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Part 29

As covered previously, Shiki's anemia is when his blood won't leave his head. This needs no further comment.

"It's smaller than I expected. I thought a 'school' would be much bigger than this----kyaa!"
I grab Arcueid's arm.
"----You, come with me."
Dragging Arcueid behind me, I dash to a place where people won't see us.

Way to go, Shiki, now look what you did. Look at that face... she looks like a beaten puppy!

"Don't worry about that! Since I said I'd help, any extra work we'll do together, so just forget about it.
...... Geez. You're weakest during the middle of the day yet you still leave. Do you just enjoy making me worry?"
"Ah---I'm, sorry."
"No, as long as you understand, it's okay---uh, Arcueid?"

"But you're at fault too, Shiki. I was watching for the longest time from the courtyard, but you never noticed me.
I didn't know how to get inside, so I was thinking about dashing up to where you were."
"Dash up? You mean to my classroom on the third floor?"

"Yes, footing wouldn't be difficult on the veranda, and it's really easy to jump up there."

I take it all back.
As usual, she completely lacks any common sense.

"...... Good. That wouldn't have been pretty if you did that."
I breathe a sigh of relief.
I don't think many people noticed her.
In the first place, there's only a few desks that can look out into the courtyard.

"---And? So why the heck did you come to my school? You said you were looking for clues."

"I just felt something from around here. Then I picked up your scent and realized it was your school."
"...... So you weren't thinking and you just came for no reason?"
I give a frown. Is she a dog or something?

This is completely unimportant. Let us continue to drive home the point about just how unimportant this is.

----And then,
the chime rings announcing the end of fourth period.

"---Oh no, is it lunch already?"
Even though most people don't stay by this grove, since it's lunchtime, there'll be lots of people walking by.

"Quick! If people see us talking they'll think I'm banging some hot foreigner! Wait... if people see us talking... they'll think I'm banging some hot foreigner..."

"Ah, that's just your imagination, so hurry on back. Otherwise things might get a little hairy."
Go, go. I push her from behind.
Though her eyes indicate she wants to say something, she just leaves silently.

After watching Arcueid leave, I return to the courtyard.

What is it?
Someone is looking this way.

"Sen...... pai?"
No mistake, it's Ciel-senpai.
But---why is she making that expression?
She has a fearsome expression that almost makes me doubt it's actually her.

It was the same look she had on her face when she knocked Shiki on his ass in the hallway.

"More than that, did you eat lunch yet? If not, would you like to eat with me?"
I try and play it all off casually.

"I'm sorry, I already have someone else. Please ask me some other time."

For an instant, she looks incredibly down as she says that.

"...... Senpai? What's wrong? You don't look too well."

"No, that isn't it. It's just that... it's true that fun things end rather quickly, Tohno-kun."
She gives a brilliant smile in contrast to before.
With that, she walks inside by herself.

Nothing at all is strange or unusual about Ciel. This is not even remotely obvious.

Music: stop


Music: play track 1

"That Akiha. I wonder if she's still mad like this morning......"

Can you stop thinking about Akiha for five fucking minutes?

...... Well, that can't be helped either.
I can't tell her the truth, so I'll probably just continue to be hated as a terrible older brother.

"Um, Akiha isn't back yet?"
"No. She told me to tell you she would be back especially late tonight so please eat dinner on your own, Shiki-sama."

...... I knew she'd still be angry from this morning.

I slump my shoulders as I start to walk to my room.
---And then,

Hisui looks around the lobby before she speaks again.