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by Seorin

Part 25

That single word... you have no idea how much pain and suffering you just brought on yourself.

It begins

Music: play track 1

"Akiha......? What are you doing here at this hour? And why is Kohaku-san with you? Did something happen?"
I slip out of bed as I speak.
After exchanging glances, they laugh.
"Geez Shiki-san, you're too out of it. Akiha-sama and I are here because there is something."
Kohaku-san giggles.

I don't understand what's so funny.

"Kohaku, laughing like that is rude to Nii-san. I understand how you feel, but you shouldn't surprise him too much. We have to save the fun for later, right?"

Anybody but Akiha... why does Akiha have to be the one saying that?

"Oh, forgive me Akiha-sama. He's just so cute when he doesn't understand simple things like this, so I couldn't help it."

"...... That's true. Certainly Nii-san is a bit dense. I mean, not even realizing why the two of us would come here this late at night, not even knowing his own position.
Yes, he's just like an innocent little puppy. Cute, but clueless."

With a cold smile, Akiha looks my way.

"Aki, ha............?"
Seeing her eyes finally makes me understand that there's something wrong with the way they are acting.
...... How should I say it. I don't sense any hostility, but it feels like they are up to something.

You're his fucking SISTER, of course he's not getting in the mood!

"----? Um, Akiha. I still don't know what you are trying to say, but......"

"Geez, Nii-san. Just what kind of upbringing did you have at the Arima household?
Look, someone of the opposite sex is in your room at night. A gentleman of your age should be excited just by that, but you're acting like normal. It's just natural for a woman like me to be shocked by that."
She glares at me.

That line is very indicative of the kind of logic used in most of this game's sex scenes.

"...... Wait a minute, Akiha. I would notice if girls were in my room, but you guys are different. We're brother and sister, so this isn't a big deal, and Kohaku-san comes to check around every night."
Yeah, that's why this isn't surprising.
Akiha is my little sister, and Kohaku-san is a servant.
It isn't a big deal for them to come here, day or night, so I really don't----

You're not the only one that feels uneasy.

...... For example,

Like my true feelings of not being able to accept Akiha as my sister yet since she's changed so much since I last saw her.


Like my true feelings of me starting to feel more for Hisui and Kohaku-san than I should to just servants.

It feels like she is staring into my hidden feelings and I feel guilty.

"Oh? What's wrong, Nii-san? Suddenly looking away like that... you look like you're hiding something."
I realize my cheeks are getting red.
"O-of course not......! Just tell me what you want. If we don't get some sleep soon, tomorrow will be difficult."
Not to be defeated, I match her stare.

And then,
For some reason, Akiha gives a bored sigh.

Yes, yes she did.

"Akiha, what are---"

"Oh? Is it okay for you to stand up with your body?
You have anemia, so you should be calm during the night.
You seem to be lacking sleep even now, and you were tired for the past few days, right? Please pay more attention to your health, Nii-san. Your body is very weak.
So, won't you collapse if you keep pushing yourself like this?"

Her words seem to affect me.

"---What are you saying? I'm fine---"
"Oh? Funny, you're looking a little strained to me.
As if...... yes, your breathing is going to get wilder, your blood will feel sluggish in your veins, and see, your hands and feet are going to start feeling cold."


"Hey----Stop, it. If you say that-----"
I really... will feel... dizzy---

Music: stop

"You are like a scarecrow, you being the only one not noticing that.
Wearing old clothes, bamboo for arms and legs. From far away he looks human... but once you look close, it's just something made up to take human form."

I wish I could say the sex scenes don't get any creepier than this, but oh do they ever.

Why did she suddenly start talking about all this nonsense?-----

"Really, you still don't understand?
Your face is pale and your mind is numb.
You really are like a scarecrow, that you don't even want to admit to that. Don't you think so too, Kohaku? That Nii-san is like an ornament that could break at any time."
"Stu...... That, can't----"

be true. It can't, but...
Why----why am I really feeling dizzy----

...and now Shiki learns the importance of carrying a rape whistle.

Music: play track 5

"Akiha-sama? Um, did we overdo it......? He looks like he really has anemia......"
...... Kohaku-san's, voice.
"What are you talking about, Kohaku? You're the one who put some drugs into his dinner, so he will be a little dazed.
I only wanted him to sleep a bit. I could have done that myself."
...... Akiha sounds dissatisfied.
"...... Hey, you two."
I call out to them, still lying down.
My arms and legs won't work, but I somehow manage to turn my neck and look at both of them.

"Shiki-san is very pure, so I guess suggestion seems to work easily on him. I suppose that's a good trait about him too."

...... It seems they are ignoring me.

"Yes, but Kohaku, when they are too pure... don't they make you want to dominate them?"

...... She looks over at me.

"A----Aki, ha?"
She doesn't say a word.
...... Thump. My heart beats loudly.
Her face is entirely devoid of expression, but her eyes---her eyes glow like a predator stalking her prey-----

"Domination, huh? Well, I like seeing his troubled face as much as his happy face, so I understand what you mean, Akiha-sama."
...... Next to Akiha, Kohaku-san tilts her head.
Akiha doesn't look at Kohaku-san, but she gives a small nod.

"Let's see, it's like a painting.
Hey Kohaku, let's say there's a painting that is well done, but not magnificent. Because it's well done, you don't have any complaints, but you can't like it because it's just well done and doesn't have anything interesting about it.
In that case, do you know how to make it special for you, Kohaku?"
"Umm, let's see...... I don't know, Akiha-sama."

"---Isn't it beautiful just thinking about it?
I feel love and regret for that painting.
The pain as the painting gets ruined, anger at myself for ruining it, frustration because it's beyond repair, and more than anything else, the fact that I am the only one who can break it is absolute.
I think it is the happiness of owning it. Because it is the only one, and because the wounds on it are put on there by me, you feel more attached to it.
Because the more marks you put on it, the more it becomes yours."

----Without any motion.
Like a machine, Akiha laughs.

"Hey, Kohaku. Don't you want to break that?
I think it will be... enjoyable."

"Wha----Hey, Akiha............!"
I shout.
But Akiha doesn't respond, and Kohaku-san with her smile,

"Yes. I understand, Akiha-sama,"

responds like that.

I rally all of the strength in my body.
I strain as hard I can and order my lifeless limbs to stand.
I strain.
I gradually feel my ability to move my arms and legs starting to return---

I feel a tinge in the back of my head.
I don't know what those two are thinking.
But being bound hand and foot on my bed, just imagining what I look like makes me go crazy.
Having them see me like that, I'm so embarrassed I want to die----

Death would be preferable to what's about to happen.

"Eh-----Kohaku, san?"
Still smiling, she gazes down at me tied down.
Her look is far more frightening than Akiha's sharp gaze.
Is it like the cruelty of young kids? Kohaku-san seems to be enjoying this far more than Akiha.

This is where the scene cuts out and we break to the next chapter. My script, on the other hand, does not. For humor's sake I've replaced much of the dirty language (and even some fairly tame language, again for humor) with the names of cookies or cookie-related things, but most of the language is merely suggestive and difficult to straight replace. If you wish to skip this anyway, skip down to the next (also, the next chapter picture). Any of my snarky comments for the duration will be made using instead.

She straddles me as she begins her work.
In that position, she slowly undoes the buttons of my shirt, one by one.
With this task complete, her fingers move down to my pants.

"Wha, wha, wha............!"
I try to flail around, but it's no use.
I hear a dry, metallic sound.
Kohaku-san slowly begins to slide my zipper down.

"------Wha, what, are you, do............!"
I can barely speak.
I can't understand how or why all this is happening.

I can't grasp how I came to be tied to my bed, or why Kohaku-san is taking off my clothes.

"Aha! Shiki-san, you're so small and you look so cute!"
Kohaku-san speaks happily from somewhere near my pelvis.

Something tells me that's not really what Shiki wanted to hear.

Being bound and stared at by Akiha's cool gaze makes me shrivel even more.
The rope creaks as I strain against it.
Embarrassed, I wanted to cover myself with both hands.
But bound as I am, I can't even do that.
Akiha continues to stare at me without speaking.
Blood rushes to my head.

I grit my teeth.
"It's okay, Shiki-san. I'll help you perk up, so don't worry..."
With no regard for what I want, Kohaku-san's fingers reach out to me.
My back arches in response.
Her fingers crawl up my thigh like an unhurried spider, her ultimate destination all too obvious.

One by one, they continue to advance with insidious slowness.
So slowly. The feeling of being touched by someone else. ...... And the sensation that it is nearing my most personal space, throws my brain headlong into chaos.

"Mm----Shiki-san, for you to be this excited already... what a naughty boy you are."

You said it was okay to be naughty...

...... Kohaku-san keeps going.
The delicate fingers creeping up my thigh---finally arrive at their destination.
"----, -----!"
A jolt rushes through me.
With just her finger, so softly they barely make contact, Kohaku-sa-Kohaku plays around... my whole... Soft Batch Oatmeal Raisin.

"Ha----, gh----"
---I don't... understand.
Does it feel this good to be touched by someone else, or are her fingers special?
My blood starts pounding as her hand takes me in a light embrace.
Thump. Thump.
In spite of my conscience, I find myself starting to get hard.

"Mm...... Shiki-san, you have to speak up----"

The bed creaks.
Just now---I felt something slippery glide along the length of my Nutty White Chocolate Delight.
"Hey----Kohaku... san---!"
I lift my head and look down at her.

Even though I expected it,
looking at the scene enchants my already confused brain.


"A, Ah, Akiha..................!!!!"
"Yes? Why are you screaming like that, Nii-san?"
"Why am I...!? ...... What are you thinking......!? Do you know what I'll do to you later for this......!?"
"...... Goodness. You still don't seem to realize your position Nii-san. If you keep resisting us like this, we can't be nice to you."
Narrowing her eyes in disappointment, Akiha glares at me.
...... Is it because she was left alone in the Tohno mansion these past eight years? Her gaze is as sharp as a blade, and unspeakably commanding.

"A----Aki, ha...... What, are you thinking----"
My questioning voice starts to fade away.
Akiha gives a brief snort and looks at me as I lay tied to the bed.

"What am I thinking? Does it need to be said? I'm just paying you back, Nii-san."
"? Paying me back......?"
Not understanding, I dumbly echo her words.

----And then,
Akiha laughs like it was so funny.

"Yes, payback. You who left me all alone and ran away from the Tohno house, I have to pay you back for many things.
These past eight years----I want you to know how much I've suffered."
...... When she puts it like that, there's nothing I can say back.
It's true I left Akiha alone to go live with the Arimas. It's also true that I became Arima's child and tried to forget about the Tohno family.

I think I'm going to be sick.

"I see, so you're going to take me lightly. ...... Too bad. I was going to go easy on you, but I've changed my mind."
Her eyes narrow.
...... It's probably a glare, but for just an instant, it seemed like it contained enjoyment.

"Stupid Nii-san. You are no different from a fish on my plate. How I bring you to my mouth is my choice, but you never realized it until the very end."
After saying that,
Akiha licks her lips as if she really had just eaten.

"----Okay Kohaku. Show Nii-san just how much of a beast he is."

"Yes, I understand. ...... But Akiha-sama, is it really okay for me to service him?"
There is no emotion in Kohaku-san's voice.
After a brief silence,
"----Of course. We're siblings.
There is no affection between us even if we pretend, and besides, I certainly can't touch him. ...... I don't really like Nii-san anyway."
She looks away from me.

Oh how I wish that were true.

...... My chest hurts for some reason.
I should be getting mad at Akiha for doing this to me, so why----do her words weigh down on me so much?
"...... Let's stop, Akiha. I don't know how I can make up for what I did, but I'll apologize for what's happened until now. So stop doing this.
If you think about it, this really isn't normal. I don't know how you think of me, but you're my sister. So----"
Her whisper sounds mad.


"I don't want to hear that word out of you.
And Nii-san, no matter what you say, your body is enjoying my discipline. It's been pleading for more all this time."
Having said that, my whole body becomes hot.
Just like she said, my Mini Mint Milano has hardened from Kohaku-san's teasing.
Even though I deny it with my words, my body seems to have a mind of its own.

"------A, gg............!"
More than just her touch, the simple fact that it's Kohaku's fingers causes my mind to white out.

Kohaku's fingers.
Their soft touch make me more excited.

"Oh... Shiki-san, you're becoming more like a man. You're so lively. Amazing."
Her voice is getting heated.
"But there is still a long way to go. See--Akiha-sama is watching, so you should make it a little bigger."

her fingers start to move.
Sliding sensually up and down my entire Vienna Finger.

"Ts----, ah.........!"
I let out a weak gasp.
Unprepared for this sudden attack, my back arches in surprise.
"Hm...... You really are excited. I can't believe you're getting bigger."
Kohaku sounds as if she really is impressed, using three fingers to stroke my Chocolate Peanut Butter Flutter like she is playing with a new toy.
"Ah----, Kohaku, s... to---"
It almost feels as if she's squeezing me rather than stroking me.
She grins like she is truly enjoying this.

"Now, now, Shiki-san. Akiha-sama is watching you, so you have to make sure she can hear you."

Kohaku-san moves her fingers as if she's enjoying this.
My swollen Apple Flip is already rock hard----but Kohaku-san's fingers manipulate it as if it were as soft as clay.

"Ah------, gg-------"
It really does feel like clay.
Kohaku-san's delicate fingers swirl around the surface like a master craftsman working an old, familiar potter's wheel.
Twisting. Pushing. Squeezing. Stretching.
Her fingers dart playfully here and there like a school of icefish.
Totally disconnected from my mind, my Marshmallow Supreme is shaped according to Kohaku-san's will.

".............................. Yes. ...... Nii-san... is mine... after all------"

Her voice is very soft, almost inaudible.

"Heh, that's how it is. Do you understand Shiki-san? No matter what happens, you must only think of Akiha-sama, okay?"

No, no that is NOT okay!

Saying that,
the gentle movement of her fingers changes.
For just an instant,
she grabs my Strawberry Verona with one hand, and pushes at the tip with her thumb----

"Ha, ah----,...............!"
A weak groan sneaks past my lips, despite my attempts to stifle it.
Kohaku's fingers return to their gentle caressing.

"Ohh. You can't keep it in, can you, Shiki-san? Does it really feel that good? Even though I'm doing this to you against your will, and Akiha-sama is watching, it really feels so good that you can't even hold back?"
Kohaku's teasing voice.
"You're wrong----"
"It's not wrong. Even though Akiha-sama is watching you, you let your voice out because it felt good. Shiki-san, you are her Onii-san, but you couldn't even hold yourself back in front of Akiha-sama."

"............, a............"
I hear the half-hidden sounds of breathing coming from near the wall.

"Going back and forth like this and twitching so much... how dirty."
Kohaku san's words are so embarrassing I look away.

nn......... ah............, ha...............

------What is it?
From just beyond the edge of my vision,
comes the sound of suppressed exhalation----

"Hehe----but even though you're this dirty, it's still very pretty.
Your dough is stretched tight, and it has no weird spots. Most cookies look very ugly down here, but yours is very different Shiki-san."
She says this happily, then purses her lip together and blows against my Tiny Teddy.
Her soft, hot breath swirls around my throbbing Empire Biscuit.

I can't stand it, so I close my eyes.
I can't even deny Kohaku's words. No matter what I say, I'm still bound hand and foot, erect in front of Akiha.
It----is too embarrassing. I can't look them in the eyes.

"Don't you think so too, Akiha-sama? Right here, Shiki-san is hard and erect--like the antlers of a stag."
"Eh......... ah, y...... yes...... I can't believe...... that is Nii-san."
Her faltering voice is mixed with what sounds like heavy breathing.

In or out of context, that may well be the most disturbing line in the entire game.

"Sorry, Shiki-san."

Speaking without a hint of apology in her voice, Kohaku brings her face between my Snow Puffs.
At that instant----an incandescent shock of lighting races through my back.

I feel something... wet.
My hot, burning Teddy Graham suddenly comes into contact with something very wet-----
I throw my head up, and in that instant, lose all the remaining reason I have left.
Kohaku's tongue is licking my Caramel deLite.


"Mm...... Shiki-san, so... hot."
"Tss........., tss........."
Kohaku's... sweet breath swirling around me... is making me crazy.
I feel my entire being focus on that one point.

......... ha.....................

"...... mm...... n, mhm, ah...... n......"
Her fingers hold my Oatmeal CinnaRaisin Cravin'... and as I swell, she licks me with her delicate pink tongue.
"Ah----mm...... Shiki... san---"
...... Her movements... are very careful and enthusiastic.

...... Hwa......... nn......... Nii-san, how...... dirty......

When the Japanese have sex, they use lots of ellipses.

............ Ah............ N, nn............

"Shiki-san...... hey, Shiki-san, does... it... feel good......?"
She looks at me with glittering, upturned eyes.
But she still doesn't stop caressing me.

............... ah,............ nn. aah----!

"It feels good, doesn't it......? Since you're feeling good, I also... feel----"
"A----, ha, gh----............!"
Resisting the heat rising inside of me, I grip the oven dials.

............ mm............ nn, haah, ah------

Her dainty, delicate fingers continue to embrace my Shortbread.
Indecent slurping noises.
From my Cranberry White Chocolate Duo to my Buttery Pecan Decadence, her fingers stroke me with wet slopping noises.

"See Shiki-san, if I do this, you will----!"

She slides her fingers even harder.
"-----, ah-----!"

............ mm, ah............!

I'm not the only one experiencing this pleasure.

No... please don't tell me... gahhh

...... My mind is blank and I can't quite understand what's happening.
All I can see is Akiha's indecent state.
Her white Thin Mints are positioned unabashedly on the chair, spread apart as if they were ready to receive a Sugar Wafer.

"Haa...... ah...... Nii-san, how----"

I hear the sounds of fabric on moist dough.
Her pure white Mallomars were wet and stuck directly to her.

"Aah, mm...... dirty...... Nii-san...... making that kind of a face----!"
Her fingers rub her Ginger Snaps over her swollen Peanut Butter Patties.
Her long middle finger, like a well-crafted work of art, slides up and down along the crevice formed in her Lemon Pastry Creme.

"Ah----haa, ah------ah............!!"

Breathing heavily and appearing as if she can't see anything, Akiha continues moving her fingers.
As her essence drips onto the chair, she goes from one finger to two.

"Ah......, nn.........! Ha, no----Nii-san, more, har... der------!"
Her body starts to tremble softly.
Her Oatmeal Creme Pies, the chair, and her fingers are coated with dripping juices as Akiha continues to pleasure herself.

"Ah, ha...... a, Nii, san----Shiki-Niisan, you--just don't... know----!"
Akiha breathes heavily, as if trying to expel something hot from inside her.
I realize her passionate breathing is strangely----matching itself to the rhythm of my own.

Why does she have to keep calling him Nii-san? Goddammit, can't the game just let me forget?!

"----, Ah, ha.........!"
I don't even know what she's doing anymore.
My body bound by Kohaku, my mind bound by Akiha... I don't even know where I am.

"Ts---ha, kk............!"
Thump. A sensation rises from my hips.
...... Am I climaxing even without me knowing about it?
What I've held back for so long is already released.
But I'm still erect as Kohaku continues to play with me.

----No, am I wrong?

"Mm----Nii-san, louder----so I can hear, Shi... ki----!"
Akiha moans so wildly I think she might break herself.
The sight of her writhing figure soaks my brain.

"Ah----Hwaa, ah, ah----Nii-san...... Nii-san, Nii-san Nii-san Nii-san......!! Even though I love you so much Nii-san,----!"

Stop saying that!

Akiha frantically calls my name.
Ashamed, but unable to stop herself, she asks for me with her fingers.
A deep breath.
Her sighs are so hot they might burn me if they touch my skin.

"...... A...... Aki... ha...... this----"
"...... Ha, haaa----ah...... kk, mm......!!"
Akiha's back arches.
...... She doesn't see me or even hear my voice.
Well, for that matter,
her voice and image don't reach me either.

"Akiha----I... you-----"
"Nii... san----more, more----"
My mind is melting.
I don't even know who is caressing my Chocolate Raspberry Truffle right now.
It's Kohaku's mouth. But in reality, only Akiha's voice matters.

"Nn-----Shiki, my... Shiki.........!!"
With my impulse comes that voice.

My body is drained of energy.
Spurt. Spurt.
My pent up emotions spray all over the kitchen, dirtying the counters.

Yes, that's right... they're in a... kitchen. Baking cookies. Very, very delicious cookies.


I can't hear her voice anymore.

"Ha----ah, ah------"
My raging heart gradually begins to calm.
With that, everything that I had tried so hard to resist, and the person that was the brother of Akiha... crumbles away----

Music: stop



It's finally over, but the memories will forever scar my mind...

Music: play track 2

I stare down at my hands.
They are a little sweaty. My body is drenched in sweat as well, as if last night was incredibly hot.
What's more, I'm panting heavily.

I shake both my hands.
"...... I can... move......"
There isn't any mark left on my wrist from the ropes.
The bed is clean, and neither the chair Akiha was sitting on nor Kohaku-san are anywhere to be seen.


Akiha, and Kohaku-san......?

I jump out of bed.
I wildly look around the room.
I see--

"......... There's... no one........."

Right, no one's here.
The bed doesn't look rumpled--and that cold Akiha isn't there either.

As soon as I realize it, I heave a sigh of relief. I shut my eyes and catch my breath.
This is my room.
It is before seven in the morning.
I am the only one here, and of course Kohaku-san and Akiha are nowhere to be seen.
"Ha.................. a."
Yeah, I knew.
I know it was a dream. Now that I'm calm, I know she wouldn't ever do anything like that.
In that instance, what happened last night was not real.

...... But, it was without a doubt a dream.
That has to be true.

Why did I see that dream?
...... Well, certainly Akiha is strict, and she is the head of the Tohno household, so it makes her the most powerful person here.
But she wouldn't do that.
She is my dear sister, but seeing that dream--Does that mean I'm seeing her as a woman?


I remember her cold stare, like ice.
I hug myself to make sure this is real.

"Damn--what the hell am I thinking?"
Lusting after my sister, there really is something wrong. ...... Well, she is different after eight years, like a completely different person. She seems more like a refined young lady I've never met. But still--
"...... But...... she was... really cute."

Words cannot express how much I hate you.

--I blush furiously as I remember.

Maybe it was only a dream within a dream, but I remember Akiha feeling herself while wildly calling my name.
I know it truly is forbidden, but I recall the dream and just sit there thinking about it.

"Hi, Hihi, Hisui...... !? H, how long have you been there!?"
"Since before you awoke, Shiki-sama."
She speaks with her usual lack of expression.
Still lying on the floor tangled in the sheets and unable to stand, I look up at Hisui's face.

"...... Before I... woke up......"

--Then, that means...
Hisui saw my face when I was having that dream?

My face turns deep red.

Hisui just stands there, expressionless as usual, and makes no attempt to speak.

"Um...... did I look... strange......?"

"I do not wish to describe it."
...... I knew it. I must've looked really weird.

"But, if you insist, Shiki-sama, I can describe as accurately as I can."

"The most disturbing part was when you were rubbing your crotch and calling out your sister's name..."

"...... No, you don't have to do that......"
My face still flushed, I speak in a fading voice.

"What is it, Shiki-sama?"
"Um...... I'm going to change, so would you mind waiting outside?"
--Or rather, I'm so embarrassed I just want her to leave.
But Hisui doesn't obey today of all days.

"Once I can confirm you are awake, I will leave the room, Shiki-sama."
Huh? Is, is is is she joking!?
Why does she think I'm covering myself up in these sheets!?
It's to hide something that's still standing!

Like it doesn't do that every other morning anyway

"I, I'm fine, so please leave. I can get up, and I won't go back to sleep. I'll change and go to the sitting room as soon as you leave."
"Shiki-sama--Are you hurt and unable to stand......?"

Hisui approaches me out of worry.
"No, that's not it. I'm standing----I mean I can stand, so don't worry about it."
I crawl pulling my sheets like a slug, and gain some distance from her.
Using the bed as a barrier, I get far enough away.

But Kohaku does the cooking...

I was so surprised.
The contents of my dream were surprising enough, but knowing Hisui saw me while I was dreaming is very troubling.
...... Or is it my own fault for having that kind of dream about Akiha?

"...... I guess it is my fault. Having a dream like that about my own sister."
I give a sigh of self-loathing.
For my sake and for Akiha's reputation, I should just forget about it as soon as possible.

Indeed, he is very "unwell"... but I don't think he's sick. Wait, yes, he is sick... very fucking sick

"I'm fine--! It's just a minor cold, so don't worry!"

"If it is a cold, then I can't let it go by. For you, a trivial illness is a big deal. The strength of your immune system is much lower than most people's."

Akiha seems to be fed up and puts her hand on my forehead.

The sensation of her cool, delicate hand.
White, slender fingers.
So different from those of a man. Delicate, beautiful, white fingers------

What the hell is wrong with you?!

This isn't good.
This isn't good at all, so I break loose and run out to the lobby.