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Part 72: Governor Boris and the Mercy of Nerat

Governor Boris and the Mercy of Nerat

Last time on Tyranny, we killed Amelia and gave her daughter to Nerat. Goons decided to take her alive instead, but mercifully allowed us to skip the hellhole known as "the Bastard's Wound". Let's take a look at how things really went, shall we?

: There is no need for bloodshed. The Voices of Nerat offers you his hospitality.

Sirin knows, as we do, that this is absolutely not the merciful option.

: You know, I see this as an opportunity in disguise. Ashe will never take Amelia back or recognize his granddaughter.

: He shrugs. We don't even want the Edict dispelled. Ashe and his forces are weakened in their own territory.

: He passes you a knowing look.

: Amelia, it would be my honor to invite you to the care of the Scarlet Chorus. Asylum, if you will. The Voices of Nerat would be more than happy to ensure your child's safety.

Of course, by the time you get here there's nothing you can do.

: She glares at Jagged Remedy. Do you think me a simpleton? I know that the Voices is a monster - a void of lies and empty promises that somehow assumed form. And yet...

So, you know how Mattias was asked to cast aside everything he ever valued and got literally nothing in exchange? We're hitting that moment right now.

: [Subterfuge 51] [Lie] You and your daughter will be safe with the Voices of Nerat.

Remember way back in the very beginning of the game, with Pelox Tyrel and how you have the choice to offer him amnesty if you made peace?

Cleo's playthrough posted:

Then your character gets extremely pissy at the Disfavored for making liars out of them? We're a Fatebinder, we're supposed to be known for justice. Even under Kyrosian law stuff like violating a truce flag gets you the death penalty, but here we sell out what little principles we have left and devalue our word to meaninglessness to lie to this woman that she's gonna be safe with Nerat. We know it's shit. Jagged Remedy is trying not to giggle in the corner because he knows it's shit. Sirin, well...

This is a good sign we've lost our way.

: Stand down, Archon. This mission is too important.

This is a massive fear gain that puts Sirin up to Tier 3. Yes, I will be showing off what happens when Fear Sirin testifies at the trial. Have fun!

Also this is the only time in the game, as far as I know, that Sirin drops the f bomb. Things have gotten serious.

: And yet I don't have anyone else in the world who I can trust, do I? Amelia glances to the body of the Regent and shudders.

: I'd call this our best change of fortunes since the war began. Not only do we possess the key to the Edict of Storms, but Graven Ashe and any loyalists to the fallen Regents will think twice before launching an attack on Cacophony.

: He clucks his tongue on the roof of his mouth and nods to you. A fair day's work.

TheGreatEvilKing summary posted:

: Whoa, Amelia, no need for hostility! Nerat extends his hospitality!

: You're so full of shit, you lying Fatebinder!

: Well, Amelia, your family of racists is probably gonna reject you for having a half-Stalwart baby, so why don't you come with Nerat? We'll guarantee your child's safety!

: Fatebinder, no, Nerat's a creepy pedo!

: This is obviously a trap but I'm screwed either way, aren't I? Fatebinder, tell me the truth: will Nerat keep us safe?

: [Lie] Nerat is totally trustworthy and doesn't just want to stick a stake up your ass.

: Pfffft!

: Fatebinder, what the fuck? That's a big lie and you know it!

: Damn it Sirin, you're ruining the mission!

: No, YOU shut up you amoral liar! That's just a woman and her baby! What the fuck is wrong with you?

: What choice do I have?

: :yeshaha:

: Man, my idiotic plan didn't work. Guess I'm Nerat's bitch now!

I'm not kidding, Sirin is terrified of us.

The Chorus also turns Sentinel Stand into a new Butt Spike Factory.

On the way back we get the Killsy recruitment event. We're going to do one thing slightly differently here.

: [Slap Kills-in-Shadow in the face.]

This might not have been the smartest idea.

: Will kill. Will rip throat out. Will lash, twist-tear, and mangle.

This starts a fight that I let autoresolve because we're on easy babby difficulty.

: You were saying? I believe you were going to mangle me, correct?

: Why have you tracked me down? Why get in my way?

The rest proceeds as on the Cleopatra playthrough.

We've seen this encounter before, it's a bunch of Stalwart noblemen we escort to Tunon for a rep boost.

Nerat's been busy in our absence.


Nerat is over here sitting pensively in this corner, and I'm not sure how to interpret this. Incidentally, you can grab the Elixir of Quickness from behind his throne and no one cares.

: Maybe we should kill them all and start again. That would be a delight. Bah! We can always dispatch our howling mob when Ashe and his iron clods are a stain on this country.

: Fatebinder, always a pleasure.

: I'd like to report on recent events.

The periapt just gives +1 Resolve. Hey, at least we got loot.

: You delivered also Mattias, the Unbroken leader. A most fortunate prize to fall in our hands. He has already taught us much about his people, and will teach us more still.

: The Voices stares in eerie silence.

: But our war is not yet complete. There is something else that may yet prove critical.

: A document of great power - the Silent Archive - rests in the Burning Library. The archive is said to hold many secrets, any of which we can twist to our advantage.

: One of our gang bosses, the Censor, seeks the entrance to this queenly treasure. Aid her in the search, and dispatch her back to us with any findings.

: I wanted to talk about Amelia.

: [Subterfuge 51] I get the feeling I didn't send Amelia here just to talk to you.

This is such a great line that sums up our relationship perfectly. The Fatebinder is presumed to care about the law, and Kyros' justice, and Kyros' peace, whereas Nerat knows the truth of the world Kyros made - that everything can be reduced to violence or the threat thereof, and aside from paying lip service to Kyros' dumb laws the only truth is at the edge of a blade and what you can take by force.

The mask goes back on now.

: What do you mean by 'exchange'?

Nerat has now killed and eaten both of Graven Ashe's children. I talk about the "truth" of the world Kyros made, and this is the result - following the tyrant leads only to your own destruction.

: What happened to her baby?

: Your hospitality is impressive, Archon.

Moving on!

: Let me ask you something else.

: I wanted to ask about Mattias.

: The Unbroken Captain, yes. Only an individual of surprising will and tenacity could survive the rigors of the Blade Grave so long without falling into our hands.

You know what? I'm sure him being on a spike is completely unimportant and nothing like that could ever befall such a loyal Nerat stan like us.

: Let me ask you something else.

: Let me think about this.

: Your thoughts are no concern of ours... at this juncture.

: When you've come to a decision, speak with Seven-Toes.

TheGreatEvilKing summary posted:

: Maybe I should have a big purge and start over. Some day, even this howling mob will outlive its usefulness... hey, Fatebinder! How's it going!

: Mission successful!

: Good job! Amelia is safely here, and the Edict is ripping up my enemies the Disfavored...what a great day! You even got Mattias too! He's taught us quite a bit! Anyway, do you want to go grab the Silent Archive or hit up Lethean's Crossing to find that Forge-Bound lady?

: So, uh, where's Amelia? I thought you just wanted to talk, maybe...

: Silly Fatebinder, you overthink things! She regrettably died during our exchange of information.

: Uh, what?

: It's very rude to ask a mind eating abomination what he had for dinner.

: What about the kid?

: She's totally fine, we're indoctrinating her as we speak! Uh, raising. Yes.

: So, how's Mattias!

: He was delicious!

: I, uh, gotta ask the internet where to go next.

RIP Mattias, you colossal, god damn fucking moron. What did you think would happen when you threw in with Nerat? For a real life comparison, this is somewhat like Hindenburg and von Papen trying to get Hitler to restore the German monarchy after he already launched a coup attempt against the state. You know he was bad news and you tried to use him anyway, then he used you for all you were worth and discarded your dumb ass. I'm sure he would never try to do this shit to Boris, or Verse, or any of his other useful subordinates, despite his musings of killing off the Chorus and starting over!

Decisions Lie Before Us

Are we going to the Burning Library, or Lethean's Crossing?