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Part 53

Not like we have much choice

Chapter 15

Shiki stays around the hotel room, watching Arcueid sleep (Shiki LIKES to watch ). He drifts off to sleep as he watches her and recalls a distant memory of a hot summer day, the sound of Akiha crying, and a bloody child on the ground in front of her.

An angry Arcueid wakes him up, upset that he fell asleep instead of guarding her. Arcueid gives Shiki a long lesson about vampires, focusing mostly on information about Dead Apostles. Finally, Arcueid asks Shiki how he killed her and he explains about the lines that only he can see. She opens the curtains like an idiot and basks in the moonlight, asking Shiki to look at her 'lines' in the moonlight, and Shiki notes that they are almost nonexistent. Arcueid explains that she is more powerful at night, and then curiously asks to see Shiki's glasses.

For once, you're on to something.

"--Not even just to look at. I know about your ridiculous powers, after seeing you in that alley. What would I do if you crushed them by accident?"
"Hey! What do you mean 'ridiculous powers'? Let me tell you, in terms of non-fighting strength, you're stronger than I am. I won't break things at random."
Saying that, Arcueid extends her hands as if she is about to take them by force.

...... Her attitude is becoming more and more suspicious.

"Huh? N... no, that's not it at all."
...... Arcueid is obviously trying not to look at me.
"--Come on, Arcueid.
I don't know what you're planning, but if I lose these glasses, I won't be in any position to help you. If I were to see the lines 24 hours a day, I think I'd die from the headache before I'd go mad."

Chapter 16

Arcueid yaps Shiki's ears off for hours on end for the pure thrill of it. After Shiki's stomach growls they launch into a discussion about food, and Arcueid tells Shiki that she doesn't suck blood (in direct contradiction to what she said in the fucking alleyway, I might add). A blue crow spies Arcueid through the window and she recognizes it as a familiar of Nrvnsqr. He leaves an ominous message that he is on his way, and then the hotel erupts in chaos (aren't I clever?). After a few moments of silence, Shiki asks his panelists what he should do.

Shiki's danger-sense is broken.

The floor below is being noisy.
Perhaps the shock woke up the guests and maybe they're complaining to the hotel people.
It's still four in the morning, but even so, the noise is as loud as that of a festival.

---Even that falls silent a few minutes later.

Music: stop

"Are you prepared, Shiki?"
Arcueid whispers in the dark.

"...... Prepared, for what?"
I don't even have to ask her.

---If remaining in here was a mistake...

It was.

Then that question was also a mistake.

It was.

I turn towards the door at the sound of it breaking.
No sound escapes from my mouth.
As I turn around, bright white teeth fill my vision.

Chapter 20

Ciel informs us that staying in the room was a bad fucking idea.