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Part 61

Fancy meeting YOU here...

Music: play track 1

"Yes. I wanted to see you, so I came."
Senpai says this with a smile as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

"You came to see me----no way."
"But it's happening. In reality, I'm here right now."
"That's why I'm saying this isn't real......! It's already this late! This is my room too, so it's not a place where you can just come in......!"

Why couldn't you have told me the last one was a dream this early on?

Senpai smiles.
...... Senpai is her usual self.
But, I feel there's something---incredibly wrong with her.
Her eyes normally full of kindness now look like they are planning on something.
Her polite words are rather making me uneasy.

---No, what is the most strange is this situation where Senpai is in my room.

I steal a glance at the clock.
It's still past three o'clock in the morning.
Such a thing---

"No, there can't be such a realistic dream......!"
I get up from bed.
I try to walk towards Senpai who is in the middle of my room.

"H......... uh?"
My legs. My legs won't move at all......!?

"That won't do, moving on your own like that. Please stay there, Tohno-kun."
"...... Please stay here?---hold on, Senpai.
My legs, why won't they move......?"

"A dream?---please stop fooling around. Why in the world are you in my room at this hour, Senpai!?"

Bringing you bread! Moist, delicious bread!

"Do you need to ask? There is only one reason for a girl to come to a boy's room you know."
Blushing, she gives a smile loaded with meaning.

"Eh...... only one...... um, Senpai?"
Uh, um, ah---that's not to make some delicious food, or to play a card game, so---

I swear I didn't edit that.

"Yes. Let's do something dirty."

With her normal carefree tone,
Senpai says something outrageous.

"H---Hey, what are you saying, Senpai......!? Wh-wh-why are you thinking that, all of a sudden......!"
I wildly wave my hands in the air as I blush furiously.
I don't know how this situation came about, but there's something definitely wrong with what Senpai is saying.

Dude, you've been staring at her chest almost constantly since you met her and NOW you get embarrassed?

"Oh enough already. Isn't this strange? Why would you say such a thing to me......!?"

"...... "
Senpai sighs. "I understand, you don't want to do it because it's me."
"Ah---no, that's not it...... w-w-well, I mean that's it! But, isn't this odd?
To me, you are an important confidant, and I thought our friendship had nothing to do with love, and I was thinking it would be great if all three of us including Arihiko could have fun together.
so---Even...... if this a dream, there's something wrong with this."

So, you're trying to say that the only thing wrong is Arihiko isn't there with you?

"Oh, I see. I understand what you mean."
Senpai looks away from me.

"Sorry... I didn't think you were... that way. I should've noticed sooner... the way you stare at Arihiko, the relationship you two have..."

My legs that could not move before can move.
I don't know why they weren't moving earlier, but I can now get Senpai out of the house---.

Senpai's voice is sharp, and unthinkably strict.
"Eh---y, yes?"
"I have decided. I will be more mean."
She grins.
Senpai takes a step towards me.

"Hey--Senpai, stop fooling around."
"I'm not fooling around.
Isn't this what fooling around would be?"
She snaps her fingers.

---At that instant.


I suddenly fall back on my bed.

They did not just go there. They went there. Why did they have to go there?!

"Wh, why, is this happening, all of a sudden......!?"
"Yes, this is a dream, so doing that is a piece of cake."

I strain my arms trying to break free.
The belt groans under the stress, but it doesn't even seem like it'll come off.
".................. What are these, chains?"
These facts are suddenly weighing down on me.

It looks like my hands and feet cannot be freed.
The Ciel-senpai before me is not like her usual self.
I don't feel like I'm in any danger---but I feel really uneasy.

Let's do something, dirty.

Senpai said that.
To have her say that in a room at night with the two of us, it's more strange not to be excited
In reality, my heart is pounding so hard it feels like it will explode.
But---there's still something wrong.
It feels there's something wrong to do such a thing with Senpai----

I don't care about anything now.
My mouth isn't gagged, so if I shout, Hisui would probably come---!

Please don't. God help me, that's the last fucking thing I want to happen.

"That won't do. If you shout, won't someone come here? And if they do, what would you tell them?"


Today's censorship will be brought to you by bread. Our two love-birds will now commence baking.

And then,
the sound of a ribbon being untied.

Without time to stop her,
...... No, my thought to stop her was probably beat by my desire to see it...
And then,

Music: play track 5

I can only hold my breath as Senpai takes off her apron and even her oven mitt.

"...... S-Senpai----"
"See, it's already over. If someone came now, you would be the one in trouble."
With a wicked smile, she mounts the countertop, crawling towards me like a cat.

My throat is hot.
My head is swimming like I'm drunk, and I can't think of anything to say, or what I should do, or what I was doing before now-----

"............ Ah."
I swallow hard.
Before me is Senpai, who isn't wearing so much as a stitch of heat-resistant clothing.
What I should do right now is look away and try not to see her naked hands---but my body doesn't listen to my mind's recommendation.

...... Her well-developed, soft-looking dinner rolls.
Her bare, white dough entices me. I can almost smell its lasciviousness.

My heart explodes with excitement.
I know I shouldn't look---but her voluptuous dough captivates both my mind and my eyes.

"Hm, what should I do now? I could just rape you now, but that's kind of boring, don't you think?"

I left that uncensored for sheer

With a strange smile on her lips, she slowly crawls closer.

...... It's different.
I said she looked like a cat earlier, but it's different.
What creeps towards me isn't a cat, but a panther stalking its prey.

Suddenly, she disappears.
There's no one in the kitchen.
I can't see her anywhere, and all I can feel is someone's presence in the room---


from behind me, she blows into my ear.

"Se, Sese, Senpai......!?"
"Did I surprise you? I didn't mean to, but you must be sensitive, so I guess I surprised you, Tohno-kun."
Saying that,
she presses her body up against my back.

"You shouldn't make so much noise. In the middle of the night like this, someone just might come check on you."

I agree with Ciel

...... I hear her voice directly behind me.
Her fingers slide along the back of my neck.
A shiver runs through me.
My heart pounds desperately in my chest.
As if acting in concert with my pulse, my mind floods with hunger.

"...... Stop...... hey, Senpai......!"
"Goodness, do you hate me that much, Tohno-kun?"

That's not... it... at all.

This isn't good.
I have no intention of doing anything---but I AM a guy, so---

"That's why I came here like this. Even if you're stubborn, I thought you would be honest in your dreams."
She whispers in my ear.
Her lips are so close that her breath plays along my skin.

"...... A dream...... really......?"
"Yes. If this wasn't a dream, we couldn't be doing this."
"...... Hey...... then even if I do shout...... no one would come, then."

Oh am I ever glad to hear that!

Trying to resist the growing pressure in my stomach, I speak haltingly.

Senpai chuckles by my ear.

"They will come. If you shout, your sister will get suspicious and check on you. This is THAT kind of dream."


---That is,
maybe a reality that cannot truly be called a dream?

Her fingers glide down my chest.
One by one, her fingers, like the legs of a spider, teasingly make their way downwards.
My pulse is racing.
Before I realize it, I am completely kneaded and already fully risen.

Slowly and lightly.
Her fingers continue their descent.

"Now then, the teasing will begin. Please prepare yourself, Tohno-kun."
Her fingers touch my bared banana nut muffin.
I feel a hand other than mine surround my oven-crisped dough.
Just that by itself is embarrassing enough, but since it's Senpai's fingers---I feel so embarrassed I want to die.

"--Wow, you're really baked already, Tohno-kun. In that case, I can be a bit more forceful."
Her voice is filled with delight.
Her fingers--teasing up until now--wrap themselves around my golden corn bread.
She squeezes so hard it feels like she'll tear it off.

You see, kids? Look how much the adults are enjoying their bread!

"No---Senpai, that's... not---"
I... just want... her... to stop.
I try to move my arms.

---But I can't. I have no freedom.

With glittering eyes, Senpai watches my struggles and vain attempts to stifle my voice---

"Hee hee, I'm looking forward to this. I wonder how long you can resist, Tohno-kun."
Speaking seductively, she slips her red tongue into my pita pocket.

"......... Nn!"
I shut my eyes.
...... Below, a far more direct torture is taking place.
"---Sto... p---"
Three of her fingers slide slowly across the length of my parmesan breadstick.

Up. Down. Sliding.

The sound of dry dough slowly becomes slick.
And pulling.

"...... Mm, you're getting very dirty Tohno-kun.
Hey, your eyes are free, right? Why don't you take a look at yourself."
Her voice embarrasses me even more.

The sound of her rubbing my vienna roll fills the silence.

Over and over again, my dough swells even larger as she kneads it.
The fluffier it gets---just watching is making me go crazy.

...... Her fingers cycle in an endless caress.

"----K, ha---"
Try as I might, I can't hold my voice back.
I clench my teeth, telling myself I'm not feeling it---but my body doesn't listen to what I tell it.

Bread is made by combining water, flour, and yeast!

As I rein in my voice,
I attempt to breathe quietly.
...... Every time I do so,
Senpai laughs.
"I feel kind of excited. Your voice is so full of passion, Tohno-kun."
"Don't be ridi---"
Before I can finish, her fingers move once again.

The movement of her fingers.
My dough is being controlled by less than an inch's worth of movement.

...... I can't resist her.
Bound as I am, and being teased like this.
Breathing wildly, I try to resist the hunger.

...... But... I can't.

Normally, it would make me mad.
But--now, it's only making my conscience go numb.

"Senpai---let's stop. This...... is... wrong......"
...... Yeah, it's wrong.
This isn't right at all.
I don't love her, so I shouldn't be doing this.
...... I don't love her......?
Is that true? If this really is my dream, it would mean this is what Tohno Shiki desires.

Baking bread with someone you love is something all adults desire! When you get older, you too can find somebody to bake bread with!

"Hhaahhh......hhaahhh...... haagggghhh...... ---"

...... No, I can't think... clearly.
It feels---too good.
Why am I so hungry?
It's not like this is the first time I've had fingers slid along my marble rye loaf.

But this is way different than when I do it myself
I can't hold back like this.
That's why I want it to stop... but since they aren't my fingers, they won't listen to what I say.

My pumpernickel dough is already dripping wet.
I'm melting so much butter that it covers my whole focaccia.
"Ha... gah......"
But my remaining sanity is keeping me from crossing the edge.

"...... Goodness, you really are stubborn. Your body is honest, why is your mind so... so stubborn!?"
In time with her voice,
her gentle fingers suddenly dig into my banana walnut bagel.


My back arches in response.
The longing welling up inside me suddenly switches to a desire to get away.
A collision of pleasure and pain.
This sensation shoots from my stomach to my brain.

"S-Sen... pai.........!"
"Oh, you should stop struggling Tohno-kun. Those chains won't come off, so if you push yourself too hard, you'll only hurt yourself."
"No--not that, your... nails---!"
"Oh? Tohno-kun, are my fingers making you feel good?"
I can't believe she can say such unbelievable things with such a mean voice.

I grit my teeth and bear the pain.
Her fingers pull back.
The nail marks remain.
Thanks to that, it seems my urge to eat has gone away.

"...... Senpai, please stop...... if you... keep this... up... I'm going to get pissed---"
"Yes, I know. I won't do anything more if you don't feel like it."
With eyes that seem to stare into my heart, she starts moving her fingers again.

"......! You don't get it, stupid!"
Senpai doesn't answer.
She simply starts rubbing my sourdough muffuleta once more.
From the base to the top.
Slowly. Gently. Making little wet sounds.

Dough must be kneaded thoroughly to form gluten, which gives bread its spring!

Over and over.
Ever so slowly---so slow that I want her to move faster and just end it all.

"............... Ah."
My breathing is getting calmer.
Getting used to her fingers, it finally settles.
But it's too late.
It's so slow, and it feels so good, but I can't quite reach the edge.
I'm melting as much butter as a popcorn maker.
But I haven't even eaten once.

"...... Ah........."
With her slow movements.
Only my saliva seeps out.
"Ah......... gah."
I want to let go, but I can't.
I am ready to eat, but I'm so used to this soft sensation, I can't reach the end.

I want to eat.
But I can't.
I want to feel full.
But I can't.
Her slow moving fingers,
she's moving so slow--not fast enough to stretch the gluten... why? She went this far, too.
Why won't she squeeze my wheat dough like earlier and make it rise?


Hurry, or else I'll go insane.
What's welling up inside me is so heavy and painful that if I don't let it outside soon--
this pleasure will go on forever and drive me crazy......!

Senpai gives a sigh.
"Fine, I lose. Since I can't beat you, I'll stop, Tohno-kun."
Her fingers pull away.
The slow caress ceases.

"See, you must feel better now, right Tohno-kun?"

After kneading, dough must be left to rest so the yeast can form the bubbles that cause it to rise!

This---can't be happening.
Her slow moving, smooth fingers are gone, and I'm hungrier than ever.

It's so hard.
My cinnamon raisin bagel is so toasted, it's still dripping butter.

But, I can't eat.
Her fingers got me so worked up I'm right on the edge of eating.
But I'm still bound, and her fingers are gone.

"......... Don..."
"Yes? What is it, Tohno-kun?"

"Didn't I stop already? Or is there something else you wanted?"
Senpai's voice is full of glee.
"What do you want? If you don't tell me, I won't know, Tohno-kun."

I can't say it. I can't say it, no matter what.
But if I don't, I really will go crazy---.

"...... Don't...... stop......"
"I can't hear you, please speak louder."
Her voice shoots towards me, loaded with pleasure.
...... I didn't know.
I didn't know Senpai was so mean.

"...... Please, don't stop. I want...... you to continue, Senpai......"
I say it haltingly.
From right beside me,
I can hear her laughing voice once more.
"I understand. Then... here is your reward for being honest, Tohno-kun."

While it is rising, dough may be 'punched down' several times to release the excess gas building up inside!

Her body pulls away.
A light thud.
Ciel-senpai kneels in front of me.


"...... Ha......"
She hasn't even done anything, but my orchard fruit bagel twitches.
I don't know if the pleasure is physical or mental, but just the fact that Senpai has her face so close to my irish soda bread brings back the burning sensations that had started to fade---

...... Senpai's face is flushed as well.
I thought I was the one being teased, here.
But, has she---was her face like that the whole time?


Now more,
my emotions well up in my throat.

"...... Senpai, I...... can't hold on."
"...... I know. But this is amazing---Tohno-kun, you're burning up."

Once dough has fully risen, it's time for it to be baked in an oven!

She almost sounds admiring.
Then, Senpai takes her tongue... and slowly licks my raisin oatmeal muffin.

The sensation is completely different from her fingers.
Her tongue looks so soft, yet solid.

"Haa---ah, ah."
Her tongue noisily plays along my dough.

Just that was already threatening to overwhelm me, but then her fingers begin to move.
She grabs my sesame semolina loaf with her fingers and starts to rub my new york style bagel up and down.
Bubbles stand out on my hot dough, and my crusty french loaf reflects the light as it covers itself in sticky fluids.

The more moist a dough is, the stickier it is to the touch!

But she continues stroking that grotesque thing.

She moves as if trying to squeeze out what's welling up inside me.
Her thumb rises up to my fougasse and presses into the hole at the top.

"Senpa---I'm---going to--"
I can barely sound out the words. I can hardly breathe.
She doesn't move away.
Her tongue and her fingers continue their movement, ignoring my warning.

"I can't--hold... back---!"
No matter what---I can't... in her face.
I strain as hard as I can to hold back.
My arms. If my arms were free, I would be able to push Senpai away---!

"Tohno-kun, why are you holding back?"
Not knowing how I feel, she asks me that.
"...... I...... I can't...... let it out on your face......"
I say through clenched teeth.
But---I can't hold on.

"...... Hehe, you are so cute, Tohno-kun."

Senpai chuckles and...

"So---I will tease you even more."

"Hmm, if I keep caressing you like this, you might break."
With her tongue still painted with my icing, she licks her lips.

"But, you told me you wanted me to make you go crazy. So---"
"Ah...... Sen, pai......?"
"---So, now I'll break you, Tohno-kun."
So saying,
Senpai takes the tip of her tongue and sticks it into the narrow opening at the top of my ciabatta.

Down---down there......!
Into a place no one should touch.
I'm going to go crazy from the feeling of her tongue forcing its way in.
Getting attacked by the greatest sensation by far, my stomach tries its hardest to growl.
But it can't.
Senpai's finger is blocking the way, not allowing me to eat.

Even after bread is done baking, it must cool before you eat it or you could burn yourself!

"Ha---ah, ah, ah---!"
I flail on the bed.
The sound of rattling chains echo in the room.
I don't---care who might wake up and come see what's wrong.
If I even think about something like that, I'll go crazy.

Sl... ur... p---

The sensation changes.
The tongue invading my dough recedes.
And Senpai's lips suck my tomato basil sourdough in.

Biscuits and gravy are a country favorite! Mmm, mm!

Thump, Thump, Thump, Thum... p.

As if taking out my whole consciousness and my memory with it, the white fluid spills out of my bowl.

---My dazed mind can't even make out Senpai's face anymore.

I collapse onto my bed.
The chains holding me down disappear as if they never existed.


...... I can still feel her mouth on me.
Senpai keeps sucking, drinking up the last of the gravy inside of my bowl.


But that finished my hunger off.
It seems the last little bit of consciousness I had left was completely swallowed by Senpai----

Music: stop


Music: play track 2

I stare down at my hands.

They are covered in dried flour.

They are a little sweaty. My body is drenched in sweat as well, as if last night was incredibly hot.
What's more, I'm panting heavily.

".................. Um."
...... Alright, I need to calm down.
First, I catch my breath and then close my eyes.
This is my room.
It is before seven in the morning.
I am the only one here, and of course Senpai is nowhere to be found.

Just as she said,
it was all a dream.

Yeah, I know.
I know it was a dream. Now that I'm calm, I know she wouldn't ever do anything like that.
Then that means... what happened last night was not real.

I let out a deep breath.
...... All the same, I definitely still feel vestiges of her bread lingering on my body.
Like the sensation of her scones as she embraced me from behind in her apron, and her dancing fingers on my cottage loaf.
I know it was a dream--but it felt too real; it makes me think it was real.

Why did I see that kind of dream?
I know Senpai is my important friend; but does having a dream like that mean I see her as a woman too?

Only since the first time you saw her.

Just thinking of it, the overly real memory of her dough rushes back.
To make sure I'm not still dreaming, I hug myself.
...... Yeah, this is definitely real.
Her dough was so fundamentally different from a guy's dough like this... so soft, so warm.

The temperature of one's hands when kneading dough can have slight effects on the fermentation speed!

"...... And she was really mean."

--Just thinking about it makes my breath go wild.
...... Well, maybe I went through a lot of bad things, but it's true that it did feel exceedingly good.
I should feel a bit guilty dreaming about doing that to Senpai, but I recall the dream and just sit there thinking about it.

But then,

Yeah, yeah, we read this part. She saw you rubbing yourself in your sleep.

"Hi, Hihi, Hisui...... !? H, how long have you been there!?"
"Since before you awoke, Shiki-sama."
She speaks with her usual lack of expression.
Still lying on the floor tangled in the sheets and unable to stand, I look up at Hisui's face.

"...... Before I... woke up......"

--Then, that means...
Hisui saw my face when I was having that dream?

My face turns deep red.

Hisui just stands there, expressionless as usual, and makes no attempt to speak.
"Um...... did I look... strange......?"

"I do not wish to describe it."
...... I knew it. I must have looked really weird.

"But, if you insist, Shiki-sama, I can describe as accurately as I can."

"You were salivating and you kept muttering about kneading dough."

"...... No, you don't have to do that......"
My face still flushed, I speak in a fading voice.

"What is it, Shiki-sama?"
"Um...... I'm going to change, so would you mind waiting outside?"

--Or rather, I'm so embarrassed I just want her to leave.
But Hisui doesn't obey today of all days.

"Once I can confirm you are awake, I will leave the room, Shiki-sama."
Huh? Is, is is is she joking!?
Why does she think I'm covering myself up in these sheets!?
It's to hide something that's still standing!

After being baked, dough is firm yet springy and can maintain its shape!

"I, I'm fine, so please leave. I can get up, and I won't go back to sleep. I'll change and go to the sitting room as soon as you leave."
"Shiki-sama--Are you hurt and unable to stand......?"
Hisui approaches me out of worry.

"No, that's not it. I'm standing----I mean I can stand, so don't worry about it."
I crawl pulling my sheets like a slug, and gain some distance from her.

Using the bed as a barrier, I get far enough away.

I was so surprised.
The contents of my dream were surprising enough, but knowing Hisui saw me while I was dreaming is very troubling.
...... Or is it my own fault for having that kind of dream about Senpai?

"...... I guess it is my fault. With a good person like Senpai--why did I have a dream like that?"
I give a sigh of self-loathing.
But, I can tell that I won't forget that dream any time soon.

This isn't good. I can tell my face is blushing beyond my control.
A brief clamor.

"Were you baking bread without me?!"

"What's wrong? Your face is red, do you have a fever?"
Rushing over to me, she looks up at me from below.
But--In doing so, from this angle, um----

Goddammit, Shiki, don't you start with this again.

Mmm, mm... delicious, nutritious bread!

"I'm fine--! It's just a minor cold, so don't worry!"

"If it is a cold, then I can't let it go by. For you, a trivial illness is a big deal. The strength of your immune system is much lower than most people's."

Akiha seems to be fed up and puts her hand on my forehead.

The sensation of her cool, delicate hand--

She is your fucking sister! I mean, no! She's your sister... your sister that is NOT for fucking!

This isn't good.
This isn't good at all, so I break loose and run out to the lobby.

"Oh god oh god smooth skin soft breasts-"

Since we're not kids anymore, she won't stop me from going to school.

I take a deep breath and am finally able to calm down.
"......... What am I running away for?"

If you'd stayed, you may have inadvertantly fucked your sister... again.

Once I calm down, I can think clearly.
I didn't do anything wrong, so there was no need for me to run away like that.

"--I don't believe it. I look like a complete idiot."

Yeah, that actually happens quite a bit.

But, to go back to the mansion to eat breakfast sounds more dumb.
"--To school, then?"
Letting out a sigh, I go downhill along the residential street.

Music: stop

No wonder he has such strange dreams if he can't 'exercise' more frequently.

Since middle school, I've been asked more than a few times to join a club.
But I always have to say "it's not my thing" and refuse.
Every time I refused----I felt a sense of separation.
That might have been...
a subconscious wall that told me I will never be able to mix in with the people on the other side.

Ah, that's enough. This really isn't my thing. I'll stop thinking such thoughts and hurry on to the classroom.

Music: play track 3

"Yo, you're early Tohno."
"Morning. This class seems to have a lot of people with spare time."
"Nah. Our practice just got over with. Those that come here this early who aren't in clubs are usually only those with daily duties."

I see. That does makes sense, now that he mentions it.
Greeting those around me, I take my seat.
It's half an hour before homeroom.
It's not a bad idea to just watch my classmates arrive.

The classroom starts to get busy around seven fifty.
I think I saw Senpai in the hallway.