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Original Thread: Let's play Tyrian!


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Let's play Tyrian, properly for once.

Game mechanics (watch this if you've never played Tyrian before)

Episode 1, Tyrian -> Bubbles -> Asteriods 2 with guests: Blister, Mechanical Hand and LordMune.

Episode 2, MineMaze -> Asteroid ? -> Savara -> Bonus with guests: Blister, Mechanical Hand and EthanSteele.

Episode 3, the end of episode 1 with guests: some other fags

Episode 4, Beginning of episode 2 with guests: COCKS-MARIO and some other fags

Episode 5, Still in episode 2 with guests: Cherrydoom and Jimmy

Episode 6, End of Episode 2 beginning of Episode 3 with guests: EthanSteele and some random peoples

Episode 7, with guests: Deceased Crab and zepheroth4994

Episode 8, with guests: too many to count.

Tyrian is a computer game developed by World Tree Games and published in 1995 by Epic MegaGames. It's a straight forward top down shoot em up, and it's super loving awesome. WHich is the reason why I'm going to play through most of it. I had a really good op written here before, but then around episode 4 I hosed up so not the op is a gimp. I might fix this later, but not now.

The first release of Tyrian had three episodes, the next release (Tyrian 2) had 4 episodes and the last version, Tyrian2000 had five episodes. In this LP I will be playing OpenTyrian 2.1, Which is an Open Source port that mimic Tyrian 2, it can be found here.

You should probably download the game because this LP offer amazing prizes if you take part in our lovely and engaging contest. Since contests are the latest and greatest thing in the LP subforum, this LP will be no different. As usual there will be several challenges, each giving you points, the one with most points in the end wins, simple.
Most challenges will be game challenges so take the time to practice right now, you'll need it later. Others might be trivia based and some might even force you to be creative.

Sweet sweet prizes
1st place winner will receive a SA forum gift certificate for up to .
2nd place will be awarded with a secret prize,
3rd place will be awarded with a new custom title, which this here thread will decide.

1)Mechanical Hand, 12 points
2)King Bowflexious, 9 points
3)EthanSteele, 5 points
6)Bruceski, 3 points
6)Quicksilver6, 3 points
6)Herr Roboto, 3 points
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