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Part 15: What happened to the capital while I was away?!

-Parallel Universe-

What has happened here...? What happened to the capital while I was away?!
Man, I did not see this coming when we stepped out of that warp.
Either something happened here while we were stuck inside that place, or...
...or Phantasma is now able to influence the world outside.
Ngh... I apologize, but I cannot stand here any longer! I need to go check on Grancel Castle! I am concerned for this city's situation, but above all, I fear for the safety of Her Majesty and the princess!
I don't blame you, but we're coming with. Strong as you are, going alone isn't smart.
Panicking is the worst thing you can do right now.
Extraordinary situations like these are when caution and careful thinking are your most valued allies.
You're quite right, of course. I understand.
Then castle it is. We should try and investigate the city on our way there, too. Keep your eyes peeled, though. The fiends here look like they're not playing around.

I always miss this monument, even though it's right there in the cutscene.

There are weapon upgrades for everybody, although you can skip the Scramasax for Julia because there's something better just up the street.

You can also get your first tier-2 quartz here (and Bennu left behind a Mind 2 as well).

It's well worth a minute to check all the abandoned buildings around here.

Iron Knights. They hit you. That's about it.

Oh, and they've got lots of ADF.

I don't think anyone's here.
I had faintly hoped there would be, but I should have known that wouldn't be the case.
The guild's assistance would have been tremendously helpful in a situation like this, too...
I'll go and have a look at the telephone! Maybe we'll be able to contact a branch somewhere else and ask them for help.
Thanks, Tita.

I-It's no use...
The phone's technically working, but I can't actually get through to anywhere.
Have you tried contacting headquarters at Leiston Fortress?
Oh, no... ...
No good... I can't get through to them, either.
I see...
I imagine you would get the same result no matter where you tried to call.
Probably, yeah...
Well, it's not ideal, but it looks like we're on our own.

These knights are helpless now. Hooray for Smoke Cannon.

Out of all the chests in the south block, you definitely don't want to miss this one in the back room of Weis Arms & Guards.

I did. I completely missed it and had to come back after I was done with this part. At least the Scramasax I bought wasn't a total waste!

Man, only little kids believe in the Magic Pom. Everyone knows it's really just your parents.

Sorry, too late. For your sins, the Goddess condemns you to be reincarnated as a high school gym locker.

Grancel's east & west blocks are currently sealed off by those blue barriers. Our only option is straight north towards the royal castle.

...Someone else can try that out.

There's a mini-boss right before the castle gates.

Thanks to this Star Door, you can go heal up and jump straight back.

I have no quarrel with you, good sir knight, but I must cross this bridge.

-Fighting Right On-

It's your big knight. Now go knock 'em dead.

Well that was bracing.

-Parallel Universe-

Dispatching those knights is enough to dispel the barrier between the south & east blocks.

This one looks like it'll need a little more elbow grease.

Wh-What's this magical symbol for?
I believe it's locked by a spiritual power of some kind. We're unlikely to be able to force our way through as long as it remains active, I'm afraid.
That's certainly how it seems.
Which means that we're going to need to find some way to remove it, or we won't be able to get inside.
Most likely, yeah.
You all right with us leaving the castle until later, then?
I fear we have little choice... I can only hope that Aidios keeps everyone inside safe until we can return. Shall we resume our search of the city in the meantime?
That works. Hopefully, we can find some way of getting inside while we're making the rounds.

But we did just get some desserts. They don't look very healthy to eat, though.

Lack of cleverness has never stopped me.

The Grand Arena has been sealed shut, just like the castle. The Calvardian embassy is also locked up, as is the gate to the sewers which was honestly kind of a relief. I couldn't find anything of interest at the History Museum or landing port, either. That just leaves the Erebonian embassy.

-Fighting Right On-

No time to get comfy, huh?
They just popped up out of nowhere!

Here they come!

Ninja knights?! That is so unfeasible!

The Dark Blades' charge-up attack is Cloak and Dagger, which has a chance to instakill.

Their normal attack is pretty damn hefty, too.

Upon the golden wings of battle...

Descending to Thy plan to rescue wayward souls...


Holy hell leave Tita alone already

-Parallel Universe-

You'll find it's not Erroboneous, I'm afraid.

Is that...?
Indeed. We found you and Tita inside stones just like this. At this point, it's safe to assume there's someone sealed inside this one, too.
Well, it's in the Erebonian embassy, so maybe it's Olivier?
...Oh, wait. Joshua was born in Erebonia, too, wasn't he? Hmm...
I don't care who it is! I can't wait to find out who's inside!
Well, there's only one way to know for sure.
There's no rush, but we should try and make our way back to the base soon and check for ourselves.

-The Hermit's Garden-

Heehee... I still can't get over how pretty they are.
So this is how I was released, too, was it?

Hatching this stone causes the sun to set over Grancel.

Iron Kaisers join the knights patrolling the streets...

...and the path to the west block is opened.

That looks like...!

Ugh... What was that? A stun grenade?!

It really is you.
Captain Schwarz? What are you doing here?

Just where is this? And what happened to Olivier?
So you were with the prince when you were drawn in here?
Allow me to explain what we know of our current situation.
If you have any questions, I will be happy to try and answer them.

I must admit, all of this is a little much to take in at once... I'm more tempted to think I'll wake up any minute to find I've been dreaming.
I felt much the same at first, Major. I've been in here for a while now, and I still find myself doubting all of this is even real. I'm too hardheaded for my own good, I fear.
Then we're similar in more ways than one.
In any case, we don't have the luxury of time on our side. I'm concerned about that fool's safety, so allow me to assist you with your search.
We'd be happy to have you.
Incidentally, before we get going... what kind of situation were you in when the light started surrounding you?
Well...the two of us were in Parm conducting an inspection. Night arrived, and the two of us made our way back to the hotel where we were staying.
That was when it happened, and completely without warning. I can't say for sure, but given that he was with me, he may have been caught up in this as well.
Parm? That's the southernmost town in Erebonia, right?
That's right. It happens to be the closest Erebonian town to Liberl.
Sorry to interject, but may I ask something? Who is this 'Olivier' you keep referring to?
Oh, he was another one of the guys who went with us to that flying city, Prince Olivert.
You wouldn't think he was a prince if you met him, though. He's real easygoing and fun to be around.
I'm not sure I could disagree any more with that last part if I tried. He delights in living a life of excessive debauchery and constantly exhausts those unfortunate enough to be around him every waking hour.
Haha... You know as well as I do that there's more to him than that, of course.
Word of his exploits since returning to the Empire has been reaching Liberl, Major. If they're to be believed, he's become quite adored at high-class social gatherings.
It's true he's managed to avoid causing too much of a stir by keeping up his usual act so far... but who knows what kind of rumors will start spreading when he reveals his true colors?
Heh. Well, keep hangin' in there, buddy.
Something wrong, Ries?
...Nothing at all.
It's interesting how the people we've found so far all seem to know one another. That can't be a simple coincidence. Perhaps only people who meet that condition end up getting surrounded by that white light and coming here?
Well, the logic DOES add up.
At the very least, it appears to be linked to becoming imprisoned in one of those stones you spoke of.
You'd mentioned before not finding sealing stones containing any of the Arseille's crew or Grancelite residents, correct? Despite encountering both the ship and the city itself in an abnormal state.
That's correct.
I-I hadn't even thought of that...
It's good food for thought while we keep exploring. Right now, our focus needs to be finding out what happened to Grancel.
I'd like to accompany you, too, if at all possible. The fastest way for me to accept the situation I'm in would be to experience it firsthand.