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Trails in the Sky the 3rd

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Part 33: Moon Door 3: Descended Wings - Part 2

Several days later, after classes...

-Royal Capital of Grancel-

Voice: He's not here, either!

I was sure he'd think he got us and come back to the council room this time. SURE of it!
I swear, every time we do manage to find him, he gets a thousand times more capable of hiding from us...
Where could he be? We've searched the school buildings, we've searched the dorms...
Where's left? The shrubs on the grounds?
Ugh... He's just taunting us now!
Get it together, Hans! We're going to find him, and we are going to force-feed him EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF PAPERWORK he's got piling up!
Right on!

What are you doing sitting here?
Oh... Hello.
I just had a little free time, so I thought I would try and use it productively.
Is that lesson prep work?
Man... You're so dedicated.
I think I can see how you were able to pass the legendary transfer student entrance exam.
E-Erm... It's really just something to pass the time. It's not like I'm working every waking hour of the day...
Oh, yeah. Guess it wouldn't hurt to ask... You haven't seen Lechter around, have you?
I-I'm almost scared to ask, but...
...he didn't try anything funny on you, did he?
...No. Sort of.

I-I'm so, so sorry! This is all our fault for not keeping that nutjob on a leash!
I don't know how we can begin to apologize to you. Whatever he did, we'll be absolutely sure it never happens again--or anything else for that matter--so please, forgive us!
We're begging you!
U-Umm... It's okay, honestly.
He really didn't do anything major to me. Honest.
Y-Yes. He just tried to tease me a little. It was harmless fun.
Whew... You nearly gave me a heart attack, Kloe... I thought I was gonna faint or something...
Seriously... It's getting to the point where I feel like I need to apologize every time I hear his name.
Thank Aidios...
Is he really that much of a troublemaker?
Oh, 'troublemaker'? That's cute.
Honestly, with a personality like that, he's a walking nightmare straight from Gehenna. We've lost count of how many times he's ran away from doing his council work in the past couple weeks alone.
Which would be bad enough if it weren't for the fact that he's usually out raising hell for people instead. So instead of doing our own work, we're either out searching for him or apologizing for things he's done.
That's why the council's most important policy is: 'If he's not in our sights, the sooner we find him, the better.' If you're thinking we can't be a very effective Student Council like that...well, you're right.
I-I see...
Something wrong, Kloe?
O-Oh, no. Nothing, really.
But speaking of Lechter... He was sleeping on top of the clubhouse roof not long ago.
He was?!
Well, that explains why we couldn't find him... We hadn't checked there.
You're the best, Kloe! Thanks a ton!
N-Not at all...
(It was actually Sieg who noticed him there, but I suppose I shouldn't tell them that...)
C'mon, Hans! We've got some trash to bring in!
Damn straight!
Seriously! Thanks, Kloe. We owe you big time.
See ya later!
Oh, s-sure.

My instincts about him being irresponsible were right, I see...
(Still... that question he asked me...)

Was that really what you came here to do, though?

Wh-Where is he...?!
He was there a second ago! I saw him!
Then why isn't he there now?!
CRAP! Where'd he go?!

Looks like Kloe's heading off somewhere else.
Maybe we should ask her again if she saw anything?
Huh? Oh, sure. I guess.
Can't hurt. I mean, she was the one who led us up here in the first place. She'd probably be a useful asset in our search in general if we could convince her to help.
Yeah! Let's go down and talk to her!

Oh... Hello again. Was he not on the roof?
N-No, he was... He just managed to disappear before we could wring our hands around his stupid neck.
Can't believe he managed to escape again!
That doesn't make any sense to us, though. It's not like there was anywhere to hide up there, and he was way too far up to be able to just jump down...
That does seem strange... knooow... We were wondering if you might have some idea where he might've gone next.
It doesn't even need to be a specific location like last time. Anything useful you might have on him to share, share away! Please! Anything will do!
(They really do seem to need some help...)
I might have some kind of idea...
Wait. You DO know something?!
I don't...but I know someone who might. Let me ask him for you.


You have a falcon?! Is he your pet or something?
Oh, no...
He's more like a friend.
Ha...haha... Got'cha...
Sieg, you haven't seen Lechter, have you? He was that slovenly boy who was sleeping on the clubhouse roof not long ago.
Scree? Screescree... Scree...
So you lost sight of him?
Scree... Screeeee...
No, it's all right. Don't worry about it.
Sorry for calling you, then. Thanks for trying to help.

He really must be fast if Sieg can't keep up with him!
Uhhh... I think we're a bit too busy having our minds blown by you talking to a falcon to feel impressed by Lechter right now.
Y-You're telling me...
You're a true enigma...
D-Did I do something strange?
Oh, don't get me wrong. I don't mean that in a bad way.
I'm just genuinely amazed.
That makes two of us.
Shame that superpower of yours didn't get us any closer to finding Lechter...
Still, if Sieg couldn't find him, it could mean he's inside one of the buildings.
Probably in one that's relatively quiet at this time of the day.
Actually, that helps narrow things down a bit.
It just leaves empty classrooms, the dorms, the auditorium, the old schoolhouse...
That still leaves plenty of places if you ask me.
Would... Would you like me to help you?
Really? You're sure you wouldn't mind? I thought you had something else you needed to do.
I was just going to go and have a look around some of the clubs, but I can do that any time.
Well, I do feel kinda bad about asking you to put yourself out for us...
...but you really would be a serious help!
I don't think we could wish for better, even. You're totally sure, though? We wouldn't want to force you.
Of course.
Great! Let's get to work, then!
He's not gonna know what hit him!


Kaden: ...He started singing some weird song into my ear out of nowhere. Something about lunar threads and a knight with a mustache. I can't get the damn thing out of my head now, so I can't concentrate on drawing! Is brain bleach a thing? I need some, stat!

Deborah: You're looking for him again, huh?
Haha... Sad as it is to say...
Deborah: Well, I wish I could say I have, but I haven't. He's always sure to say hi whenever he passes by me, too, so I'd have definitely noticed if he'd been here.
H-He does?
(That's oddly...sweet of him?)
Deborah: I'm 100% sure I haven't seen Lechter here today. Maybe Parkes knows something?

O-Oh, no... We still haven't found Lechter, though, I'm afraid.
We've been looking for him for three days now. I think it's about time we threw in the towel...
We always knew that finding that slacker would be a herculean task. But he is in the academy grounds, so it can be done.
No excuses. Catch him.
Y-Yes, sir!
I'll take care of as much of our work as possible without him for now. But you must find him.

Rhody: You're gonna join our club, right? I mean, you rock at sports stuff. You'd be a perfect fit.
Not happening, my man.
I've only got time for Lucy!
So THAT'S why you decided to join the council. Should've known.
N-No! That wasn't the reason, I just...
I knew something seemed fishy when you put your name forward. You just weren't the type. Is all our work just a game to you?
Rhody: Yeah! You should be ashamed of yourself! I won't let you get close to Lucy using such underhanded trickery! Step back, Hans! She's mine, and I'm not letting you have her!
How dare you? Lucy and I are destined to be together!
YOU step back!
Here they go again...
Haha... Haha... (Lucy certainly is popular...)

-Peace Bestowed By Twilight-

Anton: Are you okay with the two of us staying like this forever?! Well?!
Ricky: Give it a rest, Anton. Nothing you're saying makes any sense.
Anton: That's what you always say, Ricky! You're always trying to avoid answering my questions! Refusing to face up to things isn't going to get you anywhere in life, you know! You'll just end up a loser!
Ricky: Anton's started whining again. He doesn't seem to realize that won't help his situation any...and he probably never will. Calm down, Anton. Whining like this isn't going to change anything.
Anton: Ricky's always trying to find ways to avoid answering my questions. I bet deep down, he finds all my woes funny or something!

-Royal Capital of Grancel-

You wouldn't have happened to see our president anywhere, would you?
We're having a little bit of trouble finding him, you see...
Actually, I have.
He was sleeping on the sofa there until not long ago.
H-He was sleeping around in your office?!
(I swear...)
Unbelievable... He doesn't even fear the dean... We're really going to have to take GOOD care of him when we find him.
I'm terribly sorry for the trouble he caused you, sir. We'll make sure that he answers for his crimes! We promise.
Haha! Please, don't worry about it. He seems to have taken quite a liking to this place. I'm rather used to it.
I-I see...

I had him attached to me with handcuffs this time, too... He shouldn't have been able to.
Umm... Lucy...
Lechter can actually teleport, you know. There's no way I can keep him under control anymore...
(L-Lucy! Don't give up!)
(Being forced to deal with him all the time seems to be finally making her crack...)
*sigh* That idiot...

Reina: I thought I might have to use a certain word that is rather effective on her if she didn't show any signs of relenting... but thanks to that boy who came past just before, I didn't need it after all... I rather wanted to be the one to deliver the final push, though. Oh, well. All's well that ends well, I suppose. I got what I wanted. I'll leave the word for next time I need it.
Felicity: I kept saying I didn't want to be head of the club, but no matter how many times I did it, Reina just kept bringing it up... And as if that wasn't annoying enough, some boy walked past earlier yawning and telling me I wasn't good enough to be head! What does he know?! I've never even TALKED to him! I'm so pissed off, I think I'm just gonna take the plunge and do it! I'll show everyone I'll be a GREAT club head! Bring it on!

anyway Lechter's in the auditorium. You don't have to go around hearing about how everyone thinks Lucy's hot or whatever, you can just come straight here.

You're not getting away this time!
It's time to come quietly.
Hmm... Hmm... Hmm... Hmm...
Umm... What exactly is that you're reading?
It's 'Kitty-Talk for Dummies.'
Nya-go. Nyan. ☆ Unyanya~n. ♪
H-Have you been sitting here reading that all this time?

I just closed my eyes and kept running forward through a vast, empty world, living the hardest that I could.

It wasn't that running would achieve anything, and it wasn't as if I would suddenly be able to leave the ground and fly by doing so.

It was just that if I stood still, the small, perfectly enclosed garden around me would suddenly feel too uncomfortably vast.

Lechter was right.

Just what HAD I come here to do...?


After that, Kloe decided to join the Fencing Club so that the skills Julia taught her didn't grow rusty during her time at the academy.

She also found herself being roped into helping Jill and Hands search for the nefarious Lechter quite often, too.

Then, roughly a month after this all began...

...everyone's favorite time of the academic year finally arrived!

-Go In Good Cheer-

Wait! This isn't right. What am I doing wrong?

Students sure have it rough.

You ARE going to study, aren't you?
(I'll take that as a no.)

(An angel shines her majesty upon us!)
Come on, Lechter. It's time for you to hit those books!
B-But I've studied for a whole half-second today already! I really don't think...


Oh, Lucy...
Why can't I get you to do that to me? ❤
Wait, no! This is no time for fantasizing!
I need to study!

I knew this place wouldn't go easy on us... Those were really hard. I feel like I just wanna curl up in bed and sleep for a week now.

How'd the exams go for you?
Well...all right, I suppose?
Now, now. There's no need to be modest. We know you probably finished in half the time and got all the answers right, to boot.
The smile says it all.
I wish I had your brain. Sure we can't swap?

Do I sense SHENANIGANS?!?! Minus forty points from Gyrfalcondor.
Everyone: W-We're sorry!
Oh, and one more thing...
The Student Council's work resumes today. I will be expecting both of you in the council room at 2 o'clock for a meeting.
Don't even think about being late.
Y-Yes, sir!
As for you, Kloe...
You may do as you see fit.

I'm guessing that's his way of saying he'd like you to come along, too?
You might not technically be a member, but you're our honorary Lechter Catcher. We kind of need you at this point.
I'll bet he's acknowledged you because of that, because believe me, that's a real special talent you've got there.
A-Ahaha... I'm not sure I've done enough to warrant that, personally...
If it's okay for me to go, maybe I will, though. It sounds like fun.
You might be a bit disappointed if you go along expecting fun...
We'd be happy to have you, though. Fun or no fun.
So if you're up for it, so are we!
Nice! Let's go get ourselves some lunch, then we can head over there!
All right.

Whoa. Lechter's HERE? What's the occasion?
Hey! You say that as if I'm never here! I'm always here doing nothing, aren't I?
(At least he's being honest about it...)
Lucy! I'm so happy to see you again! ❤
You're looking well, Hans. How did your exams go?
Ahaha... Well...
I'd appreciate if we avoided that fine subject. ❤
Much like how you avoided all the subjects you were supposed to study, then.
Can you stop wasting time and take your seats? We have work to do.
First Years: S-Sorry!

All right. Our first order of the day is...
...talking about everyone's dreams for the future!
You three can go first! Speak of your highest aspirations so that we all might hear!

Please continue, Leo.
First, I will go over the Student Council's main orders of business for the year.
After that, I will discuss our future activities in more detail, and then we can start to work on allocating the budget.
Jill! You spill first! Tell us what desires burn within that pure, sisterly heart of yours!
The desire to topple your presidency!
*dramatic gasp*!

As you can see, this fool will be of no use at all to the proceedings. Expect diddly squat from him.
(Oh, Lechter...)
(When he's not here, he causes trouble... and when he's here, he causes...trouble.)
So, moving along. If we go by our usual pattern for the year, next month will be...

-Royal Capital of Grancel-

Trying to find Lechter is exhausting but somehow not having to do it ends up being just as tiring.
But at least I was finally reunited with my beloved Lucy! I was dying of loneliness from not getting to see her during the exam period. ❤
...You liar. You went and met her this morning, didn't you? Something about seeing her before your exams making you do better in them.
Heehee. You're right. I saw you, too.

Just what I needed. A few people who look like they've got nothing to do.
We're a hell of a lot busier than YOU are! WE need to go around and meet with the heads of all the academy's clubs and start drafting up a budget!
Oh. 'Kay. I guess it's up to you, Kloe!

Lechter handed an envelope to Kloe.

Umm... What is this?
It's something that needs to be delivered to the mayor of Ruan.
Leo's not gonna take no for an answer, either. So there you go. Enjoy!
That sounds very much like it's YOUR job.
Mine? You sure you're not mistaking me for someone else?
Oh, and Kloe? You've got a feather on your head.
I do?!

Lechter brushed his hand across Kloe's head.

I guess that must've been Sieg's.
He did say it was almost time for him to start molting, come to think of it.
(H-How long has that been there...? I hope it wasn't there during the exams... That would be so embarrassing!)
You know about Sieg? A-And did you actually TALK to him?!
Okay! Good luck delivering that envelope!

Umm... Kloe? You are aware you've just had Lechter's work unceremoniously dumped on you, right?
Also, while I hate to be the one to break it to you... there wasn't a feather on your head.
He did it again...
Come on! You can't let him get away with this! You've got to go after him and force him to take it back! You shouldn't have to do his work for him!
I don't disagree, but I'm not sure she's gonna find him if she goes after him now.
He's got enough of a head start that we're probably talking, like--what?--five hours to find him? Six?
I... I think it would be faster for me to just go and do the job myself, wouldn't it?
All I have to do is deliver it to the mayor of Ruan, after all.
Aww... We were kinda hoping you could help us with our work, too...
I'm sorry, Jill.
Aww, don't worry about it. No big deal.
Do you know the way to the mayor's place? If you don't, I can help with that.
Thanks, but I know the way. I've been to visit him once before, actually.
Huh? Really?
Sounds like you should be fine, then.
Well, take care of monsters on the way!
Thank you. I will.
Well, this is goodbye for now, I guess.
Don't be out too late!
I won't.


Kaden: The exams are finally over, so I thought I could take it easy for a while, but nooo! Now he wants me to DRAW him! He wants it colored, too! Uuugh...

...It was forced on you by Lechter, wasn't it?
Aha... Haha...
It's fine, of course. I'll make sure it's delivered.

Received 200 mira.

Head south on the highway to reach Ruan. The mayor's mansion is on the east side of the town's southern block. Don't get lost.
I-I won't. Thank you. (I wonder if this is supposed to be payment for doing this errand or something?)
Well, it's the end of the month. It's about time for Lechter to make his move.

...Why did I do it?
Every time I see his face, I just feel like punching him.

Hmm? What's this?
Is it meant to be some way to climb up on top of the roof?

Ms. Millia: ...but then that damned Lechter just showed up out of nowhere! He's all, like, 'Hey, Millia! What'cha doing? Oh, grading papers already, huh? Must suck being a teacher! ☆' It sucks when YOU'RE THERE JUDGING ME! ...I'm not here being lazy, for the record. I'm just way too angry to be grading papers right now, so I came here to cool off. Uuuuuurgh!

Ah, you are here to have a look around the school? Haha. Oh, that won't be a problem at all.
(Who is this person, and why does he look like Lechter?)
Visitor: So this is the president of the academy's Student Council. What a fine young man! How fitting for such an esteemed academy.

Actually...I have some business that I need to take care of outside the academy.
So I came to ask for permission to leave the grounds.

Kloe gave the dean a brief explanation of what she needed to do.

Oh, I see...
Naturally, I have no objections to granting you permission.

Kloe received permission to leave the grounds.

Thank you very much, Dean Collins.
Still, I'm quite pleased to see you finally adjusting to life here.
I've heard plenty of stories about you running around the grounds lately.
A-Ahaha... Well, I've been helping the Student Council with their work from time to time. And, well, a certain element of their work does involve a lot of running...
I see.
Well, if that is all, I should probably get to work.
Oh, of course. Take care.
Thank you.

I suppose I have him to thank for that.