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Part 81: Star Door 13: Assault on the Imperial Guilds

-Primal Grounds-

My 'Kill Everything In Sight' policy pays off yet again.

-Outskirts of Evolution-

[Report on the Attack on Erebonia's Bracer Guilds]

In S1202, many of the branches of the Bracer Guild in Erebonia came under attack in quick succession.

The perpetrators were an armed group, but all else about them was unknown, and the guild along with all connected to it in the nation fell into a state of confusion.

Before long, the orbal communications network in the capital was rife with calls and messages...and the situation grew increasingly grave.

[From: Intelligence Division, 1st Subdivision]
[To: General Staff Office]
[At dawn yesterday, the capital's guildhouses were completely destroyed by powerful explosives.
According to the 2nd subdivision's analysis, the explosives were likely set directly below those buildings in the city's underground waterways.
Judging by explosives used and means employed, this was the work of professionals.
Currently working to confirm the locations of potentially dangerous persons within the country.]

[From: Intelligence Division, 3rd Subdivision]
[To: Intelligence Division, 1st Subdivision]
[A jaeger member has been found among those suspected of entering the country illegally.
Confirmed to be responsible for logistics in the Jester jaeger corps. Keep an eye on other members of the same corps in the country.]

[From: Erebonian Bracer Guild]
[To: Liberlian Bracer Guild, Grancel Branch]
[At dawn today, the guildhouses in Heimdallr came under attack. We are unable to contact the bracers charged with overseeing them.
We request the aid of high-ranking bracers. This is urgent. We repeat: this is urgent.]

[From: Intelligence Division, 1st Subdivision]
[To: General Staff Office]
[The Bracer Guild here in Erebonia has sent a message to the guild's Grancel branch.
Judging by the content of the message, at least one high-ranking bracer will be entering Erebonia in the coming days.
We request they be pursued and put under strict surveillance upon arrival.]

Two days after the assaults began, Cassius Bright (S-rank) arrived in the Imperial capital.
He assumed the post of provisional representative of the Erebonian guild.
After doing so, he assessed the damage to the guilds and called for the bracers assigned to them, who had become scattered in the chaos, to reconvene outside the city.
He also ordered a halt to all orbal communications to prevent interception by the enemy.

By this point, guilds in six cities had been attacked, and the Bracer Guild in Erebonia was beginning to struggle to function.
The branches that had not yet been attacked requested the army's protection...
However, they seemed to be in no hurry to grant their support, making it clear that they could not be counted upon.

Meanwhile, the provisional representative was able to estimate the rough location of the enemy supply base from their movements up to that point...
and after choosing a small number of bracers who were familiar with the area, he sent them to try and find it.
His reasoning for going with this approach was that he had concluded the enemy would have to build a supply base inside the country because of how strict Erebonia's border controls are.
It did not take long for his 'lose the battle, but win the war' strategy to produce results.

[From: Intelligence Division, 1st Subdivision]
[To: General Staff Office]
[The bracer sent by Liberl's guild is confirmed to be one Cassius Bright.
Bright is an S-rank bracer whose file in our subdivision has him rated as a L4 threat, the second-highest level possible.
He is also the man believed to have commanded the counteroffensive against the Imperial Army during the Hundred Days War.
May potentially pose a threat to national security, so he is being carefully watched.]

[From: Intelligence Division, 1st Subdivision]
[To: General Staff Office]
[Attempt to track CB failed. Current whereabouts are unknown.
However, as requested by HQ, we have not raised the alert level and have left it as it stands.
Several bracers are currently traveling aboard a train. We believe them to be taking part in some kind of operation.]

[From: Intelligence Division, 1st Subdivision]
[To: General Staff Office]
[Six bracers assaulted the jaegers' base.
The jaegers inside the base were apprehended.
We have identified them to be members of the Jester jaeger corps.]

The discovery of the enemy's base revealed that it was a jaeger corps known as Jester who was behind the attacks.
After this, however, the jaegers' movements became much more passive, and the two sides entered a deadlock.

The stalemate continued for roughly two months.
During this time, the guild representative made contact with the Intelligence Division...
and began preparing for an operation that would ultimately allow him to bring the trouble to an end.

[From: Intelligence Division, 1st Subdivision]
[To: General Staff Office]
[CB has made contact with a member of our subdivision.
Currently in the process of confirming...]

[From: Intelligence Division, 1st Subdivision]
[To: General Staff Office]
[The target, CB, has proposed a joint operation.
Intending to meet him again at the specified date and time.]

--Strategic Analysis of the Bracer Guild Attack--
Intelligence Division, 2nd subdivision

What eventually broke the deadlock was a brilliant strategy devised by CB.
Having successfully made contact with a member of the Intelligence Division, he made them send a message to HQ in the hopes it would be intercepted by the enemy.
What happened was exactly that; from the message, they were able to deduce the time and place the next meeting would be happening, and set about plotting his assassination.
...Exactly what CB hoped would happen.

During the meeting, CB had also given said Intelligence Division member an encoded message...
It contained detailed plans for an operation in which the Imperial Army would defeat the jaegers after they had been lured out by false information.
The general staff office chose to go ahead with the proposed plan, and after a joint operation with the Bracer Guild...

...the jaegers, who had gathered to assassinate CB, were surrounded and forced to surrender.
Furthermore, the remnants of their forces who were in other bases were also defeated after the initial prisoners gave up their locations.
Several months after the trouble began, Jester was completely dismantled.


[From: Intelligence Division, 1st Subdivision]
[To: General Staff Office]
[Raising the threat level of Cassius Bright (S-rank bracer), effective immediately.
Henceforth, he will be regarded as a L5 threat.
He poses a severe threat to national security and must be placed under strict surveillance if he ever enters the country again.]

[From: Intelligence Division, 1st Subdivision]
[To: General Staff Office]
[Confirmed that the surveillance target left the country today. His departure was without incident.
Handing control of the mission over to our foreign agencies. Transmission over.]

[From: GSO Special Investigative Department]
[To: His Excellency the Imperial Chancellor]
[We have also confirmed CB's departure.
We shall continue to pursue him, but he has not shown any suspicious behaviors to date.
We have yet to confirm any interactions between him and the minstrel. Will continue to follow their movements.]

IMPERIAL INTELLIGENCE, EYES ONLY: Subject sure is dreamy, do you bet he's a good kisser, over

Side Story [Assault on the Imperial Guilds] finished!
Received Jagd Armor.
Received 10,000 mira.

Nice for S-Crafts, but lousy for regular attacks.