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Typing of the Dead: Overkill

by RealSovietBear

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Original Thread: Let's Play the Typing of the Dead: Overkill



Typing of the Dead: Overkill is an alternate version/remake of The House of the Dead: Overkill for the Wii, except instead of using motion controls to simulate light gun mechanics, you type... or you die. This isn't a novel concept for the franchise, as 1999 had its own Typing of the Dead game based on House of the Dead 2.

The game is also unapologetically inspired by the Grindhouse double feature movie.

What kind of LP is this?

This is a subtitled Let's Play. I'll be going through single player mode on normal difficulty.

How long will this LP be?

One episode for each level (around 15 minutes each). There will be no extra stuff like unlockables, bonus modes, higher difficulties or multiplayer.


Don't spoil anything we haven't seen in the game yet.


Part 01 - Papa's Palace of Pain
Part 02 - Naked Terror
Part 03 - Ballistic Trauma
Part 04 - Carny
Part 05 - Creeping Flesh
Part 06 - Scream Train
Part 07 - The Fetid Waters
Part 08 - Jailhouse Judgement
Part 09 - Operation Overkill


(Some descriptions courtesy of the HOTD wiki.)

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Agent G

G's first mission after graduating from the AMS academy is to investigate the mysterious disappearances of people in Bayou City in Louisiana that were linked to the notorious kingpin, Papa Caesar. He reluctantly teams up with Detective Isaac Washington, who has a personal vendetta with Caesar.

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Isaac Washington

A detective out to avenge the murder of his father at the hands of Papa Caesar. He is extremely rude, foul-mouthed, and trigger-happy, punching a government agent within seconds of meeting him, and loves the "f-bomb" expletive, using it practically for every other word. He often threatens people with "ripping their pussy/dick off", even if they have a lack of it. His pride is his (short-lived) car and in his music, and hates philosophy.

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Varla Guns

A stripper out to avenge the death of her brother, Jasper.

Jasper Guns

Jasper is the brother of Varla Guns. He is unable to move or speak properly due to a neuron disease. He moves about in a wheelchair since he cannot walk, and has a computerized voice since he is unable to speak. In spite of his disabilities, Jasper possesses a high intellect and aids Papa Caesar by refining the formula.

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Papa Caesar

The notorious kingpin of Bayou City, Papa Caesar exudes wealth and power and commands respect from the highest authorities in the city. In the past Caesar had a confrontation with Isaac's father, who tried to apprehend the kingpin, but failed and was seemingly responsible for the latter's death. This sparked a long bitter feud between Caesar and Isaac.

Caesar forced local genius, Jasper Guns, to serve as his personal researcher by using Jasper's own sister, Varla, as leverage. Caesar's activities had caught attention of the AMS, who sent in rookie agent, G, to apprehend the kingpin, however at the same time Caesar had lost control of the mutant compound, causing an outbreak that transformed Bayou City's populace into mutants.

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Candi Stryper

Jasper's girlfriend. She works at the same strip club as Varla and dreams of leaving Bayou City with her chair bear, Jasper.

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Clement Darling

The county jail warden with a weak bladder and even weaker moral code.


Clement's mother and one and only love. She is dying at a rapid rate, but Clement refuses to stand by idly.
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