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Trails in the Sky the 3rd

by Really Pants

Part 99: What was that?!

-Castle of Illusions: Phantasmagoria-

Together now!


Your aid, please!

Do it!

STAND ASIDE, ME *dives into the wall*

You can say that again.

This is Phantasmagoria's last and most dangerous enemy type.

Speak Lies can dish out a variety of hurt; I've had it steal 80 CP from everybody before.

And it don't stop 'til the break of dawn.

-The Way of the Heart-

This must be the end of this wing.
Strange... I can't sense anything here at all.


Disengaging standby mode...

What was that?!

-Ancient Makes-

Rebooting systems...
Reboot process complete.
Location confirmed.
Currently situated in the left wing of Phantasmagoria.
Confirming the presence of intruders.
Commencing materialization process.


Switching to Genocide mode.
Reverie Mk.2, Gespenst...
Commencing elimination of intruders.