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Part 15: Cleopatra Jones and the Meeting in the Woods

Cleopatra Jones and the Meeting in the Woods

Last time on Tyranny, we had a lot of conversations with Tunon about justice and it was pretty clear Tunon wasn't exactly operating with an objective view of reality.

Today we're going to meet a very different Archon.

When we head toward the exit of Tunon's court, Bleden Mark poofs in to say hello.

: [Glance behind you to ensure you are not being overheard than nod once.]

So, Bleden Mark. If Tunon is the man blinded by false idealism that Kyros will save lives and feed the hungry, Bleden Mark is the cynic who sees everything as it really is but due to his dim view of human nature believes nothing can get better.

: The Archons fighting damn well didn't help your chances. Can't say I'd have done different if it was my life on the line.

: I'm the first Fatebinder to proclaim two Edicts?

Gaining favor with Tunon requires you to adopt the worldview that the laws are correct and are the sole source of justice. Bleden Mark, on the other hand, appreciates perceptiveness and curiosity.

: Proclaiming an Edict isn't new. Neither is surviving or resolving the commandments of an Edict - but you're the first to proclaim and resolve the very same Edict, and it didn't kill you.

: And now I go on your short list of people who stand out as potential... problems?

: I don't care what you do with the information. But you should know the danger you're in now that you've... put yourself on the map.

: Thanks for the advice.

TheGreatEvilKing summary posted:

: Hey, kid. Good to see you made it out of the Edict alive. Wanna know a secret?

: Yea keep it on the DL, Tunon's right there.

: You were sent there to die. Those two Archons are completely incapable of working together and are complete fuckups. If I'd been in that position I'd have screwed them over too. Anyway, want to guess why you're special?

: Anyone else proclaim two Edicts?

: Nice try, but no... you're the only person who's cast and resolved the same Edict.

: That makes me one of your targets huh?

: Yup! But not just me, the Scarlet Chorus and the Disfavored are gonna fuck you up if they catch you. Later!

Now, Bleden Mark works for Tunon, but Tunon was very emphatic that Bleden Mark was a servant of Kyros first and foremost. Bleden Mark is Kyros' personal executioner and it's safe to say he's one of the very few people who actually knows what Kyros is up to. At this point you should not blindly trust Mark - he's a dangerous assassin burying his words in flattery - but it's worth taking what he says into account.

Anyway, we should talk with Barik seeing as Tunon kinda damned him to be trapped in his armor and all.

: Are you okay in there, Barik?

: There may be another way.

: No, the Archon forbade any subject of Kyros to aid you.

If that's the case, what did we just spend the last week doing?

: Perhaps some other way to free you will present itself.

: [Lore 43] The Forge-Bound will be curious about you regardless. The articulation on your armor is incredible. At the very least we should let them take a look at you.

The thing about the quest to remove Barik's armor is that Barik starts panicking every time you get too close to obviously violating the law. The Lore option here lets us gently ease him into the idea that maybe he doesn't deserve to be trapped in his own festering shit.

: Let us leave, Fatebinder. I worry that my presence offends these nobles' precious sensibilities.

TheGreatEvilKing summary posted:

: Hey, how's it going?

: I'm so fucked. Oh well, I must persevere for that man who deserves my loyalty, Graven Ashe.

: Technically we can free you if we find someone who isn't a servant of Kyros to do it.

: Whoa that sounds illegal! Everyone follows Kyros!

: Well, your armor is pretty cool and the smiths would probably like to, uh, study it with their best armor removing spells.

: Let's go, before everyone here realizes I smell like shit!

The tragedy of Barik is that deep down, Barik is a good and honorable man who takes his duty seriously and tries to step up for people like Verse (and if we'd beaten him at the river, Bitter Quip) who has sworn fealty to worthless tyrants who don't deserve it, and his reward is literally wallowing in his own shit.

Anyway, Bleden Mark wanted him to meet us in this screwed up post-apocalyptic burning forest.

Bleden Mark is never a man who passes up an opportunity to make a dramatic entrance.

I'm not sure if that's supposed to be a Philip Roth reference? Probably not.

I think the game assumes you don't go to Tunon's Court and come directly here. That said, Barik is absolutely right that this is one of the most dangerous people in the empire.

I am legitimately not sure what happens if you try to fight Bleden Mark, but it is obviously not a good idea.

: I got your message.

: From where I stand, I would say you chose wisely. Why cater to the whims and agendas of questionable friends - why whore your power for the approval of others?

The irony is, of course, that we are "whoring" our power to Bleden Mark instead.

: Why are you so interested in helping me?

Bleden Mark is the cynic who kills the power-hungry at the behest of the tyrant and thus gets to deal with the worst of human nature on an everyday basis. While most of the Archons save Tunon seek power for power's sake, Mark is the only one who dispenses with the self-righteous rhetoric and just pulls an O'Brien.

: So what are you suggesting I do next?

We can't afford to piss him off, we obviously can't trust him, and he's pretty clearly suggesting we get enough power to do stuff, do him some favors, and maybe be a distraction while he assassinates various individuals.

The second act is unfortunately where the game starts bringing in more D&Disms.

: [Subterfuge 43] You're telling me to go grab a book full of criminal teachings? Think I'll fall for that setup?

Bleden Mark could seriously just tell us to pick up a thing, say the thing came from the Oldwalls, and execute us on the spot.

: And after that?

: Farewell.

We could pester the Markster, but we're not really in a position to do that.

TheGreatEvilKing summary posted:


: I'm glad you finally showed up, now I will insult you to make it clear who's the boss.

: I got your note.

: I saw what you did at Ascension Hall. That fuckin ruled! Those Archons are some cocaine loving fuckups, and they deserved all the crap you did to them. You should go your own path, and not lend your power out for approval, which is definitely not what I'm asking you to do right now.

: Why are you so interested in helping me?

: Boredom, mostly, but there's some stuff you can do for me. Let's be real, some of us want to use you.

: Ok, so what should I do now?

: Well, if you want to take on Tunon and the others, those guys have final boss stats, so you're gonna need to go out and level grind and get some artifacts. You should go to the Vellum Citadel and get the Silent Archive - oh, and end the Edict while you're at it.

: Wait, the book Kyros forbids? Are you trying to get me killed?

: I said get it, not "tell Tunon". If I wanted to trick you I'd use that stupid Oldwalls law. You in?

: Then what?

: Meet me back here and we'll plan more adventures.

I'm making fun of this for turning into Generic Fantasy Fetchgame #110, but this quest kind of slams into the disconnect between the traditional fantasy game and the allegory Tyranny is trying to go with. This artifact isn't so bad, because it's forbidden knowledge the tyrants don't want us to have that presumably is some kind of threat. Later artifacts we pick up are going to be things like national regalia. More on this as we get to it.

I am fairly certain this is a reference to the Chinua Achebe novel, about a man named Okwonko who attempts to fight the colonization of his homeland and ends up being destroyed for it. The good thing is that Tunon has our back - look at that high favor! The bad thing is that we don't have a choice. We need to go do what Bleden Mark commands because right now he and Tunon are the only things standing between us and getting tortured to death by the Voices of Nerat.

EDIT: Megane is a cool person.

megane posted:

The title of Things Fall Apart is itself a reference to a line from the poem The Second Coming by Yeats: “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.” Both the book and the poem seem pretty relevant here.

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