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Part 151

Oh dammit. You know what happens when we let Shiki see his sister after sundown <>

Out of nowhere, my chest starts to pound.


My heart seems to pulse with new life.
I can feel the blood coursing through my body, and the shaking of my fingers.
A chill runs down my back.
Despite that, my body feels like it's on fire.

I refuse to take responsibility for this.

"Akiha----what is she doing this late?---"
I feel dizzy.
I try to sort things out rationally, but I stop.
Right now, I have to follow Akiha.

Music: Play Track 6

Thump, thump, thump.
I feel regret. I don't have my knife tonight.

Akiha walks unsteadily.
I try to silence my breathing and await my chance.

This is it. Shiki is going to rape his sister.

It's taking her a while to be alone.
Where she's going is trivial.


Only Shiki would get excited while following his sister.
I guess Ryo counts, too. ...and Taka.

I return to the main street.
I feel instinctively that I'll see her again if I wait here.

I let out a deep breath.
My heart is still burning.
That's odd.
This isn't a dream.
This isn't a dream, then why---is my blood burning as I'm following Akiha?

Nan-- yeah, ok, I'll stop.

It's like, I want to kill Akiha.
















Sensing something, I instantly conceal myself.
Akiha is coming.
She looks around from side to side, as if searching for something.

"......... There isn't anyone here, I guess."

I hear her thinking aloud.
I must be that close if I can hear her.
Peering from the shadows, I look out into the street.

My head aches.
The air around me tenses.

----I collapse to the ground.

I've never felt such pain before.
It's so bad it makes me seriously think my skull just split open and I'm going to die.

Music: Stop

Shaking my head, I stand up.
I don't know how long I was out, but the night is quiet.

---Wait a minute.

"Wh, why am I here!?"
I am out on the main street.
I saw Akiha by the gate, and after that---that's right, I followed her.
"...... What am I doing?"
I'm surprised at what I'm doing.

"I knew I was a killer, but a sister rapist? That's just too far."

An unpleasant smell pricks at my nose.
A smell I've never known until now. The smell that stuck to my mouth during my dreams these past few days.
"...... From that alley......?"
Getting a bad feeling, I run towards that alley.

I go out to the street.
I go to the nearest public phone and call the nearest hospital.
After giving a fake name, I tell the location and condition of the victim, and I hang up the phone.
Now, before the ambulance comes, I should head back to the mansion so no one sees me.

*pant* *pant* *pant*------
After running without stopping, I can finally relax.
I don't have anything to feel bad about, but I felt that getting involved would be dangerous, and I did the best I could.
...... The person in the alley was still breathing,
and the bleeding wasn't that bad, so I don't think it was life-threatening.

...... As expected, running here with all my strength, including up the big hill, was a little much. I'm completely out of breath.

"Damn......... I have to, get back, to my room, before----"
I lean up against the stairs.
I manage to take one step up the stairs.

That's it though.
I collapse.

As much as I would love to end it here, I'm not posting a 9 image update.

Music: Play Track 2

Strong rays of sunshine cause me to open my eyes. I'm in my room.
I'm now wearing my pajamas and lying in bed.

"Excuse me."
With a knock, the door opens.
Kohaku-san enters carrying a towel and a bucket.

"Ah, good morning Shiki-san. How are you feeling?"
Kohaku-san draws near with her normal smile.
I think back to last night's conversation with Hisui.
Tucking that away into the back of my mind, I try to make my usual smile.

"Morning Kohaku-san. Um---did you carry me up here?"

"Huh? Don't you remember Shiki-san? I found you alone on the stairs and you stood up once I called you.
You said you had a nice nap and started to walk. I did lend you my shoulder, but you walked here by yourself."
......... *sigh*
"I don't remember. I must've been so tired that I forgot what I did."

Kohaku and Akiha are pretty much the only two people that make me afraid when they say that.

"...... Maybe. I don't remember anything after I came back to the mansion."

"Ahaha. That's unfortunate. Shiki-san, you kept apologizing to me.
I inquired why you kept apologizing, and you kept saying that you were an idiot and a blockhead.

Shiki-san, are you a blockhead?"

On second thought, I can't help but love the hell out of Kohaku.

"No, I don't think so."
...... Well, I am really starting to get the idea that they think my brain is made out of wood.

"...... Anyway, thanks a lot. If I slept on the stairs, I'd have caught a cold, and school---"
Huh? Are my eyes playing tricks on me? The clock tells me it is already past ten in the morning.
"Ah---! Ko, Kohaku-san, School!"

"Yes. Today is your school's founding holiday, so you don't have school."
That's right. Come to think of it, it was.
I completely forgot about it since I have been spacing out at school lately.

As you can see, the Kohaku path is kind of a mixture between Akiha and Hisui, with a twist (it's Tsukihime, there's always a twist).

"It seems your condition is still bad. You have a slight fever and you look a little pale. It may be boring, but please rest in bed today, Shiki-san."

Kohaku-san wipes my forehead with the cold, wet towel.
...... It feels good and cold.

"Hmm, it seems your fever is down. You're not sweating as much and your face looks much better. You should be well by the evening."
Kohaku-san crisply brings out a thermometer and an ice pillow.
...... In the end, she makes me open my mouth and checks the condition of my tongue.

"Well, I'll bring you some rice porridge right away. Shiki-san, you better behave today."


"Yes? What is it, Shiki-san?"
...... As expected, she is like always.
Her usual cheerful smile doesn't change.
I---I can't bring myself to think that her smile is just an act.

Music: Stop

Music: Play Track 1

I asked Kohaku-san, but it doesn't seem like there was a new victim in the news today.
I guess last night's victim was saved, but while SHIKI is on the loose, there will be more victims.
"...... If only this body did what I told it to, I---"
I could stop SHIKI. I lay my head back down on the pillow as I start to say that.
Maybe it's because I've been seeing those dreams, but I'm beginning to have violent thoughts like SHIKI.
"...... Whatever I do, I should heal up first."
I close my eyes.


"Ho......... t."
I'm thirsty again.
My throat is dry, my mind is foggy.

I open my eyes.
My body still feels sluggish and my fever has slightly increased.
But still, I should be able to at least go to the dining room and get some water.

Shiki goes to the strangest places when looking for water. What a blockhead

Opening the sliding door very slightly, I peer in from the porch.
Inside, I see the figures of Akiha and Kohaku.

They're blockheads, too

They look a little strange.
I hear the swishing of an obi being removed.


Without a word, Kohaku-san pulls down her kimono and bares her breasts.

Music: Play Track 9

Akiha's throat starts to move, swallowing something.
What---what is she drinking? There's no need to ask; I already understand.

Akiha, she's drinking, Kohaku's blood----

"Must. Kill. Nonhuman. Must. Kill. Chikichiki."

---My bodily functions have quieted like a still lake.
All I can do is move my head and process what I see.
Bewilderment fills my world. Is Akiha a vampire, too?

"Can't. Kill. Sister. Vampire. Both. Can't. Kill. Chikichiki."

"...... Akiha, sama."
Kohaku's lips tremble.
"...... Please, stop. If you take any more, it will be bad for you. Just like overdosing on medicine, getting too used to blood would cause you---"
"You want to say I will be like SHIKI? That is strange, Kohaku. You don't want that?"
Her eyes are filled with enjoyment.
Kohaku doesn't answer.

"That is fine, I didn't like Father, either.
He was pure evil. Just thinking he was my real father made even me want to kill him.
Right? Succumbing to his blood and forcing his passions on you when you were still a child. Every, every day, he would do those disgraceful assaults without end.
So, Kohaku. I already know that you have a grudge against me and SHIKI."

With a smile, Akiha licks Kohaku's nipple.

I'm getting the impression that Akiha doesn't just 'like' Kohaku. Chikichiki.

With a sudden jerk.
Shaking her shoulders, Kohaku stifles a gasp.

"...... No, stop, Akiha-sama...... If you drink more blood than usual, really---"
"No need to worry. I won't become like Nii-san. To me, sucking blood is just for pleasure. It won't destroy me like it did SHIKI.
But then---it would make you happy if it did."
Kohaku doesn't answer.
She only narrows her eyes, not affirming or denying it.

Akiha's red tongue slides along Kohaku's white skin.

-----------, --------.

Chikichiki. Chikichiki.

Here we go! Chikichiki.

My heart rumbles.
My will has gone to a far off place.
Thump, Thump.
Commanding me to kill. Kill.

"Must kill nonhuman. Can't kill sister-vampire. So... confused. Chikichiki."

"...... Akiha-sama. Why did SHIKI-sama want so much blood? My blood was enough for him to stay alive."
"Yes, your blood was enough for him. As a Synchronizer, your blood is more efficient and tasty.
But, reproduction and sucking blood are different.
It isn't just that there needs to be a lot of blood. Everyone's blood has a different taste. To something that has become accustomed to sucking blood, different flavors are desired."

"There is---no limit?"
"Yes. But this is more like a hobby, so if your will is strong enough, you can quit. If you want delicious blood, it is easy to obtain some.
...... Really, SHIKI and I just need the blood of one person."

This is obviously the hottest thing Shiki has ever seen, and he doesn't know how to cope. Chikichiki.

"...... Just the blood of one person?"
"Yes. For SHIKI, it may have been mine. That is why he never came here. ...... If he did that, the fun game would have been over."

"Yes, over completely. If you drink what would for you be the best blood, there would be nothing left afterwards.
I would kill the one I love the most, and drink up even their life. After that, the only thing left would be emptiness."
Akiha tightens her fingers around Kohaku's body.
Kohaku closes her eyes and endures Akiha's actions.
"...... That is why I will never go after the thing I want the most.
If there is a time for me to do that, then that is......"

Akiha and Kohaku collapse together.
Rustle, rustle.
Her red hair fills the room like a waterfall.

Watching lesbian vampire sister sex is bound to confuse the poor boy. Chikichiki.

Music: Stop

Music: Play Track 6


He doesn't know whether to jerk off or storm in and cut them to pieces, so he runs. Chikichiki.

Sucking blood.
Just like SHIKI, and joking with Kohaku as she sucked her blood.
Her red hair.
Kohaku. Kohaku. Kohaku-san. Disgracefully assaulted, by Makihisa.


I guess that kind of situation is very Tsukihime-like. Chikichiki.


Crimson hair.
A vermillion spider web.
Freakishly scarlet like the wings of a poisonous moth, the very color of evil.
Excessively beautiful, excessively poisonous.

Therefore---I am ruled by this strange feeling.

Underneath the brilliant sun, I walk through the woods.

I don't really know what it means either. Chikichiki.

"---Shut, up----"
The incessant racket does not stop.
The unnatural sounds.
I can hear them coming from behind me.

Chikichiki. Chikichiki. Chikichiki.

Some black insects are crawling around my back.

Haha, wow. He's really upset about Kohaku calling him a blockhead. Chikichiki.

*ahem* Chikichiki.

The insects gathered around my spine crawl into my brain through my neck.
Countless insects claw my back, crying out.
As the insects enter----a sick impulse almost seizes me.
The command to kill Tohno Akiha fills my brain.

There can be no mistake, the name of these insects is "The Urge to Kill".

Funny, I don't remember reading about that insect in my entomology book. Chikichiki.

"Shut, up---shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up..................!!!!!"
I slap the back of my neck with my hand.
I felt like I'd go crazy if I didn't.
I don't hate Akiha for sucking blood.

"In fact, I like her quite a bit better for it!" Chikichiki.

I only hate myself. I hate being filled with the command to kill her----

Music: Stop

"----Ah-----ha, ah-----"
Leaning my back against the wall, I catch my breath.
I can't control myself.
Just what's different between SHIKI and the way I am now?
...... No.
That isn't really important.
Why---why couldn't I understand her?

Music: Play Track 7

"-------Kohaku, san-----"
...... The word in Makihisa's journal.
The word "Synchronizer". Kohaku and Hisui weren't adopted, they were just brought here as tools.
The meaning.
I didn't know the meaning of what it meant by being Makihisa's servant. I didn't even try to understand.

---Every, every day, without end---

Akiha said that.
I don't have to think too hard about what Makihisa did.
If Makihisa was subject to the same violent urges as me, I understand all too clearly what he must have done.

---Always. That girl was always by the window.
Not knowing how to leave, or even how to beg for help.

Makihisa had no sympathy for Kohaku still being a little girl.
It was written in the journal.
Makihisa only saw Kohaku as a tool.
Just like a child. Placing all his emotions onto her.

There really isn't a big enough. ... Chikichiki.

I can't even imagine it.
That girl being locked in the mansion ever since childhood.
Looking down at us playing behind that clear wall of a window every day.

Despite this,
she gave me something important to her as I left.

After that.
For the sake of her younger sister, she began smiling in her own play.

----A terrible farce.

I misread that as 'A terrible face' and it made me laugh at a rather inappropriate time. Chikichiki.

...... Only, inside the play even she knows is a lie, all she can do is laugh?

What a terrible thing I've done.
...... Thinking that Kohaku-san was Hisui, I've spoke to her about my memories of the past.
The day of the welcome party.
While cooking with Kohaku-san, I spoke so happily about memories with Hisui.

...... My chest constricts.
I can't breathe.
My self that wants to kill Akiha.
My self that couldn't even understand what was going on.

"Sorry----sorry, Kohaku-san------"

My consciousness wavers.
My body enters a stupor.
For the first time,
I want to kill myself using my ability.

Oh it's not the first time, and it probably won't be the last either. Chikichiki.

Music: Stop

Music: Play Track 1

...... Akiha and Hisui are talking.
This is SHIKI's room.
It looks like I am sleeping on the bed.

I try to get out of bed, but I can't move at all.
My body is heavy like lead. All I can move freely are my mouth and eyes.
For an instant,
I think I am still dreaming.

Akiha's upset because Hisui is a blockhead Chikichiki.

...... I don't understand why they're like that.
But I understand that Hisui is being scolded because of me.

"...... Akiha-sama. I cannot help Shiki-sama if he collapses. Please give Nee-san my duty."

"...... That won't do. I can't let Kohaku near Nii-san. You shouldn't, either. Be with Kohaku every time she's here and never let her alone with Nii-san."

"I don't trust that kimono-wearing hussy one bit! Only I have sex with my brother! Chikichiki."

"But Akiha-sama, Shiki-sama's condition is getting worse. If he does not receive medicine from Nee-san, he will not even be able to stand."

"...... That is true. But, that's better for me."
Akiha murmurs this as she ponders.

"It's that much easier to rape him if he can't move. Chikichiki."

"Hisui, tell Nii-san to skip school for a few days when he wakes. He has not been well the past few days, so do not let him out of the room until he gets better.
I will contact his school."

"No, it was only natural for her to be angry. I did not realize that you had collapsed, Shiki-sama."
"----Geez. I'm used to it. And what's with Akiha wanting me to skip school?
I'm fine, so I don't really need intensive care or anything."

How could you say no to a face like that? Chikichiki.

I can't say no to those eyes.
"............ I understand. I'll rest from school tomorrow, is that acceptable?"

Hisui gives a weak, apologetic smile.

"...... Well then, please excuse me. If anything happens, please call for me."

---Hisui disappears with a bow.
The instant I become alone, sleepiness assails me.


In all seriousness, there does seem to be something wrong with my body.
I'm trying to stay awake, but it's no use.
Staring at the pattern on the ceiling, I easily fall asleep----

Music: Stop

Not too many more updates before the end now. I'll try and keep up the pace. Chikichiki.