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Original Thread: You've got a friend in me! Let's Play Toy Story 3!



Let's Play: Toy Story 3!

Hello and welcome to my latest project, one that I recently 100%ed and found rather charming so decided I wanted to show off.

What is this game, and why have you chosen it?

This is, like most licensed games, a third person platformer. I know. Hold the presses, right? However, this game has a lot of variety that I like in the levels, whether it's events that actually happened to the characters, like the trials and tribulations of Sunnyside Daycare, or levels that take place entirely in the imaginations of children. There is a lot of effort involved in making sure most levels escalates nicely within themselves, with most of them having some sort of climax (whether that climax is traversing the back of an exploding train or performing a series of airdrops in a tight space).

Format of the LP:

I intend to get every card and collectible in story mode, and in turn every Gold Star in Toybox mode. Gold Stars are micro-achievements that count only within the game that you get for doing virtually everything in toybox mode which is fun.

Toybox mode is a large sandbox unlocked after the first story level, where you follow a series of side-stories in an open world environment for a variety of characters in the Toy Story canon. Happily it won't be as overwhelming as Lego City Undercover, as there are only 105 gold stars to get so a basic sweep of each area will be fine. The only things I won't guarantee are the unlockable clothes for the citizens/aliens in Toybox mode that you unlock through the vending machine in Al's Toy Barn, because they are not tied to any achievements or gold stars and therefore are just pointless, and due to the random nature of the machine making it hard to not accidentally waste coins on an empty capsule. Also there are way too many clothes to show off set by set, so during the toybox mode stuff any outfit pieces that the thread really wants to see will be shown off by quickly changing a guy into them at the start of that video.

With that, here are the videos. I hope you enjoy!


Toy Story 3 Level 1 - Woody's Roundup!
Toy Story 3 Level 2 - Hold the Phone
Toy Story 3 Level 3 - Buzz Lightyear Videogame
Toy Story 3 Level 4 - Sunnyside Daycare Carnival
Toy Story 3 Level 5 - Bonnie's House
Toy Story 3 Level 6 - Sunnyside Daycare Prison
Toy Story 3 Level 7 - Junkyard Rescue
Toy Story 3 Level 8 - Haunted Bakery

Toy Story 3 Toybox Mode Part 1 - Well, well, well
Toy Story 3 Toybox Mode Part 2 - Expansion!
Toy Story 3 Toybox Mode Part 3 - More Buildings! More Stuff!
Toy Story 3 Toybox Mode Part 4 - Shyamalan'd
Toy Story 3 Toybox Mode Part 5 - Sid's Haunted House
Toy Story 3 Toybox Mode Part 6 - Our Old Buddy Lotso!
Toy Story 3 Toybox Mode Part 7 - Zurg's Base
Toy Story 3 Toybox Mode Part 8 - Photojournalism for Dummies
Toy Story 3 Toybox Mode Part 9 - Green Thumbs and Motorheads
Toy Story 3 Toybox Mode Part 10 - Let's Drive (ourselves crazy with these bad controls)
Toy Story 3 Toybox Mode Part 11 - Muffins and Miscellania
Toy Story 3 Toybox Mode Part 12 - Paint Your City!
Toy Story 3 Toybox Mode Part 13 - The Last Capsules!
Toy Story 3 Toybox Mode Part 14 - PictoMania!
Toy Story 3 Toybox Mode Part 15 - 103 Gold Stars
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