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Trails in the Sky the 3rd

by Really Pants

Part 97: See you at the top!

Huh? You guys hear something?
I didn't...


Detecting a giant structure 120 selge ahead of us! I think this is where we were headed for!
We should be able to get a visual on it before long, then, if it's that close.
Joshua, could you move the main camera to face it?
Of course.
Zooming in as far as I can on the target...
I've got it! Putting it up on the screen!

Wow! We've already flown all the way to the title screen.

Wh-What's THAT?!
Wow... It looks like something out of a fairy tale!
It looks like some sort of palace...
Or perhaps castle is the more appropriate word for it.
So that is where the Lord of Phantasma waits for us--a great castle standing in the wilderness...
Quite the romantic concept.
Rufina is waiting for us there?
No doubt about it.
That's one scary-looking castle she's built herself, huh? I'm already shaking in my Stregas.
...What should we do now, Kevin?
Let's try and get closer and see if there's a way in. Careful, though. I don't think our arrival's going to come as much of a surprise for her.
Arseille, decelerate! As soon as we reach the target, begin to slowly circle around it!
Crew Members: Yes, ma'am!

-Magnificence in the Wilderness-

Video: Castle Arrival

The time has come.

This has to be the main entrance.
There sure are a lot of doors, though.
The design seems to resemble the cathedral in Arteria.

We know you're in there! I'm not gonna run, and I'm not gonna hide! So come out and let's settle this once and for all!

Haha... I praise you on coming all this way to face me.

Welcome to Phantasmagoria, my castle.

But the time for talk has long passed. May we begin the final game.


The man who seeks to atone and his attendant must proceed through the great door above...

All others must proceed in equal numbers through the three doors below.

At the end of each wing, you shall find a banquet I pray is worthy of your satisfaction.

Haha... Now, let the fun begin.

I see that she intends to obsess over rules to the bitter end.
I imagine that if you don't do as she asks, you will never be able to reach her.
But keep in mind that much as we are bound by rules, so, too, is she only able to exist because of them. There shouldn't be any traps that would violate them inside.
So she's finally ready to face us head on, huh?
So it seems.
And what a thrilling invitation she's given us.
I couldn't be more excited. ♪
Ahaha... I sorta get what you mean.
Although in my case, it's about fifty percent excitement, fifty percent nerves.
Well, it's about time we all got the chance to 'thank' her for getting us wrapped up in this mess.
I ain't gonna back down from a fight once someone else has thrown the gauntlet! Bring it on!
C-C'mon, Agate...
Regardless, our path is set before us now, and we have no choice but to walk it.
We still need to ascertain whether this land poses a threat to the peace of Liberl, after all.
Exactly, Julia. That's just one more reason why we can't afford to back down.
Maybe I just wanna hurry back to my brothers so they don't worry too much about me, but that's more than a good enough reason in my book!
Haha. And I'd get a real earful from Kilika if I stuck around this place for TOO long.
As it so happens, I would be more than content to spend eternity here with all of you...
...but I suppose that's no longer an option with all things considered.
It never WAS an option, you idiot.
I'm glad all of you are with us. Thank you.
You guys ready, then?
We're gonna need to split up into four teams of four if what we've heard is anything to go by. Ries and I're gonna take the top gate. Other than that, anything goes.
So it seems.
Still, the challenges beyond the great upper gate are likely to be significantly more dangerous than any of the others. That may be something to bear in mind when choosing your teams.

-The Final Choice-

This really is the final choice. You won't get any other chances to set your parties.

You're given one last opportunity to adjust orbments and equipment while everyone's still together.

That's everything.
Yep. Time to get movin'.
I wish you a smashing success.
When Gilbert eventually arrives, I will explain everything to him as well.
Haha. Thanks.

You guys've been good enough to come all this way with me, so giving some overblown speech full of cliches just feels kinda stupid.
So I'm gonna keep this short and sweet.
Everyone: ...
See you at the top! And don't even THINK about dying, got it? We're all getting out of here together!
Everyone: Right!

-Castle of Illusions: Phantasmagoria-