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Trails in the Sky the 3rd

by Really Pants

Part 7: To hell with it! Not like we got any better options!

-The Hermit's Garden-

It's like magic.
Now, there's an apt enough description if I've ever heard one.
Only thing I can add to that is that the laws of the world as we know them don't seem to apply to it.

That was a voice, wasn't it?

...Raise the cube...

Before...the monument...

Who's there?! Who are you?!



What are we going to do?
To hell with it! Not like we got any better options!

Okay, so we know we've found the dimmer switch. What else you got?

This again...
This voice is different, though...


In accordance with my master's wishes, I shall grant you power...


Name your currency... that we may transact within the system that you know...

W-Wait a second! What do you mean by 'currency'?
Maybe it's going to sell us things in exchange for mira?
Oh, I get'cha.


Then I shall grant you power in exchange for that currency...

You blew it, Ries. That was our chance to say 'everything's free.'

The monument serves as a rest point, armory, supply store, and orbal factory all in one. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! (which we'll get into later)

There are some equipment upgrades available right off the bat, but on your first playthrough you start out flat broke--and there's nobody here to hand out paying jobs. You'll have to trade in a lot of sepith if you want to keep the whole party up to date.

I'll go ahead and max out everyone's orbment slots, just so I don't forget later.

At the moment, only basic tier-1 quartz are available.

I'll start pushing Kevin and Ries back towards their natural strengths. I'll also throw in an Information quartz even though they're not available yet, so I guess I'm already cheating. Forgive me.

How would I know?
Bizarre as it is to say, we should be able to buy things for mira and use sepith to synthesize quartz here. Pretty useful, if nothing else.
We DO still have the sepith that was left over when our quartz were shattered... Perhaps we should use those to synthesize some new ones?
Sounds like a plan to me. We can stand on our own two feet just fine, but we're gonna need recovery arts if we ever find ourselves in a jam.

It seems like some kind of barrier, but beyond that... That circle on the other side feels like it's going to be important to us sooner or later, though...

It really is... It's as if petals of pure light are floating through the air around us...

I welcome you, dear guests...

Was that...?
Did the tree just talk to us?

...In accordance with my master's wishes...

...I shall grant you the blessings of the earth...

However, my power is not without its limits...

I require compensation in exchange for its use...

Feeling peckish? Just pick some steaks off the steak tree, here.

When my master's power returns...

...the variety of blessings I offer shall increase...

...May the blessings of the earth be upon you...

Haha... Man...
If someone told me a tree just chatted them up and offered to sell them ingredients, I'd tell 'em they've had one too many drinks...
The tree does have wine for sale, too.
Something up?

'That great tree took root near to a seven-colored spring, and there it granted blessings and joy...' An excerpt from the Book of Genesis, Verse 7, 'The Primal Ground.'

Oh, hallowed Aidios... Thank you for the divine protection and mercy you have bestowed upon us.
Well, aren't you just tickled pink? I'm not sure this tree has anything to do with the Goddess, though.
I disagree.
Even the Testaments of the Goddess say that 'all roads lead to food.' Food is the fundamental basis of everything.
That's not in any Testament I've ever laid eyes on!
That said, let me give you this.

Ries handed a Recipe Book to Kevin.

Huh? Why're you giving this to me?
Because you are remarkably impious for a knight of the church.
You should work on becoming more devout through cooking in Her name.
That doesn't even make sense!
Besides, can't you just do the cooking yourself?!
But you've always been better at it than me... I'm sure it's the wish of the ingredients to be used by the best chef possible.
But still...
(I'm too soft for my own good sometimes.)
Well, fine...but you have to help me. Deal? Also, the second I catch you snacking on something while we're making it, I'm done.
Haha... I know.

You start out with just the recipe for Egg Salad Sammies, but Kevin and Ries share the same freak savant taste buds as Estelle and can learn the ingredients for anything they eat.

It's beautiful...

Welcome...visitors from afar...

That sounded like it came from the spring...

Visitors from afar, quench your thirst.

In accordance with my master's wishes, I shall grant you vitality...

CP was restored to maximum.

When my radiance is restored, I shall grant you vitality once more...

When you have fought several battles, return to me...

How's this even possible?
I don't know, but I feel full of life as well.
It looks like the water here only has that effect when it's shining, though.
Well, with all the energy we've got now, I don't think there's much more we can get from here. We should check back later if we're ever feelin' tired.

You don't think that could be the exit, do you?
If anything, I'd say it's more like an entrance.
A monument that sells us items, a tree that sells us ingredients, a spring that restores our vitality... It's like everything in here is designed to help us prepare for something dangerous. Or am I reading into it?
...No, I don't think you are.

Should we try stepping on it?
I don't have any better ideas at this point.
Although, it might be better if you stayed behind he--
Never mind, ma'am. We'll go together.
It's not like there's any guarantee you'd be safe here, actually.
Of course we will.
But first, I should give you this.

Ries handed Kevin his Gralsritter Notebook.

...Huh? Wh-What are you doing with this?!
I was asked to give it to you by Commander Selnate.
In her words: 'Kevin's reports lately have been far too vague for my liking. I'll bet he's not even taking notes while he's out on the job. Give him this so he's got no more excuses to slack off.'
Bah... She figured it out, huh?
Hold on! How are you close enough for her to ask you this kinda favor?
She was the one who taught me how to use my templar sword. I respect her deeply.
N-No joke? I had no idea.
(I bet she kept that from me on purpose... Can't say I'm surprised... If I'd known, I sure as hell wouldn't have let Ries...)
Sorry. Just spacing out.
Our next destination's that circle, but if you have anything else you want to do first, speak up now. There's no telling what's waiting for us after we step on it.