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Trauma Center: Second Opinion

by Opendork

Part 4: 4: Nurse Angie

Chapter 1-4: Nurse Angie

This is the first "story" chapter of the game, in which there is no operation. As such, this will be a short one. Sorry about that.

"Thank you for 18 years of dedicated service, Mrs. Fulton."

An applause sound effect plays here.

Kasal: Mrs. Fulton was more than a great nurse-she looked after us, as well. She will be missed.

Mary: Are you sure you're not glad to be free of my nagging?

Kasal: What are you talking about? I'm just worried Derek's going to start coming to work late again. You're the one who kept him in line, Mary.

Derek: You don't need to worry. I'll be fine without Mary's help. I may be young, but I'm still a doctor!

One who sleeps in and needs refreshers on how to do basic surgery after three years. But still a doctor.

Mary: So, no more sobbing phone calls from you, huh?

Derek: Wh-what!? I wasn't crying!

Mary: I'm just teasing, Derek. You've grown so much since you've joined us and I'm proud of you. Work hard, and you'll surpass even Dr. Kasal, one day. Don't forget that I believe in you.

Derek: ...Is something wrong?

Mary: They must be talking about my replacement. Since I'm leaving, you're going to need a new assistant. I was supposed to train her this afternoon, but... HR assured me she's very reliable. ...I hope everything's okay.

"Sorry I'm late!"

For the DS, Atlus went through the effort of drawing a big, full-body picture of Angie that spanned both screens. It was one, I think, only two special screens in the game. Here, they just copy-pasted her basic speaking portrait on a background and called it a day.

Mary: It's very nice to meet you.

Derek: Wow, she's a nurse? Isn't she a little too--?

Hyphens are a little odd, but they could have used ellipses, so I won't complain. Incidentally, Angie is 21 years old.

Angie: What's that, now?

Derek: Wha-huh? No, nothing... pardon me.

Angie: On the way here, I saw a man get hit by a car as he was crossing the street. I took him to a nearby clinic and stayed until the transferred him to St. Francis Hospital.

There's a major script change here. In UtK, Angie sees a man having a heart attack on a bus, instead of a car accident. It seems irrelevant, but there's a reason for the change, so remember it. Speaking of UtK, let's get a look at Angie's old design.

It's mostly the same, but you'll notice the uniform color change again.

Kasal: Sounds like you had a rough morning.

Mary: Well don't you worry about being late. I completely understand.

"Excuse me, has Ms. Thompson arrived yet? There's someone on the line from St. Francis Hospital."

Kasal: She certainly is something else.

Mary: Looks like I'm leaving you in capable hands. What do you think, Derek?

Once again, Derek has no response, as the scene ends. Eventually, he'll get to do something besides act as everyone's whipping boy, but that time is not soon.

End of chapter 1-4