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Part 10: The American Assault

Chapter 8 - The American Assault

"Commanders log: April nineteenth, 2000 hours.

While Phoenix Company prepares for continuous fighting against the cult in North America our other teams have made progress in Russia, securing a base there and a few outlying territories for resources. We have two more bases with facilities going up right now, one dedicated to space flight research and the other into researching cybernetic advancements. All of the new labs are up and running and we look forward to their results, especially the promised drop sphere enhancements that everyone has been looking forward to.

Other than that there is not much else to report until the fighting starts. Almost all of Phoenix Company is active and ready for combat with only two soldiers in medical and one finishing training. Our factories are turning out improved weapons and improved light armor, and our weapons and ammo stockpiles are looking good."

-- April 19th, 2200 hours --

Booya: It's going to be a glorious day boys! Time to kick ass and retake American soil!

Booya: And right over there is where we've seen a lot of cult activity on the Laputa's scanners.
Dr. Leaf: A run down store?
Booya: What did you expect? Wal-Mart to survive the apocalypse? I'm sure if you go in there and ask real nicely one of them would be thrilled to greet you and show you their line of fine leather jackets.
Dr. Leaf: Never mind.
Booya: And when you're done with that you can ask them where they keep the Apocalypse-proof PUDDING!
Dr. Leaf: No thats okay...
Booya: Good. So if we're done with the stupid questions, let's get moving.

Ian: Well there's one obvious point of entry for us right there.
Booya: Good enough. Ackbar, get down there and set up first.

Ackbar: In position. I see nothing moving.
Booya: You heard him, move up grunts. Ian with me, Cheesy and K-mart take left.

Ian: In position!
Booya: I see one. Hey Super Save, I think he's browsing the meat aisle.
Dr. Leaf: Argh.. He's not going to stop is he?
Anti-Cheese: At least he hasn't named a biomass monster after you.

Booya: Oh yeah he spotted us!
Ian: He's coming out.

Booya: Weapons free boys!

Ackbar: Another one inside the building.

Anti-Cheese: One down, but another cyborg spotted.

Booya: I'm all over this one.

Video Footage

Booya: Holy hell! Did you see how that guy flew!
Ian: Ackbar shot him in the face while he was tumbling head over heels!
Ackbar: No amount of devilry shall make my aim waver.

Ian: Enemy psionic! They keep coming!

Booya: She's trying to save the cyborg, get her before she gets him back on his feet!

Ian: I'm hit!

Dr. Leaf: Targets down, how bad is it Ian?
Ian: Armor stopped it, looked like it was just a SMG round. Take a loot at it later.

Ackbar: I see no more infidels.
Booya: That can't be all of them. Move up, slowly now, doorway is a bottleneck.

Ackbar: I see another one in the back!
Cultist: Oh god my knee!

Cultist: Oh god my face-garggghhhh...
Anti-Cheese: Yuck, that doesn't look pretty.
Dr. Leaf: Moving in- Oh crap!

Anti-Cheese: You're blocking my shot doc!

Dr. Leaf: Don't worry, I got it.

Ian: Ouch, right in the face again.
Ackbar: I find it more effective and less cruel then crotch shots.
Dr. Leaf: Also nice to know Ackbar has us covered while we move up.

Ian: Oh look, he tried to run away while his face was melting off... I didn't need to see that.
Booya: Quit yapping and move in. Got to sweep and clear this place.

Booya: They're on the second floor! Wal-mart and Bree, move it!

Ian: Grenade out!
Booya: Argh, I'm hit. Just a scratch.

Ian: Did I get him?

Anti-Cheese: Dude, you really suck at throwing don't you? That went almost straight up.
Ian: I think I got myself with some shrapnel...

Booya: Heads up Leaf, I see one tin man and two psionics headed to the stairs.
Dr. Leaf: Roger, ready and waiting.
Ian: I'm getting some cover and getting a med kit out.

Dr. Leaf: Shit!
Anti-Cheese: Get down!


Anti-Cheese: Ugh my leg!

Dr. Leaf: Here come the psionics.

Anti-Cheese: Sorry brother, but you turned to the cult.

Dr. Leaf: They've got med kits? Not exactly well prepared combat medics.

Ackbar: Booya's hit! Ian get back here with your med kit, I'll cover!
Ian: Moving!

Ackbar: Leaf, Cheese, upstairs now! At least one of them is still alive.

Ackbar: I see him up there, he's moving away from the stairs.
Ian: I got you Major, you alright?
Booya: Fucker... Lucky hit is all.

Anti-Cheese: We see him.
Ackbar: Too late my friends, this heathen is mine!

"Commanders Log: Mission Report, April Nineteenth 2245 hours.

Booya's squad just returned in the sphere after a successful mission, however Booya himself had to be helped to medical for another serious wound. The doctors say he'll be resting for about four days. While the down time of our most senior squad leader is unfortunate at least he will be ready by the time the alien ship arrives. Hero will have to pick up the squad lead until that time, and god forbid she is wounded too. I'd need to put one of the other veterans in charge like Golden or Vallhallan... Rabbit, definitely Rabbit. Other team members came back with various minor injuries, Ian sustained several 9mm rounds to the chest but his armor stopped them all, Andrew Cheese took two shotgun blasts from near point blank by Leaf's accounts and barely slowed down. He's getting the slugs dug out of his servos now but he's not expected to miss a day of work. Ackbar seems to have taken a liking to the new laser sniper rifle, while lacking the per shot punch of a .50 cal rifle I guess it's hard for a sniper to argue with a gun that is so light weight and has no recoil. Must make it easier for him to keep up with the team and set up for shots quickly.

All in all a good mission despite Booya's injuries, however if this is the shape of things to come it could be a long and hard battle through America."