourite. It simply can't be described. It must be seen to be believed!