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Part 38: Episode 7-1: The Rose's Thorns

This is a somewhat odd name for the final chapter, but at least it's less anime than "Dark Gospel."

Episode 7-1: The Rose's Thorns

Irene: Still, your actions have helped us tremendously. The information you obtained will bring us closer to solving the mystery of Stigma.

Valerie: I never imagine that Kidman's outfit would be in Culuruma.

I never imagined his hair would be in this universe.

Irene: Apparently, their reach extends beyond North America.

Markus: It would've been nice if we'd learned the whereabouts of Professor Wilkins, but unfortunately, their boss died before we could get any information out of him.

This is a little odd when juxtaposed with Markus ending the last chapter saying they'd be able to find out where he was, now.

Irene: The situation is progressing favorably. We'll soon know the truth. Now, I have some good news. The FBI is investigating the Kidman family, based on your information. They've already found a potential informant, but she agreed to cooperate on one condition: she wants an operation. But she doesn't want it from just anyone. You see, she saw you on TV, and… you get the idea. Elena, I want you to prepare a surgical field kit. She's also requested the operation be performed in her home.

Valerie: That's absurd. Just who is this person?

Irene: Ask the FBI. They know her well.

Here we are, back in L.A. This isn't where the main part of the chapter is taking place, though.

Madame Devereaux's name is Rose, as her chart will tell us momentarily. I'll be calling her that, since it's way fewer letters.

Rose: While he was growing up, I tried to keep his ambition in check. I was so proud when he became a doctor… it was the war that changed him. When he came back, he fell in with the wrong crowd, and somewhere along the line he became obsessed with the idea of selling germs as weapons. Maybe it couldn't be helped, considering my own ties to the mafia. Many people want me dead, so it wouldn't be prudent for me to leave the mansion. I apologise for having to summon such accomplished doctors as yourselves. …Now, where did they go? Have you seen a lighter and cigar case around here?

Valerie: Madame Devereaux, you'll be undergoing a medical procedure soon. And if you're suffering from a serious illness, you need to quit smoking.

Rose: Ah, you quacks are all the same.

Markus: Now, about the information you were going to disclose.

Rose: I know a little about my son's land holdings, but I have no idea what he uses the property for. I'll tell you after the surgery. I hope you don't mind.

We're back to shorter operations this time. This chapter actually only has one crazy marathon operation, so things'll be briefer for the most part. That doesn't mean they'll be easy, though.

Valerie: She seems rather calm for someone who just lost a son.

Markus: She's been a part of the underworld her entire life. I'm sure she knows how to cover up her emotions.

Valerie: No, I think she's just trying to look brave. She's afraid to die, too. That's why she demanded we perform this operation.

Elena: I'm done disinfecting the room. I'll explain the procedure now.

Elena: The large intestine is the affected area. Our objective will be to extract all the tumors there. These are the results of a more detailed examination.

Markus: Blood identified in the stool… she seems to have symptoms of anemia as well, but there's no decrease in her appetite or weight. That makes no sense.

Valerie: It would be best if we didn't think of these as normal tumors.

These abnormal tumors are easiest to beat if we use…

Dr. Blaylock!


Viddler Backup

Fans of Second Opinion or Under the Knife 2 recognize this: a special kind of tumour that is especially damaging and difficult to extract. It has also has another special feature, but I'll get to that.

The method for extracting these super-tumours is a little more involved than the ordinary fare, but still very similar. First, you drain the cytoplasm, as with a normal tumour. After that, you cut off the three supporting veins. Finally, you can remove the tumour directly. This kind does not require you to patch them up.

Speed is important here, because these tumours create those little blue tumour-things constantly. Leaving them alone will lead to vitals being drained much too quickly.

After the first is removed, two more appear. This tumours "special feature" is regeneration. Shortly after you remove the first tumour, all tumours will regenerate, including the one you just eliminated. The solution is to remove both within a short span of time. This means doing the draining and cutting, then moving onto the next tumour. When both are ready to remove, simply do so.

For the last wave, there are three tumours. This is simple enough, but New Blood isn't about to let you go that easily, for as soon as you begin working…

The lights going out is another gimmick taken from the Z operations of Second Opinion. The implication here is that one of Rose's enemies has cut the power in an attempt to have her die on the operating table. The doctors are way too awesome to allow that to happen, so they borrow Rose's lighter, which offers a perfect, consistent circle of light. This makes no sense, but remember that this is recycled from SO, in which you were using a pen light.

Anyway, you can adjust the circle to wherever you need. My suggestion is to deal with the lone tumor on the left, then remember its location and shift your attention to the right. You can ensure the removal goes smoothly by grabbing the leftmost tumour in the dark, without adjusting the light. Also, you'll want to activate the Healing Touch before you start in with the rightmost tumours. This will protect you from vital drain while you do the removal. After that, just clean up the remaining mini-tumours.

Naturally, the lights come back on immediately after you finish, just in time for you to close her up.


A thrombus is a blood clot, which isn't what we were treating, I don't think. Still, it's best not to think about it.

Rose: How did it go?

Markus: We've removed all the tumors. The operation was a success.

Rose: I knew I could count on you. All the other doctors said nothing could be done. Now, as I promised, I'll tell you where my son owns property.

Elena: You should take it easy. The affects of the anesthetic haven't worn off yet.

Rose: If you go upstairs to the guest room, you'll find a chest. Inside is a note, which you may take. I didn't want you to leave here empty-handed in the event that I died.

Markus: That was very thoughtful of you, Madame Devereaux.

Rose: Ah, it is I who should be thanking you, young man. There wasn't much joy in my life before. But now, I feel as if I've turned a new page.

Next time: An operation that I haven't actually been able to beat on Hard yet!

In the meantime, check out the Japanese site for Trauma Team here. I have no idea what's going on, but it mostly looks exciting.