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Part 18: 5: International Conference

Angry Swede posted:

What a crazy game...

I love when TV Shows/games/whatever uses medical terms they obliviously don't understand.

This is a (pulmonary) lobectomy (OR video). Sucking the juices out of crazy killer-tumour-death fish isn't.
To be fair, I think you're basing this on the screenshot, and it's a bit misleading. The message telling you to perform a lobectomy appears before you make the incision, and then stays up until something comes along to replace it. Since you're operating on the lungs, I think it's being used correctly, or at least nearly correctly.

And now...

Chapter 3-5: International Conference

Sidney: This operation is amazing. Your focus and concentration... simply unbelievable.

Derek: Is that the video of our GUILT procedure the other day?

Sidney: I had my secretary transfer it to an HDV media card. Watching this in slow motion actually reveals quite a bit.

Doing the GUILT operations without HT makes a lot of scenes seem a bit odd. Right now this scene just shows us that Sidney has trouble keeping up with ordinary operations.

Sidney: Anyway, have a seat. There's an event I'd like you to attend.

Caduceus Worker: I need your signature for this.

Sidney: Victor, we're in the middle of a meeting.

Victor: Yeah, well this'll only take a second.

He's responsible for a lot of the organization's proprietary medical technology.

Victor is awesome, but he doesn't really enter the plot until later. Still, here's the old art.

Same thing. Moving on:

Victor: This is that proposal we went over yesterday. There are no changes. Huh? Who's the new guy?

Sidney: This is Derek Stiles, from Hope Hospital. He's hardly new. You need to get out of the laboratory more often.

Victor: Ohh... he's that Healing Touch guy. I'm Victor, from R&D. How's it going?

Derek: It's going well. Nice to meet you.

Sidney: How's this, Victor?

Victor: Looks good to me. Okay, later.

Sidney: Sorry. Victor doesn't concern himself with trivial concerns like "manners." I apologize for the interruption. Let's discuss your trip. Our international conference will be held in Angeles Bay this month. Topics will focus on the recent issue of medical terrorism. Dr. Stiles, I'd like you to attend as a representative of Caduceus USA. I'd also like you to speak about the strains of GUILT you've treated, and the steps involved. Can you do that?

Derek: Well, I haven't really been here that long. I'm sure some of the others could do a better job...

Sidney: We're also showing footage of your operations. I'd prefer that you were there to explain the procedures, step-by-step. Dr. Meyers will be going, so I'll ask her to translate for you, as well. Have fun, Derek.

Aaaaand Derek is shoved out the door to endure the horrors of public speaking. Just so long as they don't try to make an operation of it.

-Angeles Bay Conference Center-

Derek: * sigh * I'm glad that's over. Thanks for your help, Dr. Meyers.

Cybil: No problem. I think the video footage really got their attention. You could've loosened up a little out there, though.

How could he, considering the shit I pulled in those operations? "Now, don't actually let this thing do this when your patient's vitals are critical-I wasn't really paying attention." "Well, I didn't actually USE the Healing Touch. That shit's for scrubs."

Cybil: You're not used to speaking in front of big groups like that, are you?

Derek: I'm usually too busy just helping patients. Even if I had time for meetings, I'd probably just fall asleep. So, yeah... that was my first presentation.

Cybil: Yeah, a lot of doctors are that way, but you should still make time to attend conferences. It's the only way to keep up with the latest technology, you know? Being a doctor is like being a lifelong student.

Derek: Dr. Kasal used to say the same thing-all doctors are students.

Cybil: Good ol' Greg, huh? Now he was one hell of public speaker. He was confident, threw in some jokes, never had stage fright... I remember staying up all night helping him make slides. ...Never mind. That's in the past now, isn't it?

Christ, if you like him so much why don't you marry him?

Derek: Sounds like you guys were close.

Cybil: It... wasn't like that. He was a great guy, so I always did what I could to help him out.

Derek: Really...

Cybil: What's that supposed to mean?

Derek: Hear that? I think they're starting the next presentation.

"That concludes the disease treatment workshop. Next, we'll have an update on the fight against medical terrorism. Speaking on this topic is Langston Miller, director of Caduceus Europe."

Miller was always a fairly important character, but his role is expanded in Second Opinion. That's not for a long time, so let's see the old art in the meantime.

Another one who got by without any real changes.

Miller: As we all know, medical terrorism poses a serious threat to all the world's citizens. Reports of GUILT have doubled in the past year alone. Unfortunately, the motivation behind this epidemic is still unknown. But, we have confirmation that the group responsible calls themselves "Delphi."

Cybil: The Greek oracle?

Sort of. Technically, Delphi was a town on the south-western spur of Mount Parnassus. The oracle was just located there, and the priestess who did all the oracleing was called the Pythia.

Even though I said "was," there's still a modern town of Delphi located near the ruins of the original one.

Miller: The messages we've received from them have been cryptic, at best. Their philosophy and demands are still a mystery. Are they related to other terrorist cells? We don't have an answer. For all we know, they could be nothing more than a fanatical cult. But, whoever they are, we know they're hostile and organized. We believe there may be additional clues hidden in the strange letters that arrived shortly before each GUILT operation.

Derek: We received one of those at Hope Hospital.

Miller: Medicine has advanced quickly since the advent of genetic engineering. But, as GUILT has shown us, disease can evolve just as quickly.

I wonder if Delphi made GUILT by being subscribed anti-biotics and then not finishing the whole bottle over and over.

Miller: The ramifications of medical terrorism are grave, indeed, and it's going to take our best minds to devise a way to stop it... though we may finally have somewhere for them to start looking. We've received news of an abandoned Delphi research facility. It seems they entered a small African village, possibly posing as the NPO.

Not really sure what he's talking about here. NPO is an abbreviation for "non-profit organization," but his use of the word "the" implies he's thinking of a specific group.

Miller I'm afraid they were using the townspeople to develop GUILT.

Cybil: Bastards.

Miller: The town was destroyed, and the facility has long since been abandoned. But, I'm sure there's something there that can lead us to Delphi. I propose that Caduceus send a research team to Africa. Supplies and manpower will need to be approved by each division. I hope to have everyone's sincere cooperation in this matter.

End of Chapter 3-5

Chapter 3-6: An Explosive Patient

Cybil: Well, a lot happened over the last year, so I was expecting that. I will not enjoy writing the summary report, though.

"What's going on here!?"

Derek: The shutters are dropping. Is there a fire?

PA Speakers: You doctors and your temporary cures are worthless! If you would all just die, maybe people could stop living unnatural lives!

Cybil: What the hell?

"What is this thing?"

"Don't touch it! It's a bomb!"

"There's a bomb!"

Derek: A bomb!? C'mon, Cybil! We have to get out of here!

"Dammit! There's no way out!"

"We're going to die!"

"Somebody help us!"

Good to know everyone here can stay cool under pressure.

Cybil: Sounds like it's over here. Follow me, Dr. Stiles.

Derek: What? But that's where the bomb is!

"Let's go over to the bomb." "But there's a bomb over there!"

Cybil: Exactly.

Derek: What are you going to do? We have to run. There's nowhere to go, but...

Cybil: If we're going to die anyway, what difference does this make? Be a man!

Derek: Y-yes, ma'am!

Cybil: You're going to dismantle the bomb. I'll assist you.

Derek: What!? I can't do that!

Cybil: So you'd rather do nothing? Are you going to sit here and cry like everyone else? Tch... Screw that. If this doesn't work, at least we can say we tried.

Derek: I... I'm ready.

Cybil: Give us some room! Set up a barricade with the desks and tables. Everyone take cover! ...Okay, Dr. Stiles. There's no turning back now.

Explosive chemical reactions: nature's cheerful 'hello.' Put some of the right stuff in a container and attach some sort of detonator, and you have yourself a bomb. As you may be aware, being anywhere near one when it goes off can result in painful death from the shock wave, thermal wave, or fragmentation! Don't you just love bombs?

Cybil: I think everyone's clear... enough. Okay, you'll need to follow my instructions carefully, got it?

Derek: Aren't you scared?

Cybil: Of course. But, why should a doctor be afraid? I'm sure you've been in worse situations that this. We hold patients' lives in the palms of our hands, you know. Once mistake, and you have to watch them die. What could be more frightening than that?

Derek: Uh, I guess. You're really brave, Dr. Meyers.

Cybil: Ha! They don't call me the Iron Vixen for nothing.

Derek: That's what Tyler said. He comes up with some weird nicknames.

You should have seen her old nicknames: Copper Comet and Bronze Blitzen

Cybil: Actually, that started during my days on the police force. I was in the crime lab, you know. Even though I was just a novice investigator, I was still stronger than all the guys! * chuckle *

Derek: So, you were really a police officer?

Cybil: That's right. And, I dated a guy on the bomb squad, so trust me on this one.


This is a difficult and action-packed operation, so it's good to see in action. It's also totally insane, as has been the trend lately.

This operation is completely changed from Under the Knife. The original bomb was a much more "improvised" improvised explosive device. This new version takes advantage of the Wii a bit more. To unscrew this lid, you have to use your scalpel and actually twist the screws off.

The bottom left and top right screws unscrew counterclockwise, and the other two go clockwise. Make too many mistakes doing this and it blows. I think you also lose a special bonus for making a mistake, but it's pretty much impossible not to on your first go.

Inside the bomb, you find it's core, protected by a shield.


Cybil: Listen to me, Derek. These hexagonal panels can be destroyed with your surgical laser. But, you CANNOT touch the panels that are lit up.

Derek: But, uh, all the panels are lit up, aren't they?

Cybil: If we can stabilize the voltage at a certain level, it should be more clear to you. Luckily, I think we can do just that.

For this puzzle, you need to move the pins until the voltage reaches the right point. Each hole has a different effect on the voltage.

I got this answer from experimenting for a few minutes. Just accept that it is right and use it if you ever play. I sure do.

Now that only a few panels are lit, you have to destroy all of them with the laser. The "light" will switch to an adjacent panel every few seconds, and can switch into a panel that has already been destroyed. The problem with this is that they tend to pop back out onto a visible panel just as you go to laser it.

If you hit a flashing panel, or empty space, you'll get a miss. These misses won't hurt your score, but you're only allowed one. If you get a second, well...

This is a hard bit, and will probably take a few tries, but eventually you should be able to get rid of every panel.

Cybil: Okay, this is basically the center of the bomb. If we deactivate this, the bomb is useless. Use your laser to destroy it.

The final stage is to destroy the core. I wasn't originally planning on using the HT, since you get a special bonus for avoiding it, but after failing three times I lost patience. It doesn't take much to destroy the core, but if you hit the panels at all, you fail and have to start over from the beginning. Also, no matter how much time you had going in, you have 30 seconds on this section.

Cybil: Glad that's over. Talk about your bad patients, eh? ...heh...

Saved? We killed it!

The bonus I missed here is the one for beating the operation without using the Healing Touch.

Harsh, man. Just one little A is all I ask from you.

Cybil: At least we're alive, right? S'better than dying, any day. Of course, I knew we'd be fine. It was just a bomb-no big deal.

Derek: (The Iron Vixen, huh? That nickname of hers is starting to make sense.)

Cybil: We stopped the bomb, everyone! It's all clear, now!

"Thank God!"

"We're Alive!"

Cybil: Great job there, Stiles. You definitely learned from Greg.

Derek: Heh. Same to you, Dr. Meyers. You're pretty tough.


"Let's hear it for Dr. Stiles!"

End of Chapter 3-6

kitkat_skye pointed out this Youtube video of the DS bomb operation. It's in Japanese, but you can get an idea of what it's like.