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Part 1

Touhou 1 ~ 東方靈異伝 ~ Highly Responsive to Prayers
(Romanized Touhou Rei'iden, meaning Wonderous Eastern Legend)
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1. Touhou Rei'iden Back Story

Here in an eastern country is a small shrine, the Hakurei Shrine.
Due to the fact that many unusual events took place here, normal people seldom came near it.

However, there was a reason that no non-human things ever
came down into populated areas...

And that was because for many generations, this shrine has held a
woman with the power to communicate with God, a "shrine maiden" in other words.

As for why such a small shrine has such a powerful shrine maiden?
Because here there is a Gate which connects to Hell and the spirit realm where the "non-human things" live.

Long ago, to seal away the phantoms and demons that appeared,
shamans and exorcists from all over the country were gathered together.
The sealing was a success... but, the recoil was so tremendous it annihilated everyone present.

Time passed, and even a seal of that much power has come to fade in effectiveness.

The shrine maiden here, in order to stop the non-human things from reaching the cities,
has trained intensely to fight enemies she can't possibly beat;
even knowing it was futile she headed for the Gate, ready to sacrifice herself.

Yeah, right.

Truth is, she's the "always gets caught up in weird things" shrine maiden Reimu Hakurei.
Something non-human destroyed her shrine, and she's mad as hell.
The only thing that will cool her off is the total annihilation of all non-human beings!! half wrong, anyway.

The *true* truth is, Reimu Hakurei is quite an easygoing person.
Even this time around, she only entered the Gate on a whim.

And she only realized that the sole effective weapon against the devils
here is the Hakurei Shrine's greatest treasure, the Yin-Yang Orb, after
she had been here for a while.

Reimu: "Eh, whatever. If I use this Yin-Yang orb well enough, it'll all work out, right?"

Who knows what'll become of her...

Dramatis Personae


Reimu Hakurei
Shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine, She has some spirit-power by nature, but lacks training. Her weapon is mighty Yin-Yang orb, but her control is somewhat unstable.
But anyway, with her spirit-power, she has got quite some skills. Her usual attacks -namely amulet-attacks, spirit-power discharging, melee skills- they're totally useless against her current enemies. She's in some trouble.

At present, she is the only person in the shrine.

Update 1: Stage 1-5

PATH SELETION: Do we go into Demon World and kick some demons' shit in, or do we go into the depths of Hell and kick THEIR shit in??