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Part 118

That's a double negative! Either remove the "don't" or change "neither" to "either" and "nor" to "or"! C'mon, guys, it's called proofreading! (I'm just poking fun. I love you, Mirror Moon! )

"Aki, ha......"
Akiha isn't like the Akiha before.
She has become a creature that just kills others.
...... But still, I want her to live.
If I bear everything for Akiha, who can't feel crime or punishment----I want to believe that Akiha can live.
"............ One day."
I don't think she'll turn back one day.
But to keep my belief in her is the last role for me, as I could not keep her promise.

"............ Akiha, even if you're like this forever..."

I kneel and scoop up Akiha's red hair.

"...... Just being able to be with you..."

That will be my greatest happiness.

The autumn leaves fall.
Autumn is ending.
In this garden filled with many memories, I quietly kiss Akiha.

---A ritual with no meaning.

I faintly see the future.
This will be my last time touching Akiha as Tohno Shiki.

Music: stop

Music: play track 2

I look up at the blue sky as I lie on the ground. The sun is already way up in the sky.
...... I guess I fell asleep.
I guess it was my fault for lying down here on the grass coming after breakfast.

So the grass only arrived after it ate breakfast?

Well, I didn't have anything to do anyway.
Doing this here.
Falling asleep deeply, even forgetting my name, can't be that bad.

----Bottomless blue.

The clean sky is far away.
Thinking like a child, I keep on watching the sky.
A far sky like in a dream.
The view is so beautiful, I even cannot let out a sigh of amazement.

"Shiki-sama......? Are you over here, Shiki-sama?"
I hear Hisui's voice from the courtyard.
It's that time already.
I guess I fell asleep again.
If I forgot time while watching this blue sky, it makes no difference if I was sleeping or not.

Hisui arrives, composed.

"Shiki-sama, Akiha-sama is calling you."
"Alright. I guess I was asleep. Sorry for being so troublesome, Hisui."

"Not at all, it is nothing of the sort ......"
Hisui looks down as if she wants to say something.
...... I know what Hisui wants to say, but even if she did, I wouldn't be able to give her an answer.

Music: stop

Music: play track 7

"I'm sorry Akiha. I fell asleep and couldn't make it in time."
I enter the room and close the shouji.
Akiha sits there and does not move.
"Whoa, your hair is messed up. It looks like you haven't changed yet either. Didn't Kohaku-san come by this morning?"
Akiha does not say anything.
She looks in my direction with a blank stare.
...... No,
it just seems like she's looking.

"Alright, let's at least make your hair look good.
I touch Akiha's hair.
She makes no motion to fight it.
Quietly, as softly as I can, I let my hands go through her hair.
Her long hair flows in my hand.
Akiha does not say anything.
After some time like that,

Akiha suddenly moves her arm.

There's no answer.
She just takes my arm and takes it to her mouth.
After a hard sensation,
Akiha bites on my arm and starts to suck out my blood expressionlessly.

The blood which spills out of her mouth drips down her throat and stains her kimono red.

I grit my teeth and hold on until Akiha is full.
...... There is no proper quantity for Akiha.
She stops only when she's full, and I can't predict when that is.
So all I can do is wait like this for her to be full.
"............ Ah."
I feel dizzy.
But I don't pull back.

...... Hisui was against this until the very last minute.
I decided to give Akiha my own blood ever since she could only take in human blood.
It wasn't a sense of responsibility.
If Akiha could only survive by taking in blood, I wanted to limit the amount of victims, and most of all---
--I didn't want Akiha to drink anyone's blood except mine.

I guess Akiha really likes my blood. She has never gone outside since then.
But it is really dangerous for my body too.

...... My body is getting weaker by the day.
I guess the reason for Hisui trying to say something every time she sees my face is to tell me I should care more about myself.

But such a thing...
It's many times easier since I can feel the pain, unlike Akiha.

Then she goes back to being being a doll once more.
I clean the dripping blood off her face and change her dirty kimono.
Akiha does not fight back. She just accepts everything I do.
Akiha's proud look is nowhere to be seen.

I'd be lying if I said this isn't hard on me.
But still---my feeling of happiness is greater.
Akiha is alive.
She is alive and she is here right now.
Then, someday, Akiha might return to the previous Akiha she once was.

Slender fingers, small hands.
I cover them in my hands.
The warmth.
The fact that she is alive.
It almost makes me cry.

I suppress that feeling and smile.
I want to laugh so that I won't have room for any sadness.
It's easy to feel sad about the situation I'm in.
Even if Akiha doesn't understand, I have to keep on smiling in front of her.

One day, if Akiha ever finds herself again, I don't want her to remember how I was sad.
I want her to think that this was nothing----that this was one of the happy times too.
So I have to keep on laughing.
Even if Akiha doesn't understand right now, so that Akiha wouldn't regret the past when she finds herself again.

Music: stop

...holy fuck... I think that is one of the most depressing things I have ever read I love this game so much

Music: play track 9

That's not any more true than it was the last time you said it.

Music: stop

Two paths to go, and we have no choice about what order to do them in. Stay tuned for back to back maid groping action!