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Part 6

Touhou 1: Highly Responsive to Prayers Update 6

Makai Route Stage 16-20, Boss: Sariel, Good Ending
Makai Route Bad Ending

Bosses, Touhou 1 posted:

Stage 5

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Vengeful Ghost
Hell Route, Stage 10
(Zorak Note: she'll show us why she has that name yet...)

Hellish Moon
Hell Route, Stage 15

Astral Knight
Hell Route, Stage 20

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Evil Eyes
Makai Route, Stage 10

Innocent Devil
Makai Route, Stage 15

Angel of Death
Makai Route, Stage 20

Music, Touhou 1 posted:

(Zorak Note: The comments below were written by ZUN in Touhou 5, so if you're wondering why they're nostalgic/ past tense, well, there you are)

Title screen theme
A Sacred Lot
This is pretty awesomely reborn, I think.
And yet, it really takes me back...

Theme of Stages 1-4, Hell Stages 16-19
Eternal Shrine Maiden
This melody had quite an impact
on me. Even now, I'll find myself
playing it when I compose music.

Shingyoku's theme
The Positive and Negative

I get the feeling there are a few melodic
differences from my current music. What
could they be...? (The chord progression
hasn't changed much. (^^; )

Theme of Hell Stages 6-9
Strange Oriental Discourse

I composed this song for the first game I
ever made, so I put quite a bit of thought
into it. All the "Touhou OOO"-style game
titles also stem from this piece.

Theme of Makai Stages 6-9
Highly Responsive to Prayers
I arranged an old musical piece, and
now this one feels really gloomy.
It's a calm piece, which really is
a rarity for this game, isn't it.

YuugenMagan and Mima's Theme
Angel's Legend
This piece is the model for my current boss
themes. It doesn't seem a lot different now,
but some how the older song has WEIGHT to it
(^^;; Or maybe it's that the current pieces
are light? (I don't think that's it either...)

Theme of Hell Stages 11-14
Blade of Banishment

This is the most bright-eyed song in the
game, I think. So I tried arranging
it to emphasize that feel.

Theme of Makai Stages 11-14
Oriental Magician

This might be a catchy arrangement, since it was
originally sooo dark. Looks like I inadvertently
made all the songs Japanese style...totally
different from how I do it now. (;_;)

Elis and Kikuri's theme
Magic Mirror

This piece has a pretty good feel to it.
This kind of tune (with a touch of mystery)
is indispensable for mid-game. Well, not
that my current stuff's all that different.

Theme of Makai Stages 16-19
The Legend of KAGE

This is the second song in my heart,
composed right after "Strange Oriental
Discourse". Originally, the tempo was
pretty messed up, so I slowed it a bit.

Hell Final Stage theme / Konngara's theme
Swordsman of a Distant Star

This song unfolds so fast, it's like,
"Are you kidding me?" It puts together
short phrases. And yet, did arranging
it make it much better?

Makai Final Stage theme 1 / Sariel's first theme
Now, until the moment you die

Nice piece for endgame, huh? Once you
finally get here, it doesn't feel all that
Japanese, does it. This may be a lot easier
on the ears than the original piece.

Makai Final Stage theme 2 / Sariel's second theme
Let's die all together

I've almost never used this piece. It's only
used for a brief moment in the game. I actually
composed this for its title, so I couldn't
use it afterward.... For the arrangement, I
tried touching it up to give the feel of
its title. (This piece is my favorite.)

Ending theme

Short and sweet. Please envision
irises. You might even see Shangri-La.
(It's pretty mysterious.)