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Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

by ArclightBorealis, Kaboom Dragoon

Part 6: Fax 10202

No.10202 K
Travis Touchdown,

Hoping it may help you find a reason to
give up, I'm sending along the blueprints
for the DDMKII. As you can see, there are
microwires that extend from the
console's controller and enter your body
from under your fingernails. This allows
the console to directly access the
player's nervous system, which is how
the player gets sucked into the world of
the Death Drive. At the same time, it also
steals the player's genetic data. This
direct access to both people's neural
network and genetic data is our biggest
piece of evidence of government

Also, the console may look old, but on the
inside it's got cutting edge specs. Its
wireless communication function uses
satellites and access points set up
throughout all 50 states to send player
data to the CIA. Having already played,
your data has now also been stolen.
Don't let your guard down.