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Part 44: Challenge 4/Final Update

Challenge 4 and more!

Beating the game unlocked two new operations. The first is challenge 4, which features a brief story, unlike the others. The second is operation X1: Cheir. The X operations are a regular feature in the Trauma Center games(Although Trauma Team probably won't have them) and pit you against the most difficult incarnations of each super virus featured in that game. I don't have a rank recorded for X1 because I've only beaten it with co-op, but you can't normally access X2 until you beat X1, and so on.

I'll talk a little more about the X stuff later.

Challenge 4

Markus: Dr. Stiles! What's up?

Derek: I have something I'd like the two of you to assist me with.

Valerie: Is this… data for VR simulations?

Derek: Our disease researcher became very enthusiastic when he saw the records of your Stigma operations. He's apparently made simulation data out of them.

If this operation teaches us anything, it'll be "Victor is kind of a dick."

Angie: We only have data for Cheir and Soma, though.

Elena: Still, that's amazing!

Valerie: Stigma is spreading throughout the world already. If it's possible to simulate operating on it, we'll be able to train a lot of doctors.

Markus: They won't have to be completely uninformed about it, either.

Derek: Since you two are the leading surgeons against Stigma, we'd like you to try out these simulations.

Valerie: We'd be glad to.

This being a simulation, all the normal rules for challenge operations apply. Namely, vitals persist between patients, and you'll still be scored if you fail.

Derek: All right, then. Please try these consecutive operations as designed by our director of disease research. There's a little something hidden inside of it.

Elena: A little "something?"

Angie: This simulation has the VR data of Cheir and Soma, but there's some data from different pathogens as well.

Derek: I don't believe that you two would have seen them before.

I think you can guess what this means.

Angie: Dr. Stiles and I will help you through them, so relax.

I already revealed that I haven't done this with Val, yet. I'm going with the one I know I've done before. Besides, if things progress as I intend, Markus' is better.

This was over Youtube's awful 10-minute limit again, but it works out. I don't think I'm spoiling anything by saying this operation contains GUILT as well as Stigma. The first two operations are just straight-up GUILT crash-courses for those who didn't play UtK or SO. The other operations feature Stigma. I've partitioned the videos that way, so you can skip the refreshers if you're so inclined.


Viddler Backup


Viddler Backup

GUILT strain 1: Kyriaki
Means "Sunday." These guys dart around under the organ, making cuts. You need to use ultrasound to find them, then cut them out and use the laser. They're a lot less resilient than Cheir, and may actually be the least dangerous pathogen in this challenge. Yes, that includes Soma. It's not that Kyriaki can't be difficult, it's just that you never have to deal with more than 2 at a time in this challenge.

The last Kyriaki is always a larger, tougher one. It has more HP and retreats back under the organ after each hit. Again, this isn't much of an issue yet.

GUILT strain 2: Deftera
Means "Monday." These guys come in pairs, and can only be damaged by draining two Different-colour Deftera when they come together. They move somewhat randomly, and can only be herded at the expense of vitals. They create small tumours that can, in turn, make even more small tumours, all of which drain vitals. If another Deftera wanders by when you're draining one pair, the pair separate and you've gained nothing. Once you finally drain a pair three times, they go beserk and start laying tumours and draining vitals like mad until you cut them out, at which point they act like an ordinary tumour.

Deftera sucks.

Operation 3 is where things get hard. You need to deal with Soma and Deftera at the same time. I highly recommend that you save your Healing Touch, which means you need to be careful that things don't get out of hand. A pair of Deftera that join together can cover up one of Soma's orange droppings, making you unable to laser it. Your best bet is to place priority on dealing with anything that needs to be lasered, and on keeping vitals up. When you can, drain pairs of Deftera. You really don't want two pairs of Deftera going into overdrive at once, so keep track of how many times you've drained each one.

A lot of this comes down to luck, but it can be done.

The final operation pits you against Cheir and Kyriaki. I usually go for Cheir first, but you could probably aim for the weaker Kyriaki first, and eliminate that threat. This is actually much easier than the previous operation, until the fused Cheir and mature Kyriaki appear. At that point, Victor hits you with the single most evil move in the entire series.

GUILT strain 7: Savato
Means "Saturday." Thankfully, this is only the mini-Savato. These little guys lower vitals on their own, but if five join together they can make a larger bug that lowers maximum vitals just by existing.

You are now dealing with three pathogens at once, and there are a few more pockets of Savato that will start erupting soon after this one. This is where you need the Healing Touch. Activate it, and concentrate on getting rid of all the Savato before any five of them decide to hold an impromptu rave. Besides that, you'll need to raise vitals and suture lacerations. If you can just get rid of the fused Cheir, you're golden. If you used your Healing Touch already, you'll have a much harder time of it.

It's not easy, but it's simple enough.

Your only reward for actually completing this, besides a better score, is that Dr. Stiles tells you how great you are.


This was only a B rank. Not my best, but it's actually only the second time I've done that.

Operation X

The X operations are not much to look at. They have no story associated with them, and are generally pretty boring to watch if you already know how each Stigma works. If you want to see them, you can easily find them on Youtube.

That said, I do have a recording that was taken months ago. Basically, after we finished Challenge 1, Yegor and I beat X1. It was surprisingly easy with a second person. As you can easily use both lasers to prevent any of the Cheir from moving. I added no commentary to this, it exists as-is.


Viddler Backup

That's it for New Blood. If you want to play Trauma Center for yourself, and have a DS, but no Wii, skip UtK and get UtK2. It's got most of the improvements from the Wii games. If you DO have a Wii, New Blood is still great, but Trauma Team is due out in less than a week. It seems to be easier than previous iterations(you actually have to unlock the hardest difficulty, much to my chagrin), but it also has more modes, and is supposed to take something like 30 hours to complete.

Anyway, to all the pretend surgeons out there: keep on operatin'. I'm out.

Director's Cut Joke

If challenge 4 was a pokemon game, the versions would be Heart GUILT and Soul Stigma.