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Trails in the Sky the 3rd

by Really Pants

Part 106: In the thousand years the Gralsritter has existed, that's not something that has happened often.

Commander Selnate: I think I have a rough idea of the situation now.

-The Whereabouts of Bonds-

Prince Olivert Reise Arnor, Mueller Vander... Zin Vathek, Josette Capua... Estelle and Joshua Bright...
All of them have safely returned to our world.
Kevin's Voice: Really? That's a relief... I was able to confirm the safety of the ones who ended up in Liberl myself--it was just those six I was concerned about. Well, and the two from Ouroboros... But I'm not sure either of us have any chance of checking up on those two.
Haha. Unfortunately not.
Still, this certainly wasn't what I was expecting to happen when I gave you that mission. The Aureole left us a nasty little present, didn't it?
Kevin's Voice: That's one way of putting it... Either way, I'll give you my full report as soon as I'm back. Wrapping things up on my end seems like it'll take a little while longer, but hopefully not too long.
I'm looking forward to it.
...You know, you've changed since I last spoke to you. I'm quite surprised.
Kevin's Voice: Huh?
The Kevin I know wouldn't care to know whether those he'd been involved with were safe or not. Or rather, he'd try and suppress those concerns.
I can only imagine a lot must have happened in this 'Phantasma.'
Kevin's Voice: Haha... That's putting it lightly. I'll fill you in on all of it once I get back, like I said. ...I've got something I want to tell you on a personal level, too.
Oh? Color me curious.
Regardless, I'm glad you two returned safely.
Perhaps we should all go and get some drinks together after you return.
Kevin's Voice: Haha. I'd be happy to. ...Oh, yeah... I've actually got something I want to ask.
Kevin's Voice: Umm... Well... is it possible for a Dominion to change their title after choosing one?

What's this, now?
Kevin's Voice: I just... I've found something other than hunting heretics I want to do, you see. I still intend to fulfill my duties as a Dominion to the fullest, don't worry about that. Just...

Squire: C-Commander...?
Kevin's Voice: Erm... Sooo, that's a 'no,' probably.

Haha... A Dominion wanting to change their title, eh? In the thousand years the Gralsritter has existed, that's not something that has happened often.
...But it's not entirely unprecedented, either.
Kevin's Voice: Then...
Haha. Go ahead and think up something fitting for yourself before we next meet. If you fail to, I'll give you a new one myself as punishment. And trust me--you won't like it.
Kevin's Voice: If I'd known you were going to say that, I would've thought of something before asking! Well, I guess I'd better get to work on thinking up something cool. What do you think of 'Blue Shooting Star'? Or maybe 'Black Arrow'?

Kevin's Voice: Wh-What's with the awkward silence?

...Father Kevin.
As your former instructor, allow me to give you one piece of heartfelt advice.
Kevin's Voice: ...Sure?

-Dancing With The Wind-
If I was forced to pick one single favorite from the whole Trails in the Sky soundtrack, it would probably have to be this one. It's not epic battle music, it's not as emotional as the other Whereabouts of Light arrangements or To Meet Again Someday...but it never fails to put a smile on my face.

Farewell...until we meet again.