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Part 32

That's... not why we picked obey. SHIKI

"Hisui, tell Kohaku that Nii-san is awake. Nii-san, what about dinner?"

No! Don't tell Kohaku!

"...... Oh yeah. No, tell Kohaku-san I'm sorry, but I don't think I can eat right now. I'm just going to go to sleep."
"...... I understand. Then Hisui, tell Kohaku that."

Phew... crisis averted...

Still looking downcast, Hisui nods and leaves the room.

...... Now then.
Lying in bed, I start to feel sleepy again.
Like this, I bet I could fall asleep in less than a minute.

----But, before that,

"Akiha. There's a place like that in the garden?"

"Yes. When we were children, we used to play there often."
"Oh. For some reason, I don't remember it well."
...... Yeah. I really did forget all about it.

It only took you almost 8 full chapters to figure that one out.

Music: stop

Music: play track 9

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

...... Is the window open?
I can hear the soft singing of birds from the garden.
A cool breeze blows across my face.
I feel the sunlight hitting my eyelids.
A quiet, gentle atmosphere.

A gentle morning.

I guess I fell asleep last night as Akiha cared for me, and slept till now.
Lying down, my body feels heavy.
But I feel much better than I did yesterday.
I decide to open my eyes and sit up.


Oh god get it off where the hell did you come from?!

"Ah. The little rascal finally woke up."

...... I see Arcueid's face right in front of mine.

My brain goes blank and stops working due to this unexpected event.
My mouth opens and closes, but my voice seems to be missing.

---Seriously, what's going on?

Arcueid is in front of me.
This is my room.
It's past nine o'clock in the morning,
She's come inside, still wearing her shoes; that's all I know for now.

I think it might be really rude to walk in a house with your shoes on in Japan, but I don't know the details or even if I'm dead wrong.

What are you doing on my bed?! Wait... what are YOU doing on my bed?

Arcueid glares at me as I lay in bed.

"...... W-Wait, Arcueid. W-Why are you in my room this morning......!?"
I start to shout, but I stop myself.
If I shouted now, Hisui would come here and it would all be over.

---Everything is still chaotic, but my brain can grasp that much.

"A-Anyway, move......! Just going into someone's room, threatening a sleeping person, don't you know how awful that is......!?"
"What's with that attitude? I came here because you broke your promise. Sleeping while making someone wait, just what in the world were you planning?"
She stares at me ill-temperedly.

...... I calm down.

That's right. I really did break my promise to meet Arcueid last night.

Yes, that's a perfectly valid reason for her to break into your house and assault you while you sleep.

He's still hung up on those shoes.

"...... I see, since I broke my promise, I'm at fault here. But sneaking in here is going a little far, you know."
"This isn't your house, Shiki."
She gives a quick retort.

"You know, I really was angry before. I waited for many hours, and as soon as I realized you weren't coming, I got so incredibly angry.
I was thinking I would never let this happen again and I'd rip your throat out."
She speaks, still looking ill-tempered.

Arcueid does not know the meaning of the word 'moderation'.

"Do you get it, Shiki? That feeling, I couldn't resist it. Even though I know I should calm down, the more I thought about it, the angrier I got."
As if she still felt that way, her red eyes seem to blame me.

"Yeah... I guess you can't help yourself."
Giving thanks to God my neck is still attached, I keep the conversation going.

"Right, sure, rip my throat out... I guess it is my fault for breaking my promise."

Oh, Shiki, you charmer.

"But, I thought it would be a waste.
...... I don't know what I look like when I sleep, but I thought it would be real good if I slept like you did.
I wondered why you look so peaceful while I watched you sleep.
While I was doing that, my anger disappeared, and then you woke up."

"...... Then you've been here this whole time? From last night until now?"
"Yeah. People from this house came in a few times, but I hid myself so it was okay.
A girl also came to wake you up, but I didn't like her so I sent her away."
Arcueid laughs brightly.

"Wait, you sent her away? How?"
"I wasn't rough. Didn't I tell you before that vampires have Mystic Eyes of Enchantment? I merely used suggestion on her, saying that 'Shiki has already gone to school' and didn't leave any memory of her meeting me."
"No memory? You......"
Really are a troublesome person.
...... Well, even if she is troublesome, at least she took care not to be detected.

Promising to not break any more promises doesn't really inspire much confidence... unless you're making that promise to Arcueid. What a pair.

"Are you sure?"
"I'm sure. Because I now realize your revenge is scary......"
Still lying down, I raise my hands in surrender.

All of a sudden, her bad mood disappears completely. Arcueid gives a satisfied nod and says 'alright'.

Music: stop

Music: play track 2

"What am I doing? I'm just waiting for you to change. You're not going to go out in those clothes, right?"
"Well, yeah. No one walks around in pajamas... Wait, Arcueid?"
"Yeah, I was thinking we'd spend the day together, Shiki. You said you'd make it up for breaking your promise, didn't you?"
Arcueid says this casually, as if it was the most natural thing in the world.