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Part 31: Episode 2, Mission 11

Why would the robot lie? The robot has never lied before.

"Tiny Tyrant"? Hahahahaha

For me B.O.B. only works as a character if you imagine him with a high-pitchedm squeaky, metallic voice with a Floridan accent

At least he gets a better nickname than Captain Jerkoff.

I'm only barely resisting making a bad Killigan's Island pun here, guys

That sounds pretty awesome...

The nukes work exactly as described. Fire and they'll seek out the nearest SKID that isn't vel and torch it. I used to love firing it right at the start of a mission and hearing it explode like ten seconds later

Unfortunately, when the missiles run ou, you get a solitary ion stream. Why? Couldn't they afford two cannons? It makes dogfighting a pain in the ass.

Yeh, she might take you on a trip to Killigan's Is... oh goddamn it, not again!

Our first introduction to Dr. Kane!

I think Dr. Kane's taken one too many trips to the tanning booth...