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by Seorin

Part 24

I go out in town aimlessly.
Why the heck am I walking around here for no reason?

It's just a mistake.
There's no way she'll still be around, and it's not like I have any reason to talk to her.

So why did I think it was her?
Why----am I walking around town pointlessly like this?

Because you are a horny teenager.

"...... I have to go back to the mansion."

Yes, that's where the real action is. Maybe Kohaku will ask you to get naked again

I shake my head as if trying to clear my head of drunkenness and turn away from the nonexistent illusion of Arcueid.

Music: play track 1

"Welcome back, Shiki-sama."
"---Ah, yeah---thanks, Hisui."
I can barely reply since I'm bewildered by the respectfulness of it all.
"Um---were you waiting for me to come home?"
"Yes. Greeting the master is a servant's duty."
Answering very matter-of-factly, she doesn't even bat an eyelash.

Poor, dutiful Hisui... always waiting here alone for the chronically late Shiki.

"--Hisui, um--"

"I understand. Starting from tomorrow, I will await your return in the lobby."
Hisui gives a quick bow and opens the mansion gate.
Hisui turns around as she does so.

............ *sigh*
For some reason, the atmosphere isn't exactly conducive to conversation.
Hisui closes the gate after I pass through, then she silently walks to the entrance to open the door and leads me into the lobby.

Suddenly, Arcueid's face flashes in my mind.

It's normal for guys your age, don't worry about it.

Whether good or bad, it's probably just a reaction to the crazy two days I just had.
Perhaps spacing out here in my room will be good, giving my mind and heart a break.

Kohaku DID ask him to get naked again. ...and again, he made nothing of it.

Music: stop

Tick, tick, tick. The sound of the clock's second hand gets on my nerves.

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, creak, tick, tick, tick, tick----

I think I heard something mixed in with the ticking.
It sounded like the door opening, but who would be coming at this hour?