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by Seorin

Part 89


Not here either.

Two days ago.
I'm mad at myself for promising such a thing in the first place.

--Help me when I'm in a pinch, okay?

Yumizuka said that, and I answered lightheartedly.
I would help, as much as I could.
...... Such an irresponsible answer.
There's really nothing I can do.
She said it hurt.
I can't even find Yumizuka, painfully suffering in the cold darkness.

The sun is setting.
...... I don't want to admit it, but maybe I can only find Yumizuka after nightfall.
"...... I told Hisui I'd be back in the evening."
Perhaps it's too early.
I'll go back to the mansion and calmly think this through.

"I'll go wait in my room till suppertime and I'll head down when it's ready."
"Yes. Please rest until I call you."

I turn my back to the bowing Hisui and walk toward my room.

"I can break your stupid little rules ANYTIME I WANT, OKAY?!"