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by Cmndstab

Part 46: Episode 3, Mission 6

He pulls the "you can't get promoted" card? What?

Haha, vel is dressed as a Vulture, and Striker's reaction is "HOLY KAMOLY"

Selat has a point...

Vel listens to the whole tl;dr speech and then summarises with a one-liner insult about General Kreel.

Wait, what? Why DO you trust him?I'm inclined to think Vel is right...

Hahaha, green is your colour =D

Striker with a black-eye looks identical - in this day and age I bet this game would come under fire for being racist. Meanwhile, somewhere, Demeter is still bleeding...

At least this convoy can fight back...

...not that they need to, since the V3's all home into Vel's SKID.

I thought Kolor was blue...?