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True Crime: New York City

by UnknownMercenary

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Original Thread: I'm a different kind of cop. Let's play True Crime: New York City (VLP)


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About the game
Just as the Grand Theft Auto series was reaching new heights of popularity with GTA3 and Vice City, many imitators were released. One of them, True Crime: Streets of LA, was popular enough to warrant a sequel, this time set in New York. The game stars street thug turned police officer Marcus Reed, who must solve the murder of his mentor and fellow officer Terry Higgins, while keeping the streets of Manhattan safe from crime. The game itself plays pretty much like a GTA game, except you have a badge and can now arrest people. Further aping trends set by Rockstar, the game features plenty of voice acting from several Hollywood stars such as Mickey Rourke and Christopher Walken.

This game was heavily trashed by the gaming press, and rightly so. When it was released for the 2005 holiday season, it was a rushed and buggy mess. The game would crash often on consoles, and certain copies of the game contained a bug that would make the game unbeatable. A PC port was quietly released later which fixed most of the issues with console copies, but had its own set of problems. I feel like this game gets a bad rep. In spite of all the bugs, it's still quite a fun alternative to GTA. Don't let the tone of the game's intro fool you either; this game is just as stupid and silly as the original and apes from cop shows and films just as much.

About the LP
I'll be playing the game while TBZ will be along for the ride as co-commentator. If you've watched our past LPs and are wondering where ZuljinRaynor is then I'll say that coordinating with 3 people is harder than with 2, but that may change later. Updates will be divided between story missions and free-roaming, and there will occasionally be thread votes, so please participate if you're watching!


#1 - PrologueYouTube Blip
#2 - The Investigation BeginsYouTube Blip
Bonus - Snappy DresserYouTube Blip
#3 - On PatrolYouTube Blip
#4 - Cracking the CartelYouTube Blip
#5 - On Patrol AgainYouTube Blip
Bonus - Marcus MeltdownYouTube  
#6 - Italian-American StereotypesYouTube Blip
#7 - Demolishing the MobYouTube Blip
#8 - Undercover BrotherYouTube Blip
#9 - Tong TakedownYouTube Blip
#10 - A Downward Spiral of StupidityYouTube Blip
Bonus - Indestructible LasersYouTube  
#11 - Case ClosedYouTube Blip
Bonus - Puma ShoesYouTube Blip
#12 - Do OverYouTube Blip
#13 - SnitchesYouTube Blip
Bonus - Call of Juarez: The Cartel Co-Op #1YouTube Blip
Bonus - Call of Juarez: The Cartel Co-Op #2YouTube Blip
Bonus - Call of Juarez: The Cartel Co-Op #3 YouTube Blip
Bonus - Vin Diesel fought the lawYouTube  
Bonus - Wheelman YouTube Blip
Bonus - El MatadorYouTube Blip
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