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Trails in the Sky the 3rd

by Really Pants

Part 82: Let the hunt begin.

-The Hermit's Garden-

What's up with you, Olivier?
I think everyone knows full well you're the cause of this...uhh...poor fellow's woes.
...Is this really news to you?
If we throw him in the pond, he'll sober right up.
I say we take him with us.
(Y-You're a monster...)

So I'm not staying here a moment longer than I have to! We're heading back to our world!


-The Black Ark-

Well then who opened the chest in the first place??? checkmate atheists

I kind of wonder if Falcom just ran out of ideas for loot, to start giving out duplicate utility quartz this late in the game. They do wind up coming in handy, though.

when in doubt, say something about butts

Who's Oliver?

-Etude of the Ruin-

-The Enforcers-

Fate is a splendidly peculiar thing, is it not?

You came all this way just to give lil' old me a fight.

I figured you would be the ones waiting for us.
...And there was I thinking we would never meet again.
I see fate had other ideas...although I can't say I'm unhappy about that.
Heh. We keep bumpin' into each other in the weirdest damn places, don't we? Looks like we're gonna get another chance to fight after all. Works for me--I say we get it on.
*sigh* There's no way we're walking away from this one.
Probably no point in saying this, but take it easy on us, okay?
As if you, of all people, need us goin' easy. Your game was up a long time ago, conman.
I'd heard many a rumor regarding the church's Heretic Hunter in the past...
...but I feared such rumors were almost downplayed after learning he had the strength to slay the Faceless alone.
You certainly did a flawless job of deceiving us.
I don't believe we have any interest in avenging his death...

...but it's only right for us to repay our debts--and we certainly owe you one for swindling us.
So c'mon. Time for you to show your true colors and stop playin' around.

*sigh* Well, if that's really what you want...
There wasn't any point in holdin' back against you freaks anyway.

You got your wish. I hereby acknowledge you as heretics.
Let the hunt begin.
Haha! That's IT! That's exactly what I wanted! You look every bit the monster I'd hoped you were...just like us.
Don't you even think of holding back, kiddo. Not unless you wanna end up splattered on the ground.
Oh, I wouldn't dream of it at this point.
By the time I walked through that door, my resolve was set.

If I can't win here, I won't be fit to face him... I'm going to come at you with all I've got. There's no way in hell I'll lose!

-Maybe It Was Fated-

My, my. We've a spectacular performance in store for us, don't we?
You're tellin' me. I'm fired up just thinkin' about it.
Then may the curtain rise.
Let us begin a carnival for the ages! Illusory and infinite, spectacular and without end!

You absolutely need to either put Faint protection on everyone before the battle, or have Grail Sphere in place when Mr. Lankywolf takes his first turn.

Ugh... Damn kids today...
Fine, then.
Just die.

*unrestrained yelling*

If this happens to you, you are creamed toast. So make certain it won't.

Use all the stat mods you can, too--both buffs and debuffs. They should all work here.

That's more like it.

lol I don't even have Distend up yet

I think Wild Card can Seal or Mute, but everyone's got Crimson Eyes and Tiger Hearts where applicable sooo

I still don't know what this move was ever supposed to do. Sleep? Confuse?

I prefer to focus on Luciola first. She's got the least HP, and she can use Teara or Thelas on the others.

You're TOAST!

On your knees.

Luciola does have the highest ADF of the trio, so it may be harder to start with her if your group is mostly casters.

Witness the dance of the Bewitching Bell...

Now, burn to ashes!

so many 'Zane Train' puns I'll never have the chance to use now

Schera I'm not sure how to say this but I don't think that tarot deck is legitimate.

The Major Arcana are not supposed to have anything like power levels or summoning costs.

Damn... Can't believe it...!

How do you like these?
Gotta say, I've seen sharper.


-This Is Our Real Power!-

-Something Precious-

Bah... I underestimated you guys.
Oh, I had a lovely time, personally.
I almost wish it could have lasted a little longer.
I think we're fine with stopping here.
Regardless, you have defeated us, and with that claimed the right to challenge the fourth guardian.
The first to be chosen by the Lord of Phantasma, and the last that you shall face...
Defeating him will be no easy task.
But hey, you managed to give the three of us a real workout.
Don't go screwin' up now, or I'm gonna kill you.
We won't.
I'd rather avoid death at your fists, so count on it.
Luci, I... Umm... Does you being here mean...?
I'm afraid I can't answer that, dear.
I'm not the real Luciola, after all. Whether the real one is living or dead is something I cannot know.
The answer is surely out there, however. You'll just have to find it yourself once you return to your own world.
But I would like to say this before I go: your new look really suits you.
Haha. Thanks.
Walter, there's something I should tell yo--
If you're talkin' about Kilika, I already know. Something about her being scouted out for an intelligence agency in Calvard, right?
Give her a message from me, Zin.
Tell her she's never gonna get married if she doesn't stop overdoin' the tough girl act.
Haha... All right. I'll take the punch for you.
Ahh... It appears our time is up.
For now, I bid you all farewell.
Heh. Later.

It's another warp circle...

Right... On the other side of that circle awaits this area's final battle.
You're sure you're ready for this, Joshua?
...As ready as I'll ever be.
Don't hold back for my sake. We can step inside as soon as you guys want.