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Part 39: Cleopatra Jones and the Struggle of the Inept

Cleopatra Jones and the Struggle of the Inept

Last time on Tyranny, we encountered actual rape math word problems. Let's not talk about that. Today we get to vote on the exciting conclusion of the Wound's power struggle for who gets to be head of the High School Chess Club.

: I have.

: I saw a painting that showed a cross-section of the Oldwalls, with many different figures entering it.

: The Oldwalls once had many different inhabitants, but only one tribe of them survived. Your ancestors were likely that tribe.

: The Sage's eyes widen, the news granting her a surge of energy. Extraordinary, if true. That would also mean Reef-Talon's ancestors had to have left these Oldwalls at some point to wander and become the Mantaborn. Perhaps this is a sort of homecoming.

: I saw a representation of the Oldwalls being held up by two Beastmen.

: Beastmen were meant to fight Bane. Any powers you've gained may be meant to strengthen that.

My guess is that these murals actually indicate the Beastmen built the Oldwalls and were a diverse and thriving civilization before the Magic Wars Tunon mentioned wiped them out...but with this DLC, who knows?

: Yes, I remember the one you speak of! She produces a journal from her pockets and hastily flips to a particular page. That's right - one of the Beastmen seemed to look eager. Hungry, one might say, as if for a hunt. The colorful swirls in that mural must have been their way of depicting the Bane.

: Hunting Bane IS good. Reef-Talon is encircled by doubt and riddles in Oldwalls. Sleepless whelps bray and skulk. Corrupting magics flow through Beastwoman's hands. But Reef-Talon does not question urge to kill Scourge-beasts. Urge is clear and good as full moon during long ocean night.

: I saw a wall with a plethora of different hand prints.

: Many of the prints were formed with essence drawn from the Bane. Those who hunted Bane were changed by their prey.

: Good observation. Unless a Scourge slashed at a wall and left a mark the same shape as a Beastman claw... but the odds of that? Seems more likely the magic of the Bane is leaching through the hands of the mystics who touched that wall.

: The Beastwoman paces across the mural, agitated by implications of your discussion. Too many riddles! Were Beastmen ancestors corrupted into Scourge-beasts? Or perhaps Beastmen merely painted walls with blood of Oldwalls enemies. Fatebinder does not return with answers. Only doubt.

: This Beastwoman is showing her dominance over Bolverks. And it's not literal self-destruction, it's the unburdening of a warrior's rage.

: A thoughtful rumble emanates from the Beastwoman's massive chest. Fatebinder sees with Alpha's eyes. Has Fatebinder felt lungs heavy after rending Scourge-beast with claws? Reef-Talon... wants to believe Fatebinder's words.

: Isn't it worth another try to better understand your healing magic? I know this is all very confusing, but the Wound still needs you.

: [Lore 59] What you're seeing is a historical record that makes it clear that the Bane's most hated foe are Beastmen. That's what the Wound needs.

This is completely and utterly shit, as Reef-Talon is pacifying the Bane with her presence, not enraging or hurting them.

: She moves toward the agitated Beastwoman, placing a hand upon her brawny shoulder. You mustn't give in to doubt. Your abilities are no more dangerous than a sharpened blade in the hands of a human child! Untrained, he's just as likely to hurt those he means to protect as his enemies. You must explore your talents further to avoid harm, not abandon them altogether.

I cannot tell if we are gaslighting Reef-Talon or just providing a Dumbo-esque magic feather.

: She listens in silence, still save for the flicker of green flame in her eyes. Slowly, she bobs her head in agreement. Beastwoman saw ancient painting and did not have hope. Believed that Sleepless corruption was sign of own darkness. But humans have offered new insight. Reef-Talon does not believe that mending-rites can be perfected but... must try, for Wound-clan. She chuffs sharply, several times in rapid succession. Beastwoman MUST learn to control mystic-strength. Will start now and ponder in presence of old paint-walls.

Hooray! We brainwashed Reef-Talon into believing she was powerful and cool!

: When Reef-Talon first healed wounded kith, felt desperation, fear - but did not wish harm. Only two choices - Reef-Talon tries again without fear, or Reef-Talon gives up forever.

: If you were to master your skill of healing, your tribe would never falter.

: Beastwoman will start with those who already bound do[sic] die without help, but will learn to heal without making Sleepless.

: I had hoped this would come to pass. You mustn't tarry in this foul pit any longer, then. Return to the Wound and make your presence known. People may fear you, but that'll evaporate the moment they realize you are ready to take control of your powers.

: A pained look comes across her face. I won't be joining you, unfortunately. I can feel my mind decaying with each moment... soon all this will be but a faded memory. Besides, people won't take kindly to having Sleepless shuffling about in the Wound, and my presence certainly won't help them accept you. That battle must still be won.

: Wound will know of Sage called Lexeme. Will return and ruminate more by ancient paintings. Perhaps mystic-strength can tame even dreamless corruption.

: She turns to face you, her eyes wild with ice-blue color. Beastwoman will climb to surface and face Woundkin again. Will look for Fatebinder on brood grounds.

TheGreatEvilKing summary posted:

: What'd you discover?

: Uh, the paintings say your powers are totally awesome and used to fight Bane. Believe in yourself!

: Yes!

: Suddenly, I have decided to go fix my life and rejoin the Wound.

All right. Now that those shenanigans are over with we can go up to the surface to witness the riveting end of this DLC.

: Reef-Talon has rejoined us, and with all her limbs! He glances at his fellow magicians. Something to... to celebrate, of course!

: Neither Jaspos nor Wagstaff seem to share his satisfaction.

: We found her alive in the depths. She insists she will not return.

: I... I suppose I should have guessed that. You don't... eh, wander off into the Oldwalls, generally speaking, if you intend on coming back. Unless you're... you, apparently.

: Enough! More important matters are at hand.

Not pictured: attendants, aides, and assorted followers.

: [Glare silently.]

: The Tidecaster and I were discussing our attempts to hunt the same quarry.

: More to the point, the Forge-Bound 'Master' and I have... mutually exclusive plans for this settlement. The Wound needs one leader. One leader, only.

While it's amusing that apparently Wagstaff figured out that Jaspos was totally not a master, you'd think he'd actually have told us to get on our good side. Whatever! Nothing about these two idiots make sense.

Not pictured: citizens.

Now, I know you want me to take the options of fucking off, but you all voted for this DLC, so we're going to stick this trash out to the end. I'm not sorry!

: If blood is going to spill, perhaps this should happen elsewhere, away from the community?

: The... Fatebinder makes a point. Tensions are high, and we should spare the others the... spectacle... should we find no amicable accord.

: I will resolve this dispute and my decisions will not be questioned. Each of you will gather your supporters and meet me there.

Suddenly the interns realized Cleopatra had actual legal authority instead of doing pointless fetch quests.

: Of course, Fatebinder! We will see you there.

TheGreatEvilKing summary posted:

: Fatebinder! Reef-Talon's back! How about Lexeme?

: She's still hiding in the Oldwalls.


: Both of you dumb motherfuckers shut the hell up! I'm going to make a decision in the name of Kyros, and you idiots will not question it!

: :sickos:

Now, we've used two teleporters so far, but it turns out we have to go to a third teleporter. How do we know that?

The psychic journal, of course!

The teleporter takes us to yet another Oldwalls water ruin.

I guess this is Reef-Talon's actual house?

Anyway, soon after we reach this point, we trigger a cutscene where all these bozos walk in.

: Reef-Talon has returned. I know many of you fear her, but she is the mightiest of our settlement, and there may be more to her mystical powers we've only begun-

: Silence. Let the Beastwoman speak.

This trial is probably the least coherent thing I've seen in this game. Do you remember the big elephant in the room?

: Beastwoman returns to protect tribe, to put end to infantile squabbling. Fatebinder helped Reef-Talon find insight and will to master mending-rites. Reef-Talon can lead packmates in times of victory, and tend fallen in times of duress. Humans will step aside, Reef-Talon is returned.

So, notice anything?

The crowd is a complete nonentity at this point. We're told (but of course, not shown) that all these supporters are whipped into a frenzy, but no one's shouting shit about Reef-Talon. It's going to continue.

: Jaspos, the floor is yours. Why are you most fit to lead the Wound?

: This secluded refuge of stone is my natural setting, and I, the expert of all things stone, the natural leader. Jaspos smiles and begins to pace in a circle, taking the opportunity to address the crowd more intimately. Not a day passes that you don't set foot on a bridge that I built, and to whom would you turn if these corridors began to crumble?

: The Tidecaster grimaces in disgust. Perhaps the Sleepless just needed to listen to you a little more.

: We've grown and thrived because I've had the vision to see us do more than cower in the darkness of the Oldwalls.

: You haven't supported me in the past, Fatebinder, but I'm literally in the business of building bridges. He chuckles. I'm sure you have the vision to see that the path I'm proposing is the best for us all.

I'm sorry Mell, are you the judge now?

Let's take a closer look at these options.

Something's missing. We're forgetting something big here...

Earlier in the game posted:

Right, this stupid asshole conspired to kill a Fatebinder. The very same Fatebinder he's arrogant enough to think is going to support him for King of the Wound. Look at these options. The pointless trolley murders show "initiative and cunning." What is this trash?

: You claim a title you haven't earned and had me claim tools not your own. How is anyone supposed to follow a man of such deceit?

The crowd says nothing. There's no cheers for Jaspos defending himself, there's no gasp of horror from the crowd at his deceit, there's no jeering from the Wagstaff fans. Why are they even here? What's the point?

: Yes.

: You permitted slaughter in the name of the 'greater good'. Your vision for the Wound is vile and short-sighted.

Really! That's it! See all those Beasts in the crowd? We can't tell them that Jaspos had his men hunt them like animals and harvest them for parts, and they're not reacting to any of this. Look at this stupid waste of time.

: Moving on...

: Wagstaff, speak. Explain why you would better lead this settlement.

I'm sorry, are you the judge? If I was suing someone for ownership of say, a company, and I treated the judge like this, I would probably get hit with contempt of court. This isn't even Kyros' evil tyrannical laws, this is basic legal structure of any society. Respect the judge.

: Living here is a never-ending test. If the Bane don't kill you, the water will. My magic has saved many from the early stages of the Withering Rot - how many of you wouldn't be here today without my help? How many will be here tomorrow without it?

: Jaspos will fill your head about some glorious future for the Wound. I won't. I happen to have the gall to think that a simple, quiet life where we're masters of our own destiny is worth more than a mountain of rings. This family stays strong and safe if we take careful, measured steps and protect our own.

No, we haven't. We called you an asshole for sending us to assassinate that woman and then lied to your worthless face.

Unfortunately I don't have a screenshot of the top half here, but, again, we don't get to actually call out Wagstaff for sending two hit squads after us. Really, instead of being forced to call a big trial, we should have called Wagstaff and Jaspos to a secret meeting and killed them both.

: You sent me to kill someone while withholding your true intentions. Honesty doesn't seem your strongest trait.

I'm posting the full screenshots because I want to emphasize that the crowd still doesn't react. Wagstaff says that he'll lie straight to their faces and cannot be trusted, and they all just sit there dully. This scene is idiotic and makes no sense.

: Yes.

: The pain your[sic] inflicted upon the Beastmen was unacceptable. You did it to provide clean water, but it was a poor, short-sighted decision.

: Preposterous! A false calim, to say the least, but also downright contradictory. You've spent days on the road and in the Oldwalls on my behalf, and now you attack my methods? Perhaps I misjudged you, Fatebinder.

We never went into the Oldwalls on his behalf. I assume he's bugged and he thinks we took his quest to assassinate Reef-Talon and harvest her blood.

Again, none of the crowd reacts. The crowd is full of Beastmen, and they say nothing. Nada. Wagstaff is maybe torturing them? Nope. Is Eisly going to speak out that we're telling the truth? Nope. How about all the Woundkin we freed? Nope.

Shouldn't Wagstaff be angry at us for murdering his apprentice he was fucking, and ruining his blood farm? Apparently not! He seems to think we support him despite bringing back Reef-Talon. None of this makes any sense.

: Moving on...

I love how selecting Reef-Talon, the lady who actually cares about other people, never tried to murder us, and gave us an artifact sword just for listening to her, does not get an adjective, while selecting Jaspos is "best" and Wagstaff is "sensible." Did the interns take a lot of bath salts? Did some project manager cut the five hundred page Kyros make-out dream sequence? Were they just reading a lot of r/TyrannyGame?

Decisions Lie Before Us!

Choose the leader of Bastard's Wound!

There's also one more decision we have to make:

What are we doing with Lexeme?

We can sentence her to death, help cure the Sleepless, or just spare her.